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First Contact

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AU on how the X-men came to be. Major Jott and Kurtty. Scott, Jean, Kurt, Kitty, Evan, and Rogue have all had horrible lives. See how they ban together and become the future X-men with the help of ...

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X-men: Evolution of the Heart
Chapter 9: First Contact

AN: The ages are as follows: Scott and Jean are both 18 years old in this part and Kitty is 15 and Kurt is 16 and Evan is 14 and Rogue is 17.


Upon Magneto's unscheduled visit, Logan immediately got on his bike and began the search for the source of the mutant signatures that the professor had detected. Storm and Charles did a search in the police and newspaper records, but it was the early hours of the morning and there weren't many people out. However, that did not stop them, for they knew they had to stay a step ahead of Magneto.

"Chuck, did ya find anything?" asked Logan through his com-link as he rode down another inner city road.

"No...I'm afraid the police know just about as much as we do. How about you?" replied the Professor.

"Nothin' yet. You sure they're still in downtown Bayville?"

"I'm almost certain they are. Cerebro's readings have not changed only now it has confirmed that they are still in the area, but I can't find their exact location just yet. I did manage to get some new software installed before we left and once it's up and running, I should be able to narrow the search even further."

"Right, until then I'll keep at it. Wolverine out..."

Logan then turned his attention back to the road as he turned down another road in search of the six mutants. He followed his powerful nose as he continued to search for any traces. However, he still wasn't getting anything. It was hard because he didn't even know exactly who he was looking for or what they may even smell like. But that didn't stop him, he just kept going.

'They've gotta be around here somewhere...I just hope it's not too late.'


After the whole bank robbery thing took place; Scott, Jean, Kurt, Kitty, Evan, and Rogue were forced to change residence once again. The police and news reporters had scoured the area as well as private investigators. Everybody seemed very curious over what exactly stopped that heist. Now the group stayed in an old abandoned warehouse near the docks. It was definitely a step down from their last home, for it was far dirtier and the building was in a greater state of disrepair. However, they didn't have a choice so they had to make due with what was there. Luckily, there weren't many people very near that area; there was just a bunch of open space left from other demolished structures.

Despite this bad change in housing, the six teens remained undaunted about what they did the other day. They still felt it was right, but the price was a bit more than any of them could have suspected. Currently, most of them were sleeping, but it proved to be difficult on the hard, dingy floor beneath them. In conjunctions with constant nightmares, sleep was definitely harder than ever now.

It was dark hours of the early morning and most of the group managed to finally fall asleep, but Scott and Jean were the main exception. Unable to sleep, they both sat outside on the docks admiring the night sky while Scott gently strummed his guitar.

"Well, this warehouse is definitely a step down from our old place," said Scott as he blindly stared up at the sky even though he couldn't see it.

"We've lived in worse," replied Jean.

"Yeah...That's for sure," admitted Scott in a sorrowful tone.

"Do you think it'll get better?" asked Jean as she turned towards him.

"We have to believe it will," said Scott hopefully even though it was mainly wishful thinking. "We can't give up hope. Not now...Not ever."

"You're right...I just wish it wasn't so hard."

"Me too...But there are some things we just can't change," said Scott with a deep sigh.

A brief silence overcame them both as a cool wind blew across them. Jean moved closer to Scott for warmth and Scott did the same for her. He then began to play his guitar once again and the soft, gentle tune of the instrument helped provide the warmth they both needed.

"You know Scott, even if things never do get better...I still have everything I need...Right here," said Jean as she managed a small smile.

"Yeah...Me too," said Scott as he smiled back at her and continued to play music that helped sooth their troubled souls.


As the early morning rush hour kicked in, Logan was still coming up with absolutely nothing. The professor hadn't called back yet, so his search was still very broad. Now, he found himself searching another busy street in the business district of downtown Bayville. However, he still wasn't getting anything. Logan couldn't help but feel a little tired from searching for six hours straight. As strong a mutant as he was, he still had a human side to him even though he didn't like to show it. Still wanting to continue the search, he decided to grab himself a quick bite to eat. But as he made his way in to a small fast food joint near the corner, his acute hearing picked up a strange noise from the alley.

As he turned a corner, he came upon somebody furiously going through a dumpster. Logan walked in to take a closer look and he realized that it was a young teenage girl. But before he could observe anything else, a door to the side flung open.

"You again! Get out of there!" bellowed an oversized middle-aged man in a white apron.

The girl immediate stopped digging through the dumpster and wearily turned towards the angry man with what appeared to be a half-eaten sandwich in her right hand.

"So you must be the one who's been goin' through my garbage and scarin' off my customers!" said the man as he approached the girl.

The girl grew very timid and frightened by the man's angry presence. Logan could smell her fear.

"I...I'm sorry. I didn't mean to, I just...I was hungry and I..." The girls stammered in her words. Logan also noticed a southern accent to her tone.

"SO GET A JOB YOU WORTHESS WASTE OF FLESH!" bellowed the man in anger as he walked closer.

Logan had seen enough.

"HEY!" yelled the Canadian madman from the end of the alley. Both the girl and the man looked back towards the entrance of the alley to see Logan standing there, visibly angry about the situation. "Is there a problem here bub?"

"Yeah there's a problem, 'bub.' This street trash has been goin' through my garbage for weeks now! And she's been hurtin' my business!" said the man in the apron, still angry.

Logan slowly approached the man. He immediately felt intimidated by his strong presence and started to back away. The girl just watched in a paralyzed state of fear, for she didn't quite know what was going on. Logan kept walking towards the man without saying a word and the man kept stepping back until he was up against the wall. The man had grown visibly more scared by Logan's presence.

"Look pal...I don't want any trouble," said the man as he fell under Logan's penetrating gaze.

"Well, you should have thought of that before you went crazy over your precious garbage!" replied Logan. He then grabbed the fat man's collar and with unusual ease, he lifted him off the ground. "Now...Are you gonna leave this girl alone or not?"

The man's fear grew as he looked in to Logan's eyes. Although he couldn't tell, Logan was itchin' to whip out his claws and teach this guy some manners, but the young girl was still there watching.

"O...Okay," said the man.

"Good, now apologize to the girl and get outta my sight, got that?" said Logan sternly.

The man only nodded. "Sorry," said the man as he went back in through the door in the alley. Logan then turned towards the bewildered young girl who had seen the whole scene unfold before her.

Logan then took notice of this girl's appearance. She was pale, very pale in fact. Her face was dirty and she had a strange white streak in her hair. Her clothes were old, ragged, and torn. She was also very thin, if not famished. It looked like she hadn't eaten in days. It was no wonder why she had been raiding a dumpster in the first place.

"You okay kid?" asked Logan as he approached her in a more non-threatening way.

"Yeah...Uh, thanks," replied the girl in a slightly monotone voice.

She then started to walk away. Logan then saw her start to pick at the dirty, half-eaten burger that she had fished out of the trash. He almost lost his appetite watching her eat it, yet she didn't seem to have a problem with it. She was just too hungry to care. Logan felt his conscience nagging in the back of his head again, but he didn't fight it. He only sighed.

"Kid wait..." said Logan as he stopped the girl.

She turned around and looked back at him with a cautious look in her eye.

"Don't eat that...It's filthy," said Logan.

"I know...But I can't help it. I'm just too hungry," replied the girl.

"Well then, at least let me buy you something decent."

The girl looked back at him skeptically. Logan could tell she didn't trust him.

"Why should I trust you?" she asked.

"Hey...I just helped you out. I think I deserve a little faith on your part," replied Logan.

Rogue was silent for a minute. She didn't know what to do. This stranger did help her with that man only moments ago.

"But...Why?" asked Rogue, still weary about trusting this stranger.

Logan just shrugged, "Maybe...I just want to, kid."

Rogue briefly contemplated this man's words. She looked down at the moldy sandwich she was eating and listened to the growling in her stomach. The feeling of constant hunger was like a pain that no medicine could cure. Rogue was all too used to it and so were her friends, but they had always told her that any chance at getting a decent meal was something too good to pass up even if it was from a total stranger. Her friends had accepted meals like that before, so now it must be her turn.

"Okay..." said Rogue with a sigh as she threw the sandwich back in the dumpster. "If you want to...I guess I do kinda need it."

Logan only smiled back at her. "That's the spirit. Now come on, let's get you something decent."


Meanwhile back at the institute, Professor Xavier had finished installing some new, vital software that promised to narrow Logan's search. It wouldn't be at full power just yet, but it would be just enough in order to locate the six mutants they were searching for more accurately. The police and the local newspapers hadn't been that much of a help, so now the fate of six mutant teens lay in the hands of Cerebro. As he put on his special helmet, the Professor could only hope that he was not too late.

"Can you find anything Charles?" asked Ororo as she watched the large computer make some strange noises.

"Not yet...But I think I can..." then he stopped for some reason.

He felt something...He felt someone. Not just one, but many. Immediately he knew that this is exactly what he was looking for.


"I found them....I don't know their exact location, but I have a good idea where they may be. Prep the X-jet Ororo, we have to get to them."

"What about Logan?" asked Ororo as she started to walk out the door and head towards the hanger.

"I'll try and contact him. Hopefully, we're not too late."


Logan watched as the young girl that he had just helped devour her breakfast burger. He couldn't help but feel a little surprised, for she really did need it. Rogue couldn't help but feel grateful to this man for helping her when she really needed it. It was so rare that she and her friends came across such people, but then again this man didn't know of her strange 'abilities' so she didn't feel to optimistic about any further help from this man.

"So...You got a name kid?" asked Logan as she finished her meal.

"...Rogue," she said simply.

"Rogue?" said Logan wondering if he heard her correctly.

"Yeah...Rogue. What about you? Do you have a name?" asked Rogue as she finished up her last few bites.

"It's Logan," he responded.

"Well...Thanks again Logan."

"Don't mention it," replied Logan with a half-hearted grin.

There was an awkward silence between them as they sat outside a small restaurant.

"So...Rogue, do you live anywhere around here?" asked Logan wearily, wondering if she would want to respond to this.

"Yeah...Kinda," replied Rogue, not wanting to reveal much more.

"Well what's a teenage girl doin' on the streets raiding garbage cans for food if you don't mind me asking?" said Logan out of general curiosity.

"I...Really don't wanna talk about it," said Rogue in a monotone voice.

Logan picked up on her sad tone. This girl definitely had more problems than previously thought. It was obvious just by looking in to her eyes.

"Okay...Then I won't pry."

Rogue felt relieved upon him saying that. She really didn't want to talk about her life struggles to a complete stranger.

"Thanks...It's been nice meetin' you Logan, but I'd better get back," said Rogue as she got up.

"To where?" asked Logan.

"Just back to my friends," she said simply.

"So you don't live alone?"

"No, I stay with five other really nice people...So I don't live alone," replied Rogue as she started to walk away.

Logan wanted to stop her, but he had a feeling she would refuse. He wanted to help her more, but he remembered his mission.

"Well...It was nice meetin' you Rogue...Take care."

"You too..."

And with that she walked away and Logan got back on his bike. As he started back on his search, he got a sudden call from his com-link.

"Logan...Logan are you there?" came a voice belonging to the Professor.

"I'm here Chuck. Any news?"

"Yes, Cerebro has narrowed down the search and confirmed the presence of six mutant signatures near your position."

"Six?" said Logan in a surprised state. He had just remembered that Rogue had told him that she stayed with five other friends. That made a group of six.

"Yes...Why do you ask?"

"I'm goin' back on a lead. I think I may have found something."

"You have?" said the professor with a hopeful tone.

"Yeah, I'm goin' back on it now before it's too late," responded Logan as he made a sharp U-turn on his motorcycle.

"Good, Storm and I will meet you in the area with the X-Jet. Be careful."

"I got cha. Logan...Out."


AN: Well, what do you think will happen next? I'm not giving any hint this time! So you'll just have to stay tuned. Don't forget to REVIEW! POST THEM AT FANFICTION.NET OR SEND THEM TO ME AT SLICKBOY444@AOL.COM! Thanks for reading and best wishes to all of you!

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