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Enter Professor Xavier

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AU on how the X-men came to be. Major Jott and Kurtty. Scott, Jean, Kurt, Kitty, Evan, and Rogue have all had horrible lives. See how they ban together and become the future X-men with the help of ...

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X-men: Evolution of the Heart
Chapter 8: Enter Professor Xavier

AN: The ages are as follows: Scott and Jean are both 18 years old in this part and Kitty is 15 and Kurt is 16 and Evan is 14 and Rogue is 17.


Through the back-roads of upstate New York, a tall, burly-looking man sped along on his motorcycle. He didn't know his real name, but he had gone by many in the past. He had been called Weapon X, Wolverine, but most of the time he went by the name Logan. He had been riding for hours towards his destination, the newly formed Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters. An old friend with urgent news had called him and now Logan was going to help. As he got closer to the institute, he made a quick pit stop at a local general store. He didn't get much, just a bottle of water. Then, a newspaper caught his eyes.


There was a picture of a strange red beam of light slicing through a large armored car like it was nothing.

"You gonna buy that?" asked the shopkeeper.

"That's why I'm holding it bub," responded Logan as he walked over.

After paying the shopkeeper opened the register, but soon after he heard a strange SNIKT noise. By the time he looked back up there was an empty glass bottle on the counter before him with the top sliced cleanly off.

"Recycle that will ya?" said Logan as he left the store, leaving behind the befuddled shopkeeper.

Before Logan got back on the road he read a little of the front page. It spoke of a mysterious incident that involved unknown forces stopping a daring heist. As he read some of the articles, Logan had a good feeling he knew what the professor wanted to talk to him about and why he sounded so urgent. He tucked the paper away on his bike and sped off once again.


As the late evening hours began to set in, Logan pulled up in front the gates to a large estate. Off to the side was a shining bronze plaque inscribed with the words 'Xavier Institute For Gifted Youngsters.' Then, the gates slowly opened, letting him in. No doubt the professor knew Logan had arrived. As he rode up to the front door an old, familiar face greeted him.

"Welcome back old friend. It's good to see you again," said Professor Xavier.

"Likewise Chuck," said Logan with a half-smile.

"Come...We have much to discuss."

Upon parking his bike in the garage, Logan made his way in through the large doors in to the mansion.

"You've been busy Prof, place looks great. Bigger too," commented Logan.

"Yes, it was quite a while in the making. Unfortunately, I've had to speed along in the formation of this institute over the last few months. I think it would be best if we started as soon as possible," said the Professor as he guided Logan through the halls towards his office.

"Yeah, I take it you've been watching the news lately, huh?" said Logan.

"Yes...Indeed I have."

"Does it mean what I think it means?"

There was a brief pause in the conversation. Logan could tell the professor was contemplating his response.

"It's too early to tell Logan, but I feel it's definitely worth investigating," said the professor.

As Logan followed Charles Xavier through the winding halls of the institute, he couldn't help but feel curious about the whole thing himself. The rest of the world didn't know the first thing about mutants, but he did. With some of the things he has seen in his long, eventful life it didn't take much imagination to consider that mutant activity was behind stopping that robbery.

Soon, the professor had led Logan in to a large library with a strange looking computer located near the wall.

"This that computer you told me about?" asked Logan as the professor began to work some of the programs.

"Yes, this is Cerebro. It amplifies my psychic powers in order to locate carriers of the X-gene. It isn't at full power yet, but it can still function well enough to locate mutants within a limited range. Hopefully, whatever or whoever stopped that bank robbery hasn't left town just yet."

"How fast do you think you can locate em?" said Logan as the professor put on a mysterious looking helmet with long wires leading in to several terminals on the strange-looking computer.

"I'm not sure...I didn't expect to have to use it so soon. But we must find out before others with less honorable intentions do," replied Charles.

Logan let out a slight grunt, for he knew whom the Professor was talking about. As the professor started his search he turned back towards Logan.

"Why don't you get situated Logan? I left your room exactly as it was when you left."

"After all these years...It's good to see some things haven't changed," replied Logan with a wolfish smile.

Upon leaving the professor to his strange computer, Logan made his way down the halls of the great mansion towards the room he had left many years ago. He soon found out that the Professor wasn't lying; his room was still the same. He couldn't help but smiled slightly after returning to the old mansion that he left long ago. He was once a savage, confused, violent man until the professor helped him. Now he was going to do the same for a new generation of mutants like him. Soon, the scent of a familiar presence filled the air.

"Welcome back Logan," said a feminine voice from behind him.

Logan turned around and saw a tall, African woman with shining white hair standing in his doorway. It was his old friend Ororo Munroe, whom he hadn't seen since in years. She, like him, was also a mutant who had the power of weather control. Rain, sleet, snow, or lightning she could control them all. It was for those reasons she was once regarded as a goddess back in Africa; and for good reason. Here...She was known simply as Storm.

"Ororo...It's been a while," replied Logan.

"Indeed it has. Where have you been all this time?"

"Around...About..." but that's all he was willing to say.

Ororo gave him a warm smile glad to know he hadn't changed much in the last few years.

"Well you must be hungry after it all. Care for something to eat?" said Ororo.

"You bet!" said Logan with a wolfish grin.


As the hours of the night wore on, Logan and Ororo spent most of the time doing a lot of catching up. Like Logan, Ororo had once been dazed and confused by her strange abilities until Professor Xavier had helped her. Now they were both returning the favor in helping him carry out his long-time dream. For the last year Ororo had lived in the institute, helping the professor prepare for the eventual recruits that would soon fill the vast mansion. But as of now it appeared that they might have to deal with new recruits sooner than they anticipated.

"So what do ya think of that whole bank robbery incident?" asked Logan as he opened up a can of soda.

"I think it means we may be very busy soon. There aren't too many other explanations that make more sense," replied Storm.

"You think they'll stumble on to us?"

"No...I doubt they would accept an explanation as fantastic as mutants."

"Sad but true," concluded Logan.

"But if there is a mutant connection to this incident, I feel we must help those involved. No doubt they too are scared and confused just like we were," said Ororo.

"And if we don't, you know who will."


Logan noticed a sudden change in her expression.

"Somethin' bothering ya Ro?" asked Logan with a concerned tone.

Ororo was silent for a moment. She remembered when she first saw those pictures in the news how she immediately thought of her nephew, Evan.

"Ro?" said Logan trying to snap her out of her daze. "You all right?"

She just sighed, "I can't help but wonder, Logan. I can't help but worry about my nephew."

"Oh...You mean Evan?" replied Logan.

When Logan first befriended Ororo, she had told him about her nephew Evan Daniels. He could tell they were very close. Even thought he never met the kid, Logan had learned a little about his harsh home-life. Ororo never went in to any real detail for the sake of her nephew's privacy, but he could tell that it was pretty bad.

"I...Haven't heard from him in over a year Logan. I don't know where he is, I don't know if he's okay, or if..." she didn't finish, for it had become too hard to think about it.

"You think he's a mutant?" asked Logan.

"I don't know...I've suspected as much from when I last saw him, but I'm just not sure."

"What about his mother?" asked Logan wearily.

Ororo fought to control her emotions after that.

"I...Called her. But every time I try to speak to her...She says she has no son...And she won't say anything more."

Logan sighed, "She's still usin' isn't she?"

Ororo simply nodded. Logan had known about the drug problems her sister had. They weren't the most pleasant things to think about, but it was the cold hard truth.

"I wish I could do something for you Ro, but..."

Suddenly, he was cut off by a voice in both of their heads.

'Logan, Ororo...I need you in the library. Cerebro just picked something up.'

They had to cut their conversation short as they rushed to the Professor, who was still on the computer like he had been for the last few hours.

"What's up Chuck? What'd ya find?" asked Logan as he walked in.

"I've been scanning over the area where the bank robbery took place. And I've been trying to trace the psychic signatures left behind...However there has been a lot of interference since I haven't been able to fully install all of the software," explained the Professor.

"Did you find anything interesting?" asked Ororo.

"Yes...There were definitely mutants in this area. The traces are definitely there. From the looks of it the sources haven't moved much."

"How many?"

"I'm not sure, but my best guess would be around five or six."

"Can ya narrow it down to where they might be?" asked Logan.

"I'm afraid that with the current software, I can only narrow it to within a 5-mile radius of where the vans were stopped yesterday."

"Great...That leaves half of downtown Bayville," said Logan with a semi-exasperated tone. "Well, should we start looking?"

"Yes, we should," said the Professor. "We must act fast before..."

Suddenly, the professor paused, for he sensed something extra on Cerebro.

"What is it Charles?" asked Ororo.

"Now Cerebro's some strange magnetic interference," said Charles as he removed the helmet.

"Magneto..." said Logan in a dark tone.

But as soon as he spoke those words, the lights began to flicker in the room and the window on the adjacent wall was flung open by some unseen force. Soon, an ominous figure floated in through the large window. The figure was a tall, dark man with a mysterious helmet and cape. However, it wasn't too hard to realize the identity of the intruder for the three mutants. It was the master of magnetism himself, Eric Magnus Lensherr, a.k.a. Magneto.

"Hello Charles," said Magneto.

Logan immediately drew his claws and lunged forth at him, but he was stopped in mid-air and frozen in place. His adamantium skeleton had the misfortune of being magnetic.

"Magnus, it's been awhile," said the professor, undaunted by his presence.

"Indeed...I see you've been busy."

"Yes, I could say the same for you. You've been gone for years, just to reemerge now. To what do I owe this visit to?" asked the professor as Storm guarded his side.

Magneto didn't respond immediately. But it was obvious that he had planned this encounter.

"You weren't lying when you spoke of opening your own school for mutants, were you?" The professor simply shook his head in response. "I always knew you as one to stay true to your word. However, I am a bit perplexed by your methods in handling the mutant phenomena."

"What do you mean?" asked the professor as if he didn't already know.

"We've known for years that this day would come old friend. We knew that it was only a matter of time before a new generation of people like us emerged. The time for evolution is near...Yet from what I see, you seek to impede it, rather than facilitate it."

"What you call evolution, I call madness," responded the professor semi-harshly knowing what Magneto was getting at.

"Charles I'm surprised at you. A man of such great intelligence and you have yet to remember the principle concept of survival. Only the strong will survive in this world Charles and mutants are more than just strong."

"As much as I know you want to believe that Eric, you must realize that what you're getting at is nothing short of genocide. We once both dedicated our lives to helping mankind...But now it seems that you only seek to destroy it."

"Mankind is sick, Charles. It has grown to become a rotting cesspool of hatred, intolerance, and bigotry. Believe me I have seen it first hand. I only hope to correct such barbaric behavior. That is why I believe that we must become allies, rather than enemies."

"What are you getting at?" asked the professor curiously, for he was still unclear at his full intentions for this visit.

"I have spent the last few years forming my own little club, Charles; The Brotherhood of Mutants. I have already recruited five promising young mutants including my own two children, Wanda and Pietro. I have been teaching, training, and preparing them for the future that awaits them. I have also recruited a fellow believer to help them...I'm sure you've met her before."

Not long after those last words were said, a lone raven flew in through the window. Before it landed, however, it underwent a mysterious change. In less than a second, the bird transformed in to a full figured woman that looked all too familiar to Logan, Ororo, and the Professor. It was none other than the blue-skinned shape shifter, Mystique.

"Mystique..." grunted Logan as she walked up to him.

"It's good to see you too Wolverine," said the blue shape shifter with a snide expression.

"Mystique has done so well in recruiting the Brotherhood and she isn't even a psychic," said Magneto.

"Say what you will Magnus...I won't join you," replied the professor in defiance.

The master of magnetism responded by flinging his wheelchair back against the bookcase as a show of force. Ororo immediately grew more defensive.

"Then we have no choice but to fight. And rest assured, the Brotherhood will overcome whatever force you gather," said Mystique.

Logan's anger only grew as he listened.

"Bring it on..." grunted Logan as he eyed Mystique with a stern look.

Magneto simply shook his head in somewhat of a mock-disappointment.

"It's a shame Charles...We could have been quite a force. I'll leave you with a simple warning...Stay out of my way," said Magneto with an ominous tone.

Then, Magneto floated out of the room and Mystique soon followed as she shifted back in to the form of a black raven. Wolverine then fell to the ground as his body was demagnetized.

"So what do we do now?" said Logan as he got back up.

The professor was silent for a brief moment. He feared that his old friend might do something like this. He knew that Magneto had far more severe views than he did. Now it seemed that this old friend would become one of the greatest enemies to his dreams of peace.

"We must find those mutants before he does."


AN: Well, that's it for this part. Hope you all liked it! Stay tuned for the next chapter "First Contact." You can probably guess why it's called that! PLEASE REMEMBER TO REVIEW! Post them on or send them to me at Thanks for reading and best wishes to you all!
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