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Hate me for this. The chapters are kinda short but I would post it all at once but that's more than 44 pages, so let's not. Gerard FF. Basically...He's a vampire [how used] and he's kinda lost i...

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Chapter 3. These eyes have had too much to drink again tonight.

My alarm clock chimed at 6 am. I reached to turn it off but never could find it. I rolled over and nuzzled again into my pillow. I had managed some how to have the most realist dream possible.

"Vampires..." I said to myself. I wasn't scared of them. They weren't real. They couldn't be real. Sure there was those people who liked to drink blood, and then that one queen who used to kill her slaves and spread their blood over her skin, using it like a lotion back in the 1800's but that didn't mean anything to me. It was a proven fact that they weren't real.

I rolled over again as my alarm clock now chimed in with Nirvana. Why had I ever set it to do that in the first place? I got up slowly and walked out of my room and went down the stairs to the bathroom. I walked in and closed the door before turning on the water. I picked up my hair and I went to take it down. I noticed something odd and looked into the mirror. I ran my fingers over two small marks in my skin that were barely bleeding; it stung as my fingers sailed across the marks. I dropped my hair and tried hard not to think about my dream. It was just a dream after all...

At about 10, I walked out of my apartment. I walked out of the alley and towards the street. I looked up at the gray, dreary sky. I looked how it looked. It looked like it would rain out frozen tears forever. I walked still looking up, which I realized was a bad idea when I slipped and fell. My ass fell onto the frozen pavement and stung. I shook my head, trying not to focus on the pain.

"Need some help?"

I looked up to see him extending a hand. He looked familiar: jet black hair, black tuxedo pants and shirt, black and red tie, black jacket, pale skin, dark hazel eyes. "Thanks." He helped me up and pushed away snow from my hair and off my back.

"You okay? Need to go to the hospital or anything?"

"Ooh no. I didn't fall that hard."

My hair fell as he brushed out more snow. "You're bleeding."

"Huh? Where?" I said now looking on my arms.

"No, on your neck. You have two little marks that are bleeding." He stopped and reached into his jacket and pulled out a black handkerchief. He held it to my neck.

I moved my hand up to his. "Thanks..." I said. My cheeks burned as I blushed. I was happy that it was below 0, that way he couldn't tell.

He smiled. "Yeah, no problem." He moved his hand. "I...I have to get going or else I'll be late. Uumm...It was nice running into you. Maybe we'll meet again."

"I'd like that."

"Bye then." He turned and walked away.

I held onto the handkerchief. "Ely!" I screamed.

He turned back, still walking. "Gerard! Keep the handkerchief!"

"Goodbye, Gerard!"

"Bye, Ely!"

He turned back. I blushed and proceeded in the opposite direction of him.
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