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Chapter 11 : Sand and Sensibility {Evening}

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The seven's last day in Mexico. It should be spent having fun. The gang head to the local beach, hoping to catch the sun's hot rays. Will Archie get in the water? Read and find out!

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Theresa slid the card key through the slot elegently and jiggled the door handle. A small click was heard and the door swung open. Theresa walked in, kicking her heels off and setting her bags down. Atlanta followed behind her, closing the door softly. She set down the two bags and carefully slung the crossbow off of her arm. Theresa had lain down on the bed across from her, rubbing her sore feet.

"So, what did you buy?" Atlanta asked, eyeing Theresa's small cluster of bags. Theresa smiled and ceased rubbing her bare feet. She reached over and grabbed the bags, bringing them up beside her and sitting cross-legged.

"Not a lot, just a printed tee," she said, sifting through a bright blue bag and extracting a light red shirt with printed gold angel wings on them. Atlanta nodded in approval. "A cute pair of short shorts, and a pair of shoes," Theresa continued, taking out a very short pair of jean shorts with gold sequence on the back pockets.

"Another pair of shoes?" Atlanta asked, astounded. 'Could this girl have anymore shoes?', she thought, remembering back to Theresa's closet in her room. Her closet floor was filled with shoes. Ranging from sneakers to flip-flops, to high heels all the way to boots.

"You can never have a small shoe collection. What's the harm with one more?" Theresa chimed, taking her new shoes out of the box and putting them on. They were a cute navy blue pair of flats. Theresa stood up and strutted around the bed, her hands on her swaying hips.

"Did you model all of this for Jay?" Atlanta snickered, watching Theresa's expression fall from funny to a teasing grimace.

"As a matter of fact! It was a miracle that I even got him to come in the stores with me," Theresa said, her smile disappearing and being replaced with a giggle. "It was quite funny actually." Atlanta snickered once more at her.

"What did you and Archie do?" she grinned, emphasising dramatically on Archie's name. She cupped her hands together and bat her eyelashes, puckering her lips up. A quick shriek escaped her puckered lips as a pillow was thrown into her face.

"Practically the same thing you did, nothing more, nothing less," Atlanta lied; she could feel her face warming up. She hated lying to Theresa and could feel her eyes on her. Atlanta looked up to look at Theresa; she was watching her carefully.

"There's something you're not telling me. And I'm going to find out," Theresa threatened coolly, raising her index finger and waving it at Atlanta.

Atlanta scoffed and stood up, reaching over towards her suitcase. She grabbed her bathing suit and headed towards the bathroom, keeping her eyes on Theresa as she closed the door. Theresa glared at the wooden door suspiciously.

'Oh well, she'll tell me sooner or later. Or...I'll just force it out of her,' she thought venomously, grabbing her suit and changing quickly.

"Are you done?" Atlanta called from inside of the bathroom. Theresa called a yes back to her. Atlanta opened the door carefully and walked out, peeking around the corner for her. Seeing Theresa with her back to her made Atlanta step out towards her bed.

She only made it half way.

Theresa's hand shot out and grasped Atlanta's arm tightly. Atlanta gasped and turned sharply to look at Theresa. Theresa's eyes were hazy as she opened her mouth in shock. Theresa snapped out of her quick premonition and gasped loudly, taking a step back from Atlanta.

"You kissed!" she shrieked. Atlanta dropped her clothes and rushed forward, covering Theresa's big mouth.

"You can't tell anyone!" Atlanta threatened, looking Theresa coldly in the eyes. Theresa nodded frantically and Atlanta set down her hands, glaring at Theresa and bending over to her dropped clothes. As Atlanta threw her clothes back in her bag, she glanced up at the still Theresa.

"What?" Atlanta said, trying not too sound to obnoxious. Theresa smiled hugely back at her, a mischievous glimmer in her eyes.

"I knew it. I knew something had happened! I sensed it!" she exclaimed, tapping her forehead. Atlanta sighed and rolled her eyes. She turned to Theresa, raising a fist.

"I'm serious Theresa, don't tell anyone. Especially Jay!" she pleaded, adding a shake of her fist for sterness. Theresa nodded once, but kept smiling.

"Why though?" she finally asked, her eyes filled with curiousity. Atlanta sighed and sat heavily on the edge of the bed.

"It would just be...weird. It would change the whole perspective of the group. It would be better if it remained a secret," she sighed, raising her hands and rubbing her eyes. Theresa walked over and took one of Atlanta's hands, seating herself down next to her.

"Everyone knew you and Archie were hot for each other," she said, smiling at Atlanta. Atlanta chuckled lightly and smiled back at her friend.

"Still, we'll tell them later. Maybe when we get back, but right not, we're going to the beach," Atlanta said, taking Theresa's hand and dragging her up. As she stood up, Atlanta released Theresa's hand and reached over to her towel, stuffing it in her small beach bag.

"I just wanna say, I'm happy for you. For both of you," Theresa beamed, slinging her beach bag over her shoulder and walking towards the door. Atlanta slung her bag as well and caught up behind Theresa, grabbing the door knob and slamming the door shut.


"The beach is just a block away, we might was well walk there," Odie said, as he saw the two girls walk out the door, coming to a stop in front of the boys. They all nodded and headed towards the sidewalk. Archie fell back and started walking next to Atlanta, taking up the rear. The remaining five clumped together in a large group as they stumbled across the skinny pavement.

They reached the large beach in a matter of minutes and stared in awe. Soft white sand stretched for blocks in front of their feet. Clear blue water crashed back and forth, frothing against the white sand. Clusters of beach towels and umbrellas speckled the beach. Jay bent down and kicked off his sandals, collecting them in his free hand. The others followed suit and stepped out onto the sand. They found a comfortable spot and set up their stuff. Herry took the umbrella and raised it above his head, bringing it down with a force that sent it down deeply into the ground. The rest took out their beach towels and laid their towels down.

Herry straightened up and admired his work. He clapped his hands together and took his shirt off, revealing his tanned skin and brawny muscles.

"Alright!" he shouted, stretching his arms and readying himself. Then, Herry turned and ran head on towards the water. The six watched in amazement as Herry ran towards the water, his dark green board shorts whipping against his skin in the wind. Herry took a flying leap and dived head first into the water, his body disappearing under the white and blue waves. His head popped out a little distance away. Herry raised one hand and waved at the group, signaling for them to join him.

The group laughed at him and began to undress. (Oh goodness...I felt so weird writing this. O_o). Theresa slipped out of her light yellow sundress to reveal a red and white polka dot bikini, her long fire hair cascading gently down her shoulders. Atlanta turned away and slid her shirt off, revealing a dark blue bikini top, the same colour as her shorts. Neil had quickly taken his shirt off and was now applying sunscreen generously all over his body as he lay down on his towel. Jay had slipped off his shirt as well; he was wearing a pair of light blue shorts with a thick white stripe down the side. He was staring out at the water, watching the water crash as Herry swam around cheerfully. Archie had removed his shirt and was sitting on his towel with his hands on his knees. He stared darkly out at the water, his eyes out of focus. Odie was already walking towards the water, his curly dark hair blowing gently in the wind.

Herry spotted Odie walking towards the water and stood up, shaking his head, beads of water flying from his wet hair. Herry roared and charged at Odie, his arms open in tackle form. Odie had taken his glasses off when he removed his shirt, so his vision was quite blurry. Odie squinted at the large figure charging through the water towards him.

Another loud yelling sound came from the figure coming at Odie. Odie strained his ears and identified Herry's bellows. As Herry charged at Odie, he became clearer in Odie's vision.

The five watched helplessly as Odie yelped and turned around, running back to the beach. But it was too late. Herry's large arms scooped Odie up and threw him high in the air. Odie's yelp continued as his small body flew through the air. A giant splash erupted as Odie landed in the water. His head shot up of the water, a loud gasp escaping his lips as he greedily sucked in air.

Jay shook his head and smirked as Herry swam over to Odie and smacked him on the back, chortling.

"Come on, the water's waiting," Jay said, smiling broadly and stretching his arms. Theresa skipped forward, linked arms with Jay and began dragging him towards the water. He wrapped his arm around her waist and scooped her up in his arms. Theresa squealed as her feet left the sandy floor as Jay walked into the ankle deep water.

Atlanta watched Jay and Theresa in the water and looked down at Archie. He was staring out at his friends splashing in the water with a grim expression on his face. Atlanta caught a quick glimpse of Neil. He had oiled himself up with sunscreen and closed his eyes, lying in the sun. He had his headphones in his ears. That was good.

"Come on Arch', you gotta go in the water," Atlanta said, falling down next to him and taking one of his hands. He reacted to her touch and turned his dark eyes to look at her. Archie just shook his head slowly.

"Please? For me?" she begged, puckering out her bottom lip and staring at him sadly. Archie smiled at Atlanta's puppy eyes and quickly glanced back at Neil. His eyes were still closed. Archie glanced back at Atlanta and then darted his eyes to look at the group out in the water. They were having fun, they wouldn't notice.

"Alright, but not too deep," he sighed, inching his head towards Atlanta. Their lips met for an instant and then Atlanta broke apart, standing up and dragging Archie up with her. The four cheered as Archie and Atlanta approached the water, hand in hand. Atlanta released Archie's hand and walked into the water. No sooner had Atlanta joined her friends had Archie joined them as well. Archie stood nervously in the water, feeling the wave's crash against his knees, as he watched Atlanta walk out to the swimming four. Atlanta turned around and glanced at Archie. She raised her hand and waved him forward. Archie looked down at his feet and then felt Atlanta's hand in his again, as she pulled him slowly out into the water.

Neil had fallen asleep on his towel, a mistake he will regret when he wakes up. Even out in the water, the gang could still hear Neil's loud snores.

As the six stepped into waist high water, Herry gently grabbed Theresa around the waist and lifted her up onto Jay's shoulders. He wadded over to Atlanta and Archie and did the same with Atlanta.

"Chicken Fight!" he hollered, backing up from the imaginary fighting ring. He backed up and stood next to Odie, his arms crossed over his large chest proudly.

"Ready ol' girl?" Jay yelled up at Theresa, steadying himself and smacking Theresa's thigh confidently. He felt Theresa's hand run through his damp hair, shaking it up. He looked forward to Atlanta and Archie. Theresa took one hand off of Jay's head and signaled a thumbs up. She saw Archie smile wickedly as he took a solid step forward.

"Onward!" she shouted, raising her hands towards the sky and bracing herself. She felt Jay take a steady step forward and caught Atlanta's eyes as they moved closer. "Bring it on Freckles!" Theresa shouted, grinning evilly at her young friend.

"You're asking for it, Pippi!" she laughed, coming into a closer fighting range with Theresa. Theresa tightened her legs around Jay as she stretched her arms out. Theresa carefully reached forward and grabbed Atlanta's shoulders.

"First one in the water loses!" Atlanta grunted, raising her eyebrows at Theresa. She threw her arms out and locked onto Theresa's shoulders as well.

"Begin!" Herry's voice called out. The girls tugged and pushed furiously at each other as they balanced to stay sitting on the boys' shoulders. Atlanta roughly pushed Theresa's left shoulder. She watched Jay wiggle underneath Theresa's wobbling frame. Jay reacted to Atlanta's attack by taking a step back. As he steadied himself, Jay took another step forward. Theresa lunged at the opportunity and grabbed Atlanta's arm.

Atlanta began to slip off Archie's shoulders and quickly shot forward. She grabbed Theresa's wrist and tugged towards the water. Archie felt Atlanta's weight begin to fall of his shoulder. He tried to take a step in order to gather his balance. As he raised one foot, Atlanta finally lost her balance. Atlanta tightened her grip on Theresa's wrist.

A scream escaped Theresa's lips as she began to fall with Atlanta and Archie. She quickly tightened her legs around Jay and reached for his hand, which was resting on her thigh.

The four fell into the water with a giant splash.

Archie threw up his head instantly. He coughed heavily as he sat on the sandy bottom, the water now up to his neck. Atlanta's red head burst up next to him; she was spitting up water and gasping.

"You ok?" he gurgled, raising a hand and wiping his hair out of his eyes. Atlanta nodded and sat up straighter, smiling. Archie grinned back and stood up slowly. He stretched out his hand and helped Atlanta up.

Theresa felt her hand crunch as Jay's tightened in hers. Jay must have still been standing up. She felt a sharp tug on her arm as Jay pulled her up. Theresa's head broke the surface as Jay stood her up. A large curtain of dark hair fell in front of her eyes, blocking her vision.

"You look like Cousin It," Jay laughed. Theresa scoffed and split a line with her hands, opening the hair curtain.

"Thanks, I think," she giggled, pushing away more of her wet hair. "If you'll excuse me for a moment," she said, turning away from Jay. She steadied herself and dived into the water.

Theresa felt the water rush through her hair, straightening it out behind her. Theresa felt the bubbles escaping her pursed lips as her lungs ached for air. Theresa slowed her swimming and broke the surface and breathed in water. Theresa lowered her legs and found the bottom and stood up. She gasped lightly as a shock of how deep it was now, the water was lapping up against her neck. Theresa turned in bewilderment at her own swimming speed. As she turned, Theresa spotted the distant figures of Atlanta, Archie, Herry, Jay and Odie. Jay was waving out at her frantically to come back.

Theresa waved back and twisted over onto her back. She floated her self and kicked her legs and moved her arms, moving herself towards the shore. Theresa stared up into the clear blue sky, watching the seagulls flying across the bright sky, disappearing in the glare of the blazing sun. As she stared up, Theresa's thoughts wandered across her mind : Atlanta and Archie were finally together, and what a way to get together. On an amazing vacation in exotic Mexico, it was so romantic. Theresa smiled sheepishly at the thought of the idea. It reminded her of one of her own romance novels buried in her closet. It was her guilty pleasure, only meant for late night readings. It was always the cheesy romance novels that choked her up, reading about the couple walking down a beach hand in hand as they stared into each others eyes with such a strong passion for each other. Theresa smiled again at the thought.

"What are you smiling about?" Jay's voice interrupted her thoughts abruptly. Theresa exhaled and stopped kicking her legs, quickly pushing her hair back and standing up in the waist high water. Theresa gathered her wet hair and quickly braided it, tossing the long braid behind her back. She then turned to face Jay; he was smiling at her with one hand on his hip. When Theresa looked at him, she noticed some movement behind him. She glanced over Jay's shoulders and caught the couple walking together down the beach. Theresa smiled broadly as she saw them link hands.

Jay's brow furrowed as he watched Theresa smile and move her eyes father up shore. As her eyes locked onto something, she started laughing. Jay stared at her, confused even more. Theresa reached over and grabbed his arm, turning him towards the beach, pointing. Jay followed her finger and spotted their section of towels. Neil was still fast asleep on the towels. Herry and Odie were creeping towards Sleeping Beauty with a bucket full of water.

"Oh no," Jay muttered, his eyes widening as they two neared closer. Odie and Herry smiled wickedly at each other and flung the bucket forward.

Neil's piercing scream shook the beach. People in the water stopped and turned towards the cry. Jay and Theresa were still a distance from the shore, but Neil's string of curses still made it to their ears. Mothers gaped at Neil and quickly covered their children's ears.


Theresa reached over to her beach bag and dug around, extracting a bottle of sun lotion. She twisted the bottle open and squirted some onto her hands, tossing the bottle down and rubbing the lotion on her arms. Jay and Theresa escaped from the water and were not resting on the towels, Theresa sitting up and applying sun lotion, Jay resting on his elbows and staring out at the water. Atlanta and Archie had disappeared along the beach, off to discover the local treasures. Neil, Herry and Odie had wandered off in search of food. Neil had forgiven Odie and Herry of their prank, saying if they hadn't woke him up, he'd be as red as a tomato. Neil's skin was a faint shade of pink as he walked off with Odie and Herry to the Food Stand.

As Theresa started rubbing sun lotion on her legs, she saw Jay turn to her.

"Theresa, have you noticed that Atlanta and Archie are a bit...closer than usual?" he mumbled, staring at Theresa sincerely, curiosity was glistening in his eyes. Theresa's hand paused momentarily on her knew as his words sunk in.

'You promised Atlanta!' a voice said somewhere in the back of her mind. Theresa nodded once to herself and set her hands down. "Not really. Their just close friends Jay, I'm sure nothing else is going on," she lied, smiling and slowly falling back onto her elbows and turning to Jay. "And if something was going on, I'm sure we'd find out sooner or later," she laughed, speaking the truth. She smiled again at Jay as she tucked in her elbows and lay down on her back.

"So, what's on the schedule for this evening?" she muttered, closing her eyes and feeling the heat splash across her body. Even with her eyes closed, she could still see the bright sun.

"That depends," his voice replied. Theresa snapped one eye and stared at him. He was now lying on his side, staring at Theresa. She stared back at him and grinned, closing her eye again.


"What you want to do," he said. Theresa could hear the smile in his voice. She grinned again and sensed Jay turn away, looking at the water again. Theresa felt the minutes pass by as her she started to drift off. She kept her consiousness on edge, expecting something to happen. As she cast out her senses, Theresa felt Jay's hand floating above hers. She could feel his fingers trailing her skin up and down, but never actually touching her. Jay guided his fingers up her arm, only centimetres from her skin. He could see the light hairs running up her arms, the light shade of her skin. Every time Theresa would move, Jay shot his hand back. He didn't want to be caught staring at her like this. Jay stared at Theresa's open hand. Maybe he should just grab it, she wouldn't mind. Right? What's the worst that could happen? ....Wait, don't start thinking about that. Jay reached out his hand slowly towards Theresa's. As he lowered his hand, loud footprints neared their towels.

Jay quickly drew back his hand immediately and took a deep breath; he turned his head to look over his shoulder. Herry, Neil and Odie were approaching, all of them laughing. Herry was making weird grunting noises. It is hard to laugh with your mouth stuffed with food. His arms were filled with boxes of food and bottles of soda. Herry grunted in satisfaction as he thudded down onto his towel. He balanced the food and drinks on one arm and brushed the stray sand off his towel, then laid the food in front of him. He smiled and barked a laugh as he stared at his food proudly.

Theresa stirred at the noise and slowly sat up, reaching over and grabbing her sunglasses. She glanced quickly at Jay before putting them on; he had turned his body away from hers and was staring at Herry blankly. "Did you guys even get anything?" she said, staring at Odie and Neil's empty hands. Odie nodded and plopped down in front of Jay on the sand. Theresa glanced up at Neil and waved a hand; he nodded in thanks and elegantly lowered himself on the end of Theresa's towel.

"Did you get anything that wasn't for you Herry?" Theresa stated, watching Herry shove his mouth with enormous amounts of food. He grunted and grabbed a fairly large box. He reached across and handed it to Theresa. She eyed it carefully and opened it. French Fries. Theresa smiled thankfully at Herry, who had already turned back to his food. She took one fry and set the box down between her and Jay.

As the five snacked and chatted, Atlanta and Archie soon joined them. The two had also visited the Food Stand, but for ice cream. Archie had been unnaturally clumsy and had spilt his strawberry ice cream down his chest. There was a long and thick line of pink going down his abdomen; the flies didn't seem to mind as they kept buzzing around Archie. He finally had enough and walked towards the water; he nervously took a step in and bent down, cupping a handful of water. Atlanta laughed and stared after him, a large smile on her face. As the day slowly progressed, the sun started to set. It set an eerie red glow on the sand as it reflected off the crashing waves and swept into the shore, only a few people were still swimming. The seven watched as families packed up their gear and leave the beach one by one. In only a matter of time, only their cluster of towels could be seen among the other couples.

"Well, should we head home before all the couples start making out?" Odie said, snapping shut his cellphone and reaching over to his strewn shirt.

"Yeah...alright," Jay said, slowly standing up and stretching his arm over his head, yawning. He maneuvered through the towels to his clothes and shook them, the sand pellets falling back onto the beach. Theresa walked over to her bag and slipped her yellow sundress on again, gathering her sequenced flip-flops. Atlanta threw her shirt over her shoulder and grabbed her sandals; she picked up Archie's and tossed them to him. Herry put his shirt back on and started working on the umbrella. In one quick tug, the umbrella was up rooted from the ground, leaving a sandy tunnel in the ground. Neil slowly put his shirt on, bending down and picking up his small bag. He took out his three paneled mirror and a comb, as he stared into the mirror, he started combing his hair in the sunlight. In a few minutes, the towels and bags were picked up and folded. The seven slowly walked back to the sidewalk, turning to look at the glorious beach once more. The sun was directly in the middle of the ocean, the orange rim touching the blue horizon.


"Ok, I'm all packed," Archie announced, throwing his duffel bag on the floor and falling onto the small patterned couch. He glanced around the room at his other friends. Odie had folded his clothes neatly into his small suitcase and was now sitting on it comfortably, listening to his latest iPod. Neil was scavenging around in the bathroom, frantically grabbing his cosmetic supplies and others. Herry was having a difficult time shoving his clothes into the suitcase. Even Herry's muscles couldn't go against the tiny zipper that was holding up his unfolded shirts.

"Me too," Jay sighed, tossing his bag down next to Archie's and falling down on the floor, resting his hands on his knees. He sighed heavily again and stared out the screen door, watching the sun set in the golden sky.

"Right. I'm uh -," Archie said quietly, obviously uncomfortable. "I'm going to..uh- go," he mumbled, standing up and walking towards the door.

"Wait. What?" Odie said, looking over at Archie, his eyebrows raised and one of his headphones hanging down his shoulder.

Archie quickly raised his hand and rubbed the back of his neck and lowered his eyes. "Uh...gonna get a bite of eat with...Atlanta," the last word was hardly louder than a whisper.

"With Atlanta?" Neil asked, coming out of the bathroom and leaning against the doorway, one blond eyebrow raised.

"Yeah," Archie mumbled, staring at his feet. Neil passed a quiet chuckle to himself and strutted towards his bags. His soft chuckle turned into a squeak as Herry punched him arm, sending Neil stumbling into the room's only armchair. Odie laughed at Neil as he muttered incoherent curses at Herry. Jay grinned at the chortling three and turned to Archie. Archie stared at Jay with a hard expression, his lips set in a firm line. Jay chuckled and nodded.

"You don't need my permission. Have fun, Arch'," he said, watching Archie's expression light up. Archie nodded gratefully and quickly exited the room, a large grin on his face. Jay stared at the dark wooden door as it snapped shut behind Archie. Neil and Herry were still quarrelling over Herry's assault on Neil. Odie had stalked over to the vacant armchair; his head bent low over his PSP. Jay stretched and looked out the screen door again. The orange sun had turned a bright red colour; a thin layer of orange surrounded the blazing edges. All along the horizon, purple and pink clouds spotted the cities edge, casting a red glaze across the ocean.

Jay scanned the room once more and carefully stood up, eyeing the door once more and inching carefully towards it.

And without the other boys even noticing, Jay quickly slipped out the door, shutting it quietly behind him.


A soft knock echoed through the room. Theresa bustled on the floor, reaching under the bed, groping for her lost mascara bottle. She sighed heavily and raised her head over the mattress.

"Just a minute!" Theresa called out, flopping back down on her stomach, desperately reaching.

Knock. Knock.

"Hang on! Hang on!" Theresa pressed herself roughly under the frame of the bed. Finally, she felt her fingers grasp the small pink bottle. "Aha!" Theresa cried out, quickly crawling out from the tight space. Theresa quickly threw the mascara into her bag and raised herself up, using the nightstand as leverage. Another soft knock sounded as Theresa half ran towards the door. She frantically grabbed the handle and threw open the door.

Jay stood in the middle of the doorway, one hand raised up in a loose fist. His other hand was nestled in his pocket. Jay smiled widely at Theresa and laughed.

"What?" Theresa quickly looked down, making sure she was wearing clothes. A quick sigh of relief escaped Theresa as she saw clothes.

"You have corduroy lines on your cheek," he laughed. Jay reached out with his free hand and traced a line from her cheek to the corner of Theresa's lips. He dropped his hand and smiled again at Theresa.

"Oh," Theresa said, blushing slightly at his touch. "Come on in," Theresa muttered, stepping back and opening the door wider, raising her hand up to her face and running her finger along the small indent from the carpet. Jay smiled and walked in, maneuvering around the small pile of bags jumbled on the floor. Theresa snapped the door shut and walked up behind Jay who was standing awkwardly next to the unmade beds.

"Sorry, didn't really have time to clean up in here. Atlanta left in such a hurry with Archie," Theresa mumbled, quickly reaching down to grab a handful of clothes off the floor.

"Forget about it," Jay said, flashing a lop-sided smile. He inclined his head to the balcony. "Let's watch the sunset. It's almost over," he smiled again and started walking towards the screen door, sliding it open and stepping out in the bright orange glow of the sun.

Theresa stared after him and tossed the clothes into her abanded open suitcase and quickly walked behind Jay. Jay had crossed his arms over the railing, leaning casually against it.

"Oh wow," Theresa exhaled, staring at the magnificent landscape. She walked slowly towards the white railing and leaned up against it, toughing shoulders with Jay.

"I know, it's beautiful," he said, catching a quick glimpse of Theresa in the sun. Theresa was staring into the sun with a look of awe, her mouth slightly open. The blazing light from the sun gave the appearance that her eyes were on fire. Theresa felt Jay's eyes on her and slowly turned, catching him.

"What?" she said, adjusting herself to look at him full on. "Why are you looking at me like that?" Jay's eyes widened and he quickly raised a hand.

"You, uh, had an eyelash on your cheek," he said, slowly reaching out to Theresa's face. Theresa felt slight pressure as Jay's hand touched her cheek.

"There," he chuckled, bringing back his hand. He meant to wave his hand to get rid of the stray eyelash, but Theresa's hand stopped it.

"You have to wish on it," Theresa said, brining Jay's hand closer to her face. She looked at Jay and then quickly looked down at the eyelash. Theresa inhaled deeply and blew. The eyelash floated off of Jay's finger and flew into the air, catching a current of air and being quickly swept away.

"What 'cha wish for?" Jay said, staring at Theresa's hand. It was still twined casually around his wrist.

"Oh, nothing in particular," she said, her voice quiet. Jay glanced up and almost pulled back in surprise. Theresa was so close to him. Close enough to count the few freckles scattered across her nose. Close enough to see the faint rim of caramel outlining her irises, making her eyes deep and entrancing. Close enough to see the deep shade of pink her lips were.

Close enough to notice that she was moving closer.

Jay seemed to experience an out-of-body illusion. He could see himself inches away from Theresa's face. Jay watched in amazement as Theresa's eyes slowly closed as she tilted her head slightly to the side. As soon as it began, Jay was looking through his own eyes again, watching Theresa close her eyes.

Jay did the same and closed the gap.

As their lips met, their hunger for each other burst through the surface. Theresa's free hand wound itself around Jay's neck, her fingers running through the back of his hair. Jay's spare hand was rubbing up and down Theresa's arm as they pushed against each other. Theresa kissed Jay feircly as his hand moved its way up her arm to her shoulder, his fingers wounding in her flaming hair. Theresa released Jay's hand and wound it up to the back of his neck, pulling him closer. As Theresa pulled Jay closer, he broke off, gasping.

"Whoa!" What are we doing?" he gasped, stretching back to look Theresa in the eyes. They were both breathing heavily. Theresa dropped one of her hands and maneuvered the other one to rest on his arm.

"Well, I thought we were kissing," she said quietly, looking out at the landscape again, a faint smiling playing on her lips. She raised her spare hand and rested it on the side of her face, now turning to look at Jay.

"Yeah, we were," Jay sighed, laughing a small bit.

"Well. Why'd we stop? Was it bad?" Theresa said, raising her eyebrows and looking at him feircly.

"No! No, it was-," Jay objected, he watched Theresa lower her eyebrows and smirk. "It was...great," he finally sighed, smiling encouragably at Theresa. He could feel his ears heating up from some level of embarrassment.

"So, that's no reason to stop, right?" she laughed, moving closer. Jay began to spill out objections but Theresa stopped him.

"Oh, just shut up and kiss me," she whispered, running her hand up Jay's neck again bringing him towards her. Jay smiled as he felt Theresa's warm lips on his again.


Oh finally! I got that awful smelling, poo throwing, cursing monkey off my back! What a way to ring in the New Year. 2007 here we come! 2006 was a good year. So many good memories, thank god I had a camera along the way. I've always been a camera person and insisting on taking pictures of everything. If you're interested in my pictures, please, visit my website : But, hey, congrats to you guys! If it wasn't for my dedicated readers, this story would have never happened. You're always encouraging me to get off my lazy ass and pick up the pen and start writing. I feel many thanks to you guys that can't be said in words. The most important thing to this story is of course, the readers. So, thank you!
I hope you all have a good New Year! I hope that this story continues later into 2007!

Love, Christina
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