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A Powerful Fight

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Cronus has another plan up his sleeve only this one matches his icy heart. He plans to unleash something truely horrible on the world. But this time he has some help. Will the seven heroes be able ...

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Tory: Hey there! Well not much to say here. This isn't my best or most favourite part but I promise that it will get better. Part three of this series will definitely be my favourite, but first there's parts one and two. As you've probably noticed there is a small spark between Odie and Serenity. I can't say anymore but thanks to Winter- Rae for helping me out with my OC. You rock Winter! Wow, I guess there was quite a bit to say... anyhow. On with the story... Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Don't own the show, just my OC and my stories.


" Odie, she's evil. She's siding with Cronus. Why won't you just let it go?" Theresa asked as the silence became too unbearable.

" I don't know. There's just something about her that.... all I know is we have to save her." Odie replied, still marching ahead of the others.

" Well then, what's the plan?" Jay asked bringing the group to a halt.

" What?! You're actually going to go along with Odie? He's going to get us killed!" Archie yelled as he limped forward to Jay.

" Archie, there's no changing Odie's mind and he knows what he's talking about. I trust him." Jay replied as he walked over to Odie.

" I trust you too little buddy." Herry said as he too walked over to Odie.

Everyone walked over to Odie except for Archie and Theresa, for once they were on the same side.

" Come on guys. I need you to trust me. We can't do this without you." Odie said as he looked from Archie to Theresa.

" Fine! But if we end up getting killed it's on your head." Archie said as he limped over to Atlanta's side for support.

" Theresa?" Jay asked as he saw her still standing before the rest of them.

" I don't know.....," she paused and thought for a second, "... fine." she caved.

" So Odie, what's the plan of attack?" Atlanta asked as the seven huddled in a circle.

" Well first..." Odie told them his plan. It was very well thought out and every detail was planned. Now to put it in action.


Theresa walked into the icy tunnel. She had a pit in her stomach that told her to turn back. She looked behind her and everyone gave her a thumbs up. She smiled at them and continued. This was not going to end well... and they all knew it.

She came to a room, it looked like everything else though; walls of ice, high ceiling, two ways to enter the room. She came to a table and saw a bunch of scrolls. One by one she unrolled them, read them and put them back in place.

" ... I could swear I heard something in there..." a distant voice said.

Theresa dropped the last scroll and frantically searched for a hiding place. She decided upon a piece of ice the stuck out of the wall. No longer than a few seconds after hiding did Serenity walk into the room.

She glanced around and was about to turn and leave when she noticed a scroll on the ground. She walked over and picked it then placed it with the others. A smirk spread across her face as she looked at the pile of ancient scrolls.

" Theresa, shouldn't you be running away like the rest of the so called heroes?" Serenity asked, forcing the red head to come out from hiding.

" I was sent in to get something." Theresa replied as she stepped in front of the powerful girl.

" I'm not leaving so you can just give up." Serenity smirked.

" Who said that I was coming in to get you?" Theresa retorted.

" You're not the only psychic one you know." Serenity replied as she took a step towards Theresa.

" Well, you're not the only one with powers." Theresa said.

" That may be so but I am the stronger one." Serenity smirked as she raised a hand in front of her.

Theresa took a battle stance and waited for the attack. But she was surprised to she Serenity lower her hand. Then Serenity fell to the ground, her head buried in her hands.

Theresa looked at her with surprise for a few seconds before she lowered her hands. Then she took a few careful steps towards the girl. That was her first mistake.

Serenity grabbed Theresa's ankle and pulled her off her feet, then she stood up. A pleased grin spread across her face.

" You just don't learn do you?" she asked as she raised a foot to deliver another attack to Theresa.

But, Theresa rolled to the side and jumped back up to her feet. This time she wasn't going to wait for an attack. She charged at the deceptive girl and landed a kick across her cheek. Serenity merely moved a hand across the bruise and glared at Theresa.

" Is that the best you've got?" she taunted.

" I'm just getting started." Theresa replied with a smile.

Serenity raised a hand above her head and her eyes flashed a pale blue. Theresa looked up to see pieces of the ceiling coming loose. She dove out of the way as best she could but was caught on her said by the last piece that fell. She pushed herself off the ground and glared at Serenity.

" It that the best you've got?" Theresa asked as she held her side.

" No. That's not even close." Serenity replied as she spread her hands out in front of her, palms down, and eyes flashing a deep brown.

Theresa's mind raced with questions as to what Serenity was planning now but she didn't have to wait long to find out. The ground began to shake and pieces of the rock began to shoot up out of the ground. Theresa was cut off guard by the first one, which hit her from the back, knocking her to the ground.

Serenity's attacks didn't stop, in fact they got stronger. The ground began to shake threateningly and in Theresa's favour, threw Serenity off balance. This momentarily stopped the rocks from shooting up out of the ground but the earth still shook violently.


" It shouldn't be taking her this long." Jay said as he paced back and forth.

" She'll be fine. She's probably just having a hard time finding Serenity." Odie said reassuringly.

The ground outside began to shake, knocking the heroes off balance. Jay shot Odie a look that asked what was going on.

" If you ask me, I'd say that Theresa's found her." Archie said as he stood up with the help of Atlanta.

" Let's go." Jay said as he started for the entrance.

" No Jay. We have to stick to the plan." Odie stated.

" I'm not going to let Theresa get hurt." Jay said as he went into the icy structure.

The others followed him. He led them to the room where Theresa was supposed to be. They found it in ruins. Just as they took a few steps into the room a cage fell from the ceiling and imprisoned them. Then they saw Serenity walk out from behind a piece of rock.

" Now, now. I can't have you interfering with our little fight now can I?" she asked with a grin.

" What did you do with Theresa?" Jay demanded.

" Oh her? Well let's just say that I've-" but she was cut off there and then fell to the ground, seemingly unconscious.

" What the..." Atlanta started.

" No. Rule number one is never turn your back on who your fighting." Theresa said as she walked out from behind another rock.

" Theresa!" the six cried when they saw that she was more or less okay.

" Guys! Let me get you out of there." she said as she walked over to them.

" Look out!" Odie said after Theresa had started a spell to free them.

She turned just in time to see Serenity's attack and dodge it.

" You know. You really should follow your own rule." Serenity sneered as she turned to Theresa.

" You know you're tougher than I thought." Theresa said as she took her fighting stance again.

" I wish I could say the same for you but well, this is all just too easy for me." Serenity said as she charged at the red head.

Theresa crouched down and swung her leg around to try and trip the girl, but unfortunatly Serenity had seen it and jumped over her.

" You should just give up." Theresa said.

" After you." Serenity retorted.

Theresa quickly sat down cross legged and began a spell. Serenity used her telepathic powers to lift a huge boulder and lift it over Theresa's head. Then she dropped it.

" Theresa!" the others cried as a cloud of dust blocked their view.

When the dust had cleared and settled a long laugh echoed off the walls. The six imprisoned heroes looked on with shock written all over their faces. The walls were destroyed, the floor was demolished and then there was Theresa and Serenity...


A/N: Okay there you have it. Sorry for leaving you hanging there but it's just so Well the next one will be up before monday. I promise and if it's not well... it will be. Don't forget to send review my way. The more reviews I get the faster I'll update. Constructive critism is always welcome. Cheers!
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