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Mean reviewers

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This a one-shot story AND a note. I first had written a note i think we should ALL read. Plz don't miss a thing. And i'm not talking or saying mean things. I just think we should all read it. ...

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About Mean reviewers/Bullies

We all started writing notes. Keep saying we'll delete them.

Even if we're the ones trying to tell this to everyone, we still do it.

And the reviewing keeps coming.

I'm not writing this to tell you mean reviewers are bad...I'm not writing this to tell you we should stop doing notes. I'm writing this to tell you something important I REALLY think you should ALL hear. And don't miss any of it.

If one of us does get another mean review...ignore it. Bullies are just mean people anyway; don't get hurt by their words because you know you're better than that.

/Look, /they keep're such a bad author! (They say that to everyone!!!)

And who do they think we are?

JK Rowling?

JR Token?

We're not famous authors!!! We don't have that super skills. We're just people that want to have fun. We're trying our best and showing our ideas.

And surprisingly to those nasty authors adore other author's ideas.

That's because we all have something to show and give.
And if we don't like it, we don't become bullies.

We tell them; maybe you can fix this up for my taste. But your ideas are very imaginative.

/Say something they need to fix up by then a kind compliment./

Here's another thing. Bullies are cowards. Have you noticed? Only the mean people are reviewers. They only review to say mean things. If they got an account and said something nasty, they know other authors wouldn't like them or bother to read their stories. Plus, the ficwad owners would abandon them from the site.

I know we have lost many authors on this site. But I hope none of you do in the future.

You should continue writing not become hurt by these reviewers.

I think we should all just ignore them from now on and say nothing back and nothing at all. We all know they're just bullies, trying to take us down.

And we know they're not so useful on this site. Bullies are not useful anywhere. Don't make it such a big deal of your time that they're nasty little buggers.

But...maybe they've been bullied themselves. Don't try to hurt them too. Yeah, no one will win. Each other will try to win and keep trying to say something nastier. It doesn't matter who started it. It'll keep going and going.

Sometimes they're just wannabes, to your surprise. No matter how much it doesn't seem that way at all (the mean people don't realize it either) but I guarantee you, they extremely are.

And when they say, you took all this time just to make this? come they spent no time just to be mean? Is it fun? No!!! And it's a good thing we spent that much time writing these things. Cause they mean a lot more then their non-useful words.

Look at this in another way. If they really do dislike our stories, why bother looking up in the class of the titans category? Why bother even reading them? They must think they're amusing in some way.

Or they're just people spending useless time to be mean to us than feel good commenting on something nice. That's the stuff that matters.

People are all the same on the inside. Literally too. If you go to a human couldn't tell if the insides of a person was Asian, east Indian or even American. The exact same thing goes with feelings.

They can get burning hot-red from anger, or drenched in tears and pain from being bullied and sadness.

You can either have a sad feeling happy feelings...or mad, loved and cared feelings. They can be filled with joy.


We make these things happen. And it can happen to us when we do it to another person too.

It's our responsibility to our actions and how we make other's feel. Sometimes we can succeed our good responsibilities, other times we fail.

And these bullies definitely failed.

If that makes them feel good, they're something wrong with them.

I want all authors to feel good about themselves for being kind to others.

I know its just Internet but they should be rewarded.

And I think especially, Mrs-Jay.

And if you did not was because of her I didn't leave ficwad. And made me totally realize all this just because she was kind.

And I dedicated that Christmas story of mine to her.

I think we should all dedicate one for being such a kind author and never saying anything wrong to another person just like fingecko said.

So just remember to yourselves and say this to yourselves when someone says or does something mean to you. You're not so perfect like this person wants you to be and neither are they. So what are they talking about?

And remember the stuff they say about you means nothing at all and isn't true in the slightest bit.

And bullies mean nothing to you in your life no matter how hard they can be.

I hope you all agree to this and feel much better about yourself.

I note to you, there will be a story following this later on in the next chapter it is a one-shot story.

Here's a quick summary:

Odie back in his hometown has always been bullied. He's glad now that he moved to a much better school, New Olympia High. What will happen when he goes back to that school along with his new friends? (Jay, Theresa, Herry, Atlanta, Archie, Neil)

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Ps- plz dunt ask why i did the centering, italic, bolding and underlining, it was out of boredom. =D (toothly smile)

Sincerely, ClassoftheTitans_fan
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