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Unexplainable Emotions

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Cronus has another plan up his sleeve only this one matches his icy heart. He plans to unleash something truely horrible on the world. But this time he has some help. Will the seven heroes be able ...

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Tory: Hey there! Again sorry for not updating sooner. I could go on and on about why but it's boring so let's just skip it. Thanks to everyone who's read/reviewed so far. You rock! I hope that you're all enjoying it. Well I'll let you get on with the story. I promise that it will get better..:P. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Like I've said many times before I don't own the show. I just own my stories and my OC.


" Mmmmmmm."

" Mmmmmmm."

The muffled call filled the icy room. The six heroes looked towards Archie's cell. It was coming from him.

" Archie?" Atlanta called with a quivering voice, a small tear slid down her cheek.

" Awe. Now isn't that sweet." Serenity's voice echoed in the large room.

" What's going to happen to him?" Theresa asked, her eyes also starting to water.

" Let him go!" Jay demanded.

" Fine! If you're all going to complain about it!" Serenity groaned as she approached Archie's cell.

She held her hands up to the ice and in mere seconds it had melted away, leaving an unconscious Archie to lie on the ground. The other heroes exchanged looks that said: 'That was just a little too easy.'

" There! If I'm going to destroy you I might as well have all of you alive at once." she smirked.

" Serenity please stop this. You do not wasn't to side with Cronus." Theresa pleaded to the girl.

She merely dismissed the plea and left the heroes once more. She seemed to be working on something in the other room.

" Archie?" Atlanta called again, her voice a little steadier.

No reply. He was still out cold. Odie reached his hand between the bars that seperated him from his purple haired team mate. He checked for a pulse and breathing.

" He'll be fine in a little while." Odie reported.

"What are you doing?" Herry asked, looking oddly at Theresa.

Everyone turned there attention towards Theresa. She was sitting cross legged with her eyes closed, on the ground in front of her bars. She seemed to be repeating some words to herself, some sort of chant. With each passing second the chant grew louder. She opened her eyes which seemed to have a bright green shimmer to them.

" Theresa?" Jay asked cautiously.

Theresa ignored him and stood up. She raised her hands to the bars before her and they seemed to be disappearing. Once the bars were completely gone Theresa's eye dulled to their normal colour and she fell to the ground.

" Theresa!" her team mates, minus Archie, called with concern.

She pushed herself off the ground and shook her head. Then she turned to the others and gave them a smile.

" What was that?" Herry asked astonished.

" It's a spell that Persephone had been teaching me." Theresa replied as she ran to Atlanta's cell.

She preformed the same spell and freed Atlanta. But approaching footsteps forced the two girls to hide. Serenity entered the room and noticed the two empty cells.

" Hmmm. So Theresa is stronger that I had thought. That makes things interesting." she said as she scanned the room for the two escaped heroes.

" Let us go. This is your last warning." Jay stated.

" Yeah. What he said." Archie weak voice added.

He smiled at his friends assuring them that he was okay. Then they turned back to their biggest threat.

" You threatening me? That's pretty funny because where I stand I have the upper hand." she laughed.

" Now!" Theresa's voice rang out and echoed off the walls.

The two girls raced out of their hiding places and ambushed Serenity. Atlanta pinned the girl's arms behind her back while Theresa stood before her, a smirk across her delicate lips.

" Don't think that we'll fall for your innocent little girl act this time." Atlanta hissed.

Theresa placed her hands on Serenity's shoulders and began to chant. It was a different chant than before, this one was much stronger. The walls began to shake as the words grew louder.

" Uhhh.... Theresa?" Jay asked, surprised at the power she held.

" No stop!" Serenity screamed.

As if answering her cry the ground shook extremely hard, knocking Theresa, and the heroes off balance, and stopping the chant. The heroes got up and looked to Serenity she seemed to be fighting an invisible foe.

Theresa and Atlanta took this opportunity to rescue their friends. The small earth quake had loosened and weakened the bars so they were easy to break. Once freed, the heroes stood around Serenity.

" No! Stop! Get out of my head!" she screamed, her hands placed firmly on her temples.

" Is she okay?" Odie asked, fearing for the girl.

" I'm not sure." Theresa replied.

Serenity dropped to her knees and let out a long scream. Then she lowered her head, shielding her eyes from view. The room fell silent, but only for seconds. Then it was filled with the cruel laughter of Serenity.

" You fools!" she yelled.

The heroes all took a step back. Serenity stood and stared down each of the teens. Her glowing eyes rested on Odie. She held up her hand, palm towards him, and then telepathically lifted him into the air. He let out a small cry of fear.

" Odie!" Herry shouted as he charged at the powerful girl holding him hostage.

Serenity dropped Odie to the ground, roughly, and then turned to the young brute. He stopped in his tracks.

" Don't you see? You can't win against an all powerful being." she taunted.

" Serenity stop this! This isn't you!" Odie yelled.

The others looked at him oddly but they knew that he knew what he was talking about. When he had looked into her eyes he had seen something. He had seen a lost girl that was looking for a way out. A lost girl who was afraid of herself. He knew that he needed to help her.

" You don't know me! I've been given orders by-" she stopped for a moment, " No! Get out of my head!" her voice seemed different.

" We must obey Cronus! It's was we're fated for!" the evil voice argued.

" No! I won't let myself be controlled any longer! Get out!" the seemingly 'real' Serenity shouted back.

As this argument within the girl raged on the room shook violently. This caused chunks of the ceiling to fall down, making the heroes have to evade them as best as possible.

" We must obey him!" the evil voice shouted.

" No! I know this is wrong! Leave me alone!" she shouted back at herself.

A large chunk for the ceiling fell on to Serenity, rendering her useless and immobile. The ground suddenly stopped shaking, but a loud and very familiar voice rung out.

" You let them escape you incompetent fool!" it was Cronus.

He walked into the room and found that Serenity was buried by rock, and the heroes were no where to be found. They had, before his arrival, snuck out of the room and found a hiding place to regroup.


" Guys I'm going back for her." Odie said, he was near the back of the line.

" Are you crazy! Cronus is back there!" Archie said, he was leaning on Atlanta for support, being frozen had left his legs unwilling to co-operate with him.

" We can't just leave her there. You saw what happened. She's under some kind of spell." Odie reasoned.

" Odie. She's the enemy. She wants us dead. We can't go back for her." Theresa said, placing a comforting hand on his shoulder.

Odie just shrugged as the group began to walk again. They had seen light at the end of a tunnel and knew the freedom of the outside was near. As they reached the outside, Herry had to move a large rock out of the way. Before Odie had passed through it Herry's hands had slipped. Although it was Odie's doing, he wanted to go back.

" Odie!" his team mates cried.

" I'm going back for her. I'll be back."

And with that Odie turned and headed back towards the girl that he was unexplainably drawn to. He doesn't know why but he feels like he knows her somehow.

He reached the room and crouched behind the wall. He looked around the corner to see Cronus yelling at the girl, who was being held in place by the giants.

Once Cronus was done yelling he left the girl alone in the room. Odie took this chance to go to her. She was sitting on the ground with her head lowered.

" Serenity." he whispered when he reached her.

She looked up at him. Her eyes flashed from angry to scared.

" Come with me. I can get you out of here." Odie said.

" I can't." she replied sadly.

" Yes you can. Just come with me." Odie urged.

" No! I must stay here!" she yelled, her voice changing.

" Serenity I-" but he was cut off by none other than Cronus.

" Odie. So good of you to join us. Finish him." the god laughed.

Serenity smirked and advanced towards Odie. He backed away and was cornered. Serenity held up her hands and telepathically lifted him off the ground by his neck.

" Serenity... stop please. I know.... that this..... isn't... you. You can.... fight him." Odie chocked out as he was lifted higher off the ground.

" Don't listen to him." Cronus ordered.

" He doesn't.... control you.... fight back....don't let him..... control you." Odie pleaded with her.

Suddenly he was dropped to the ground. Serenity's hands flew to her head again and she seemed to be trying to fight off that evil little voice. Cronus took a menacing step forward but was stopped by Serenity.

" He's right. I can fight you. I won't be controlled." she said firmly, pushing Cronus back with her powers.

" You dare to defy me? Then you shall pay dearly mortal." Cronus threatened as he snapped his fingers.

Serenity stopped pushing him back. Her powers were gone. She looked hopefully at her hands, willing the return of that power.

" Join me and you can have that power. But join them and you'll receive death." Cronus offered.

Serenity looked form Odie to Cronus to her hands. Then she thought for a moment, considering the offer.

" Time is of the essence." Cronus said, growing impatient.

" No! I choose death." she decided.

" Fine. But first you shall destroy those seven heroes." Cronus said.

" No!" Serenity screamed as the voice once more tried to take over her.

" Serenity?" Odie asked, not wanting to leave without her.

" Odie! Run! Get away! Now!" she warned.

" No. I'm not leaving without you. I can't explain it... I feel as though you're one of us. We need your help." Odie argued.

" Odie go!" Serenity pushed him out the door and then sealed it behind him.

Then the voice took over her once more. She walked over to Cronus and kneeled before him, bowing. He smirked. Then he turned to leave and signaled for her to follow. She did as commanded but inside she was fighting to be free, fighting for control and fighting to be with Odie.


Odie met up with the others at the exit to the outside. His head was hung and he didn't pay them any recognition.

" Odie! What were you thinking?" Jay asked clearly worried and angry.

" We have to save her. We have to save her from Cronus.... and from herself." Odie said in a low but serious voice.

" Odie we can't. She's siding with him. She chose her own fate." Theresa said.

" No! She's one of us. I can feel it. I don't know how... or why.... but she's one of us. And I'm going to save her!" Odie insisted as he marched past his friends.

The others exchanged confused and worried glances before following him. But they stayed a few paces behind him. They knew that there was no changing his mind. They just had to trust him.

Much like inside Serenity, Odie was having an inner conflict as well. Only this one was asking all questions. 'What did I feel back there? Why do I feel like... like I know her... like she's one of us? Why don't the others feel it? Why can't they see it?'


A/N: Well there you have it! I hope that you all enjoyed it. I'm not sure if this one was a little confusing but if it was feel free to ask any and all questions. This chapter marks the beginning of a lot of mixed emotions, fights and much more. I'll try to update soon but I make no promises. Exams are next week so I've got to study my butt off. But I will try to update. So keep an eye out. You'll just have to stick with me to see what crazy thing will happen next. I won't say what but there will definitely be lots of great stuff cough fluff and romance cough cough lol:P And don't forget to send a review my way letting me know what you think of the first part to my first ever series of stories. Cheers!
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