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Chapter 12: All Too Soon

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This is the final chapter of Beauty Kills. Keep your eyes peeled for the sequeal: Coming Soon!

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The creature shuffled towards the edge the boat, peeking over the side at the dark waters below. It whimpered quietly and took a step back. The giants large feet stumbled as he walked backwards towards the middle of the deck. As the creature took one more step back, a cold hand pushed on its back, sending the giant stumbling back to the edge.

"Get in the water and find her!" a deep voice shouted as the hand pushed the giant closer to the edge. A loud bang erupted and the giant was sent flying above the waters, a deep roar of surprise echoing across the water. A large splash shot up as the giant's body fell into the water.

"Bumbling idiot..." Cronus muttered, staring at the sputtering giant trying to keep his head above the water. He turned to the other two giants whimpering in the corner of the boat, making the balance very uneven.

"Do I always have to go everything by myself?" Cronus roared, turning away from the miserable creatures and staring down at the silent waters. The idiot creature had swum down, searching.

"Idiot," he mumbled again, raising his hands over the waters and looking down. Cronus concentrated and watched the water begin to churn and bubble.

"Show me the way," he muttered, watching the bubbles rise. Then, a faint white light stretched from his hands out over the waters. The light danced down from his outstretched palms and cascaded across the water, creating a pale trail of light. It trailed in a thin line farther out across the water. As the light stretched out, it faltered. The light stopped and began to spread out, creating a circle of light.

Cronus turned to look at the whimpering giants. "You. Get in the water," he growled, watching one of the giants take a shaky foot forward. Cronus sighed and shot his hand out at the moving giant. It yelped as he was tossed through the air, landing on the pale circle of white light.

"And you. Set up the ropes and get ready," he ordered the fat creature; Cronus turned away and walked slowly towards the wheel. He revved up the boat's motor and directed it towards the orb of light.

Cronus cut the engine when the boat slide in next to the gleaming water. The giant from before had come back to the surface, sputtering up water. It climbed feebly back into the boat. Cronus paid little attention to the blubbering creature but stared down at the water.

Bubbles started to escape to the surface. More and more soon began to surface as a dark shape grew larger.

Agnon's wet face burst up through the surface. He threw up his arm and grasped the side of the boat, pulling himself up. Cronus bent down to the giant's eyes and breathed into his face.

"Where is she?" he growled, watching Agnon flinch away from Cronus' fierce eyes. Agnon grunted and brought up his other arm. It was carrying a dark figure bound by a damp net and rope. Cronus smiled and stepped back, turning to the giant with the ropes.

"Bring her up and tie her down," he ordered, still smiling. The other wet giant walked over and grabbed Agnon, pulling him over the edge and onto the deck floor. As Agnon was being pulled up, he passed the dead form to the giant with the ropes. He laid the body down and began untying the wet ropes and tearing open the net.

When Synara was tied down, Cronus looked down at her dead body. Her wrist and ankles were tied tightly and being held by the giants, only one string tied to the boat railing. Cronus stood over her body and raised a hand, resting it above her chest, muttering something:
"Yo despierto te desde vida eterna sueño, venir dorso a esto tierra y causa un trueno." (Latin American Spanish)

A bright light flashed all around the boat, causing the giants to shield their eyes. Cronus repeated the verse, his voice growing louder with each word. As Cronus shouted the last word, the bright light flashed up and disappeared around Synara's body.

The giants stared in amazement as Synara's fingers began to twitch. Her fingers flexed and bended into a tight fist. A ragged gasp came from her as she began to pull on the ropes holding her down.

"Perfect," Cronus whispered, a broad smile on his scarred face as he watched Synara form come to life. She breathed in air deeply and snapped open her black eyes, analyzing the giants holding her down. Cronus raised a foot and stepped down on Synara's wing bone. Synara cried out in pain as Cronus bent down, coming closer to her face.

"You're going to start obeying me now," he threatened, watching Synara's eyes flash as he controlled her mind. He gave Synara his orders and then released her mind.

"You know what to do," he growled before releasing the ropes. Synara growled and slowly stood up, watching the giants shuffle quickly away from her. She glanced once more at Cronus and began stretching her wings. Synara growled again as she jumped into the air, throwing out her wings and flying off. Cronus' laughter followed after her as she flew farther away, disappearing into the moon's glow.


It was almost two in the morning. Maria had been out with her friends, spending the night dancing and drinking at the city's local club. At about 1:30 AM, her friends started to head home. Maria was already late for her curfew. By the time she got home, it would be past two. Maria's wallet was empty, and she didn't have any money to call for a taxi. It was a twenty minute walk from the club to her house.

Maria kept her cell phone in one hand and her purse hitched securely up her shoulder. The streetlights provided little light along the sidewalks. The streets were practically deserted and only faint sounds echoed up the bare street.

Maria passed by a dark alley quickly, griping her cell phone tightly, waiting for anything to send her fingers flying. She sped up as a garbage can fell over, the sound crashing through the dark lane. Maria gasped and broke into a brisk run, trying to make the distance between her and the lane as far as possible. When Maria was a block away, she slowed down and leaned against a near by wall.

Maria breathed heavily, trying to catch her breath before walking off again. Maria kept her quick pace on the sidewalk, ready to dial for the police at any second. As she walked, Maria glanced over her shoulder continually.

Nothing. Nothing but shadows. She was only ten minutes away from home.

Another sound. This time a quiet rustle. Almost like wings. Maria turned sharply and looked around. Only the shadow again. Wait. Why was it moving so fast? And moving fast towards her? Maria gasped and turned, breaking into a run again. The sound got louder.

Maria looked down at her cell phone, quickly punching in the police. She brought the phone to her ear, still running. Only a few more steps. She was so close to home. As the phone rang, Maria turned her head over her shoulder. Big mistake.

Maria felt a scaly hand grab her neck. Maria gasped and gagged as the hand tightened, closing off her windpipe. She dropped her cell phone just as she heard the line connect. Maria gasped out, trying to make any kind of noise, to let the person know of the struggle. Maria heard an odd hissing noise as she felt her feet rising off of the ground. She turned her head faintly to look at the person holding so tightly to her. Maria gasped again as she looked into the pitch black eyes and saw herself struggling against the scaly hand holding her.

Maria heard the rustle of wings again and suddenly felt airborne. She was losing her consciousness. White spots danced across her vision and she felt light headed.

The last thing Maria Cabasso heard was the dark hissing ringing in her ears.


Well, I know it's not alot, but I've been frantically working on the Sequels first chapter. It took me a VERY long time to decide on the Sequels title..the first chapter..Possibly a Prequel. sigh It was alot of work, but I figured most stuff out. Except for the Sequel's first chapter..but I'll figure it out soon. Just got to figure out a fitting title..HEY! Maybe you can help me! I have narrorowed it down to 3 choices..and I need help choosing one. Or, if you come up with one that would be good too. But then might be hard for you because you don't know what's going to happen...
A) A Final Homecoming
B) A Lapse of Memory
C) To Have and to Hold
Those are the choices. I realize that I kind of stole them from random movie titles I spotted while searching through the guides. Okay..Well. I'm almost finished the Sequel's first chapter, so TRUST ME. The sequel will be up in a couple days. I won't make you wait long.
P.S: That little Latin part there, yeah. I'm not very good with poetry so I made up a bad verse. It translates into : "I awake thee from life's eternal slumber, To come back to this earth and cause athunder."

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