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Switching Sides

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Cronus has another plan up his sleeve only this one matches his icy heart. He plans to unleash something truely horrible on the world. But this time he has some help. Will the seven heroes be able ...

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Tory: Hey there! Wow, I'm usually praying for time to write and now I just have too much and I don't know what to do with it. I've noticed that I haven't really been getting a lot of reviews for my story and it's kinda making me sad. But I'm not going to stop writing or anything. I know that there are some people out there who like my story and I want to thank you for your support. So thanks to: greektitan, Ace_fan_12, kool_kat, JessieLD746, Beccak, Mrs-Jay, Pretty Gal, and most of all Winter-Rae for my inspiration. You all rock! Now, on with the story!

Disclaimer: I'm not going to write it anymore... if I didn't own it before I won't own it now. I just own my stories and OC's.


Theresa and Serenity were both laying on the ground not moving. The fear inside the other six was shooting through the roof. The laughter had stopped and the room had fallen silent. Then the sound of footsteps crunching over the debris filled the room.

" Foolish girl. i ask her to do one thing and-" but the ranting of a certain power hungry god stopped short.

" Cronus." Jay hissed with venomous anger.

" Ah Jay. So good of you to stay." Cronus said with an evil smile spread across his face.

" What did you do to them?" Atlanta asked, referring to the two fallen girls.

" Oh they'll be fine. But it's your precious world that you should be worried about." Cronus laughed as he left the heroes alone in the remains fo the room.

The room once more fell silent. The heroes exchanged worried looks as their friend still didn't move. Herry tested the strength of the cage bars but he had learned from before that in there, looks could be very decieving.

" Hmmmmm." the low groan filled the room.

" Theresa?" Jay asked hopefully.

" 'Fraid not." the voice replied.

Serenity slowly lifted her battered body off the ground. She stumbled towards the heroes then caught her footing and regained her balance. She glanced at Theresa's still unmoving body and smirked.

" Told her I was stronger." she muttered, turning back to the six heroes.

" What did you do to her?" Atlanta asked, her eyes fixed on Serenity.

" Nothing that she didn't have coming to her." Serenity sneered.

" You're not the only strong one." Theresa said as she pushed herself off the ground.

Serenity smirked again and walked over to Theresa. She kicked her in the side and Theresa collapsed to the ground.

" Talk about kicking someone when they're down." Neil said quietly earning himself a punch from Atlanta.

Theresa grabbed Serenity's foot and pulled her off her feet. Serenity hit her head incredibly hard off the ground and Theresa checked to make sure she was out cold.

Theresa dragged herself to her feet and walked over to her friends. She began the spell again and this time it went uninterupted. Atlanta hugged Theresa and yelled at Odie for getting her nearly killed. Then the seven tied and imprisoned Serenity. Herry made sure that the prison was unbreakable. Then they sat around and waited.

" Hey guys! I think she's coming to." Archie reported, they had taken turns standing guard and watching for Cronus.

The others crouded around and they watched the girl wake up.

" Ugh. What happened? God is my head killing me!" she muttered to herself while sitting up.

She looked at the heroes and eyed them suspiciously.

" What's going on here?" she asked, looking from one face to the other.

" Don't play dumb. Why did you side with Cronus?" Theresa snapped at the girl.

" What? Who's Cronus? Why am I in a cage?" Serenity replied with questions of her own.

" What is your problem!?" Archie asked angrily.

" Look, I don't know who you are, what I'm doing here but I do know that if you don't let me go I'm calling the cops." Serenity said.

" We're in the middle nowhere. How exactly do you expect to call the-" but Archie's rant was cut off by Theresa who placed her hand over his mouth.

" Excuse us for a second." she said before dragging Archie away and motioning for the others to follow.

" What?" Archie asked when she removed her hand.

" I don't she remebers anything." Theresa said.

" What do you mean. She played this trick on us before. You're not falling for it are you?" Archie asked.

" No, but just look at her." Theresa said.

The heroes looked over the girl who was staring at them suspiciously.

" She's right. Something's wrong here." Jay agreed.

" Maybe you knocked some sense into her." Neil suggested.

" I think that, strangely enough, Neil is right." Odie said.

" Herry can you break open a part of that cage just big enough for me to get in?" Theresa asked looking to the brute.

" Yeah but why?" Herry replied.

" I think I can find out for sure if she's just playing around or if she's telling the truth." Theresa replied.

As the others walked back over to the cage Jay grabbed Theresa's arm and held her back. She turned around and looked at him with confusion.

" Theresa, I don't want you to get hurt." Jay said, his eyes and voice very serious.

" Jay, I'll be fine. Trust me." Theresa said as she turned around and went to the others, Jay following behind her.

Jay looked a little uncertain but he didn't stop Theresa. Herry busted a hole in the cage barely big enough for Theresa to fit through and then made sure that they couldn't get out.

" Sit down." Theresa ordered, sitting down cross legged herself.

Serenity hesitated but then did as told and sat in front of Theresa cross legged.

" Hold out your hands like so." Theresa said, placing her hands on her knees, palms up.

Serenity did that and then Theresa placed her hands on top of Serenity's. Theresa closed her eyes and Serenity copied. Then Theresa chanted a few words and fell silent. The others watched with inquiry and awe.

" What else has Persephone been teaching her that we don't know about?" Archie asked earning himself a jab in the ribs from Atlanta.

Theresa opened her eyes and stood up. Then she slid through the space that Herry made for her and then they closed up the cage again. Theresa walked over to a walk and slid down it, her legs not being able to support her any longer. Jay rushed to her side.

" What is it?" he asked, concern written all over his face.

" .... I've never seen anyone that held so much... power" Theresa said slowly, her eyes fixed on nothing in particular.

" Was she lying?" Neil asked.

Theresa's eyes darted to him. She looked at him for a few seconds then came back to reality.

" No, she wasn't. She really doesn't remember anything." Theresa said.

" So, what do we do now?" Herry asked.

" We can't keep her locked up like that. If she's not on Cronus' side then she's not a threat." Odie, who had been quite quiet, said.

" Herry let her out." Theresa said.

" Wait. How do we know that she won't switch sides?" Archie asked.

" Just trust me." Theresa said standing up and walking over to Herry.

" Everytime someone says that something horrible happens." Archie muttered to himself.

" Finally. I was beginning to feel like a convict in there." Serenity said stretching.

" Come on. Cronus won't be far." Jay said as he led the others out of the room.

The only safe way out of the room was on the opposite side, over all the debris and wreckage so the heroes had to be careful. About halfway there Serenity and Theresa both dropped to the ground. Everyone stopped and crouded around them. Theresa stood up and took a few steps backwards before falling to the ground again.

The others all looked at her with worry, But then a low laugh filled the room and all eyes went to Serenity. She stood up and glared at the heroes.

" You thought that you could get rid of me that easily. I'm like a boomer rang. I just keep coming back." she smirked.

Theresa stood up and glared back at the perplexing girl.

" What is your problem?" she asked the dark haired girl.

" My problem? Well there's about seven of them and the problem is that they're all still breathing." Serenity hissed.

" Ouch. That's real friendly." Neil said from his safe distance away from the girls.

" Would you just pick a side already so we can kick your butt." Theresa said, anger pulsing through her veins.

" But mind games are oh so much fun." Serenity taunted.

Theresa went to attack but stopped a few feet from the girl and stumbled backwards. The others exchanged confused glances.

" Are you okay?" Jay asked.

" Yeah. But there's something..." Theresa trailed off as Serenity took a few steps towards her.

In the same spot as Theresa, Serenity stopped and fell. She pushed herself off the ground and stop inches away from Theresa.

" What's going on?" she asked.

" You've got to be kidding me." Atlanta said with disbelief.

" The last thing I remember is some crazy old guy holding me hostage or something and then nothing." Serenity said, something in her voice sounded different.

" Who are you?" Theresa asked.

Serenity took a step forward but was punched in the gut by Theresa, which forced her backwards. Again in the same spot she dropped to the ground and then pushed herself back up again. She shook her head and looked at Theresa.

" What spell did you put on me witch?" she demanded.

" Look who's talking." Theresa retorted.

" Why I ought to-" Serenity started.

" What?" Theresa taunted.

Serenity charged at Theresa and sure enough in the same spot dropped like a ton of bricks and pulled herself to her feet. She looked at Theresa who wore an all knowing smirk.

" Where am I?" Serenity asked.

" You're in the middle of nowhere acting as a puppet for a power hunger god of time." Theresa answered.

" That'a good one. But, seriously." Serenity laughed a little.

Then she noted the serious and angry looks on the heroes faces and she shut her eyes tight.

" What's she doing?" Neil asked Odie is a hushed tone.

" No idea." Odie replied.

" I.... remember... some things. I remember a giant, an old guy and an old woman, a mountain, seven..." Serenity stopped there and opened her eyes then glanced at each fo the seven teens before her.

" What do you remember?" Odie asked.

" You have to get out of here. Now." she replied with urgency in her voice.

" Why?" Odie asked.

Serenity stumbled back as she tried to stutter the words out but then she turned again.

" You really should've listened. Now I'm afraid you're doomed." again Serenity's voice had changed, it seemed harsher now than before.

" Guys, we have to get out of here. Now." Theresa said as she turned and ran.

" But the exits that way." Neil pointed out.

But halfway to the collapsed exit Theresa fell through the ground. The other six raced over to there and saw her standing down there with a triamphunt look on her face.

" Come on." She urged.

The others jumped down one by one. Odie, being the last, looked back at Serenity who simply stood in place and watched them. Then without another look, he jumped down too.

Above the heroes could here the yells of Cronus...

" You let them get away again?!" he yelled, his voice shaking the mountain.

" Don't worry. I have plans for them. They won't make it out of here alive. I promise." Serenity's voice could barely be heard.


A/N: Again, still not my favourite. I'm kind of having trouble writing this because I really hate doing stories this way but I need to in order for it to make sense later on. Every detail.. okay not every detail, but most details have been planned. If you have any suggestions feel free to leave a review. Any and all constructive critism is welcome. I'll try to update soon. Don't forget to leave a review letting me know your thoughts. Cheers;D
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