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Hide And Seek

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Cronus has another plan up his sleeve only this one matches his icy heart. He plans to unleash something truly horrible on the world. But this time he has some help. Will the seven heroes be able t...

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Tory: Sorry for not updating sooner... again. I'm so horrible! :( Well I hope that this long chapter makes up for it.:) Okay not much else to say here. So I'll just get on with the story. Enjoy...

Disclaimer: I'm not going to write it anymore... if I didn't own it before I won't own it now. I just own my stories and OC's.


" Where are we going?" Archie asked from the back of the group.

" I have no idea." Theresa replied.

" What? Then why are we following you?" Archie asked, bringing the group to a halt.

" Would you rather be back there with that psycho?" Neil asked.

" No." Archie muttered.

" Then let's keep moving." Jay said and the group continued to walk.

They walked more or less in silence from there, they had to listen for any signs of Serenity or Cronus. They stopped for a break in a wide area of the tunnel, hoping not to run into anyone for a while.

" I say we just go back and fight them." Atlanta said.

" She's too powerful while she's on Cronus' side." Odie argued.

" I agree with Atlanta. We should just go back there and kick her butt." Archie said.

" Of course you would." Neil smirked, watching both Archie and Atlanta turn a light shade of pink in the dim light.

" We need a plan." Jay said.

" But what? Everything we've come up with doesn't work." Herry said.

" I don't know." Jay replied, sliding to the ground.

" Shhh. Do you guys hear that?" Theresa asked.

" Hear what?" Archie asked.

" Shhh. Just listen." Theresa hissed.

The heroes fell silent and listened. Footsteps echoed through the tunnels. The heroes all exchanged worried glances as the footsteps grew louder.

" What do we do?" Odie asked in a whisper.

" Hide." Jay instructed.

" Where?" Archie asked.

" Just do it." Theresa hissed.

The heroes scattered about and hid where ever they could. The footsteps grew louder then stopped where the heroes had been seconds ago.

" I could've sworn..." the familiar voice started.

Serenity continued to walk right past the heroes, none the wiser. Or at least that's what she made them think. Once the footsteps were a good deal away the heroes all emerged from their make shift hiding spots.

" We should split up." Odie suggested, once they were all gathered.

" Why?" Herry asked.

" If we're all seperated then she won't be able to focus on all of us. She'll never find us." Odie explained.

" She walked right by us just now and didn't seem to know we were here." Archie argued.

" Archie, Cronus has made her unbelievably powerful. I'm pretty sure she's just messing with our heads." Theresa stated.

" Odie's right. If we split up we'll have a better chance at getting away. We'll keep in touch with our PMR's." Jay said.

" Well if we all go off on our own we'll be too vulnerable. We need to go off in groups of two." Odie said.

" Okay then. Archie you go with Atlanta. Odie you go with Neil and Herry and I'll go with Theresa." Jay instructed.

" No. I'll go on my own." Odie said as the others started off in their seperate directions.

" Odie it's too dangerous." Theresa said, worried for her friend.

" I'll be fine. I have a plan. If I get into any trouble I'll call one of you." Odie reassured them.

" Okay. Be careful everyone." Jay said and then they were off.

Archie and Atlanta had gone back the way they came. They figured it was better than walking aimlessly around tunnels that could lead no where. The two came back to the hole in the floor and Archie boosted Atlanta up.

" What exactly are we supposed to be doing?" Atlanta asked once she had pulled Archie up.

" No clue. We're just supposed to split their focus I think." Archie answered as they walked across the destruction that littered the room.

" I say we just go after them, head on. They'll never see it coming." Atlanta said as she pumped one hand into the air.

" Yeah but Jay said that we-" Archie was cut off.

" I know, I know. But still..." Atlanta trailed off.

The two walked in silence as they crossed the rest of the large room. They found a hallway that led upwards and decided to follow it. So far things had been pretty quiet, that is until they reached the outside.

" I can't see a thing out here." Atlanta said as she pulled the hood of her snow parka up, trying to block out the howling winds and sheets of snow.

" Yeah, let's get back inside." Archie agreed, shielding his eyes with his arm.

The two turned around and found that they couldn't see the entrance anymore. The stumbled around the white mountain tops searching for a way, any way, to get back in. the two were just about to give up when the snow stopped. It just stopped falling and they could see now.

Atlanta took a step towards the now visible entrance but Archie grabbed her arm and stopped her. She turned to look at him, confusion written in her eyes.

" Something's wrong with this picture." he said as his eyes scanned the vast surface of the snow.

" You're smarter than you look." a voice echoed out.

" This can't be good." Atlanta muttered as she turned to come face to face with Serenity.

" Splitting up to try and confuse us? Nice try. But you forgot one thing." Serentiy taunted as she circled them like a shark to it's prey.

" What's that?" Atlanta asked, following the girl with her eyes.

" Cronus is a god, and he's given me godlike powers." she replied simply.

" That's two things." Archie said with a laugh, earning a nudge in the side from Atlanta.

" Well either way I would've destroyed you seven, this way I get to have more fun. Any last words?" she asked, stopping in front of the two.

" Can you fly?" Archie asked, his eyes burning into hers.

" What kind of quest-" but Serenity didn't get to finish her question.

Archie dropped down and swung his leg around, knocking Serenity off her feet and sending her over the edge of a ridge. Then he got up, grabbed Atlanta's hand and ran. The two made it back to the entrance and heard a long scream fading as Serenity fell from the top of the mountain. The two ran inside and kept going. They didn't want to run into her now, especially since she'd be boiling with rage.


Herry and Neil had walked in the same direction as Archie and Atlanta for a while. Then they found another tunnel that led downwards so they decided to take it. They had been pretty quiet so far. There wasn't really much the two could talk about in a situation like that. Their tunnel came to an abrupt stop and they found themselves outside on a very small ledge.

" I say we go back inside." Neil said as he began to turn around.

" Yeah. I'm with you." Herry agreed and to headed back up the curving path.

They found themselves walking aimlessly around. Neil stopped suddenly and Herry almost bumped into him.

" What is it?" he asked his blond friend.

" Am I crazy or was this path different before?" Neil asked as he studied the tunnel.

Herry didn't have time to answer because the sound of heavy footsteps was fast approaching the two. The two started to run away from the footsteps but skidded to a stop as they found themselves trapped. A second set of footsteps were nearing them from the direction. The two began to panic as the footsteps came closer and closer.


Jay and Theresa had gone off in the way that the seven of them were originally going in. The tunnels had gone from an icy wonderland to a dull white. The uneasy quietness of it all was very unnerving for the two. Theresa felt the power surging through Serenity. She knew what kind of power she held, and there was no force in the world that could stop her.

Jay noticed the worried expression on her face and decided to finally ask her what was wrong. Though he was not expecting the reaction he got.

" Uhh, Theresa, is everything okay? You look worried." Jay asked.

Theresa stopped at look at him, her eyes swirling pools of confusion and fear. Then, without warning, she threw herself into his arms and hugged him. Her body shook with un-cried and silent sobs.

Jay was a little taken back by this but he soon came back to reality and tried to comfort her. Her placed his arms protectively around her and rubbed her back.

" It'll be okay Theresa. Don't worry. I won't let anything bad happen." Jay whisper soothingly into her ear.

Theresa didn't say anything. She didn't need to. Jay knew that she was calming down because she had stopped shaking. A small blush came across his cheeks as he realized how close they were; Theresa's body was pressed up against his and her arms were wrapped around his neck as if he were her only life line. Even given the current situation Jay never wanted this moment to end. And he cursed fate when it did.

" Now isn't this a sweet little moment?" a cruel voice asked, snapping both Jay and Theresa out of their thoughts.

" Cronus." Jay hissed, keeping Theresa close to him.

" Now now Jay. Why do you look so worried?" Cronus asked, a grin clear on his face.

But before Jay or Theresa could get a single word out, the ground began to shake violently. The three were knocked off balance but Jay quickly pulled Theresa up and ran. Normally he would've stayed and fought Cronus but he just couldn't that day. With Serenity on his side he was too powerful.

The two tripped over a raised piece of ice and crashed to the ground, landing hard on their elbows and knees. Jay was right back up on his feet but Theresa wasn't. She looked as if she was frozen in time, like a picture. Jay grabbed her arm and tried to get her up but she wouldn't move. Her eyes seemed to be glazed over, as if she was in some sort of trance.

" Theresa what are you doing? We have to keep going. Theresa?" Jay called to her, hoping it would snap her out of it, but to no avail.

Suddenly Theresa bolted up and raced behind a chunk of Ice, completely out of sight. When Jay didn't immediately follow she looked back out then pulled him behind there too.

" Theresa what are you-"

But Jay was silenced by Theresa placing a hand over his mouth and hushed him. She peeked around the corner and then pulled back, fast. Jay looked at her quizzically, asking her his questions with his eyes. But she dismissed them and kept her hand over his mouth. Jay was about to protest again but then he noticed that Theresa was waiting for something.

Footsteps raced past them followed shortly by angry yells, Jay and Theresa guessed it was Cronus. Then the sound of rushed feet passed them again, fading into the distance. Theresa removed her hand from Jay's mouth and leaned against the icy wall, the coldness somewhat comforting her. She closed her eyes as she heaved a sigh of relief.

Jay was about to say something when she dropped to the ground holding her head. Her eyes were squeezed tight and her jaw clenched. It looked as though she was someone enduring horrendous torture and Jay had no idea what to do.

" Theresa? Theresa?" he called to her, trying to get anything out of her that would tell him what was wrong.

Her body began to shake again and her hands slid down to her elbows, wrapping her in a tight hug. Jay dropped down beside her and placed his hands on her shoulders. Almost as soon as his hands touched her, her eyes shot open and she looked at him with pure horror written on her face.

" What is it?" Jay asked in a low whisper.

Theresa's lower lip quiver as she tried to speak, but no words came out. She couldn't describe what she saw. It was horrible.


Archie and Atlanta finally slowed down to a stop, both panting heavily.

" Nice.... kick..... Arch." Atlanta said between gasps for breath.

" Thanks." Archie breathed, leaning against an icy wall to cool down.

" What do we do now?" Atlanta asked after a moment of silence.

" I guess we keep walking. Odie said to split their focus." Archie replied.

The two were about to start off again when they heard distant talking. The two dove into another tunnel, this one was small and collapsed so they were sure that no one would go down it, and they were completely hidden from sight.

" .... why those annoying little son of a.... when I get my hands on them......trip me off a ridge and they think they've won...." Serenity's voice was definitely angry so Archie and Atlanta made mental notes to stay far far away from her.

When the two couldn't hear Serenity's ranting anymore they relaxed. That's when they noticed how small the tunnel really was and how close they were. Both turned a deep shade of pink and came out of hiding. Then they started off again, in the opposite direction of Serenity, and walked in silence. Both thinking of the other.


Odie had walked down so many twisting halls that he wasn't even sure where he was anymore. He was constantly looking over his shoulder to make sure he wasn't being followed. Odie just had a feeling that he was being followed and it sent chills up his spine. Suddenly he realized that maybe he should've listened to Theresa and gone with Herry and Neil. He didn't even remember why he wanted to go on his own anymore.

Soft laughter drifted down the tunnel and Odie froze. Slowly and cautiously he looked around- still alone. He breathed a sigh of relief and continued to walk. That's when he heard it. A scraping sound behind him. Odie spun around was overcome by shock.


A/N: Sorry to leave you there. But it's almost six a.m. here. Why am I up so late? Well it's march break here so I've decided to pull many all nighters and catch up on some story writing. I'll try to have at least two updates a day. But no promises. I do promise to have at least one update a day though. I'll also be starting another story sometime this week. It's going to be a sort of rewrite of my first story- "The Long Lost Past". I've recently read over it and thought 'wow' it was sooo horrible compared to my stories now, many many mistakes and things didn't always add up. So I'm kind of redoing it but with more twists and a new ending AND more fluff, there wasn't any in the original. So that's just a head's up for ya. Well this is getting pretty long so I'll wrap it up. Don't forget to leave a review telling my your thoughts on this chapter. Cheers! ;D
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