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The Story

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In his past, bullies had always gone for their number one target...Odie.

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Odie has always been picked on. He's been name called, laughed at, beaten up and many other ways a person could get bullied.

In his school, people were bystanders. Everyone would follow the other person. They'd call him geek, nerd or short. Just because of his size and he was super genius.

Kids always bugged him during recess and lunch on the playgrounds.

Once he went to highschool, bullies looked for him during breaks in the halls to smash im in lockers.

It wasn't fun for him. It wasn't fair. There were no cameras in the school and Odie was way to scared to tell the principal or his parents. No one stood up for him...except his friends.

Odie was always afraid if people started calling him chicken if he did call on them.

Luckily Odie always got a ride, sometimes he would ride his bike and bullies would go after him. Odie tried speeding on his bike but once he tried that he ran into a pole.

Odie was strong thoough...he never cried and he tried fighting back. He wasn't exactly strong...but he would always defend himself.

He once asked if he could try martial arts, but his parents refused. They wanted him to become a scientist liek his father when he grew up not punching and fighting people.

Now...Odie lived in a kind and better place, he had a chance to defend himself, and he went to a much better school...a place called New Olympia.

He had more friends too, no one called him geek or short.

Everyone thought he was the coolest.

He thought about his friends back at home from time to time...he wondered how they were doing...they too got bullied because they were the only bystanders for Odie.

He thought about that one day...


"Yeah buddy?"

"Do you ever I mean would the gods allow us to leave New Olympia jsut to check out our hometown...go back there for awhile..."

"Well, I don't know Odie, you want to talk to Hera?" Jay said scratching his head.

"That would be great Jay."

"So...why do you want to go back anyway?"

Odie told him about the bullying and his friends.

"So you want to go back there to just say hi to these friends? You'd prabably run into one of those jerks...if Hera allows it, I'm going with you."

"Where you two off to? Cause I'm going too." Theresa said.

Atlanta nad Archie came in the room. "Us too."

"If it has food, count me in." Herry said snacking on a nanaimo bar.

"Wherever it is...I'm prabably famous...couple of girls...bunch of fans...yep count me in as well." Neil said.

Odie smiled.


"..." Hera was thinking about all this.

She shook her head looking down glumly.

"I'm sorry Odie...but I cannot..."

Odie started to sulk down feeling glum himself.

"But I cannot be so cruel to not let you go." She smiled.

"Are you serious?!" Odie piped up.

Him and Herry started dancing almost like they did in little box of horrors but only this time the two jumped in the air making Odie fall.

"Ouch, watch it there buddy." Herry said picking him up.

Odie laughed.

"We're off!!!" Archie said.


Odie's hometown school:

"Look it's dorkwad! He's back!" A football player said.

"Hey, hey and couple of chicks." One elbowed him.

The girls icked.

Jay and Archie starred at them.

They weren't even half as strong but their glares were pretty nasty.

"What's a pretty girl like you doing here with this guy?" One of them faced Theresa.

She pulled away. "Because he's the coolest guy I know here..." She said looking at the two.


"Lay off." Jay said, he dissed Odie now he was trying to get his GIRL!!!!

"Why don't a bunch of slimy snakes like you beat it!" Archie spat.

"What are you talking about purple boy!"

"You watch it buddy..." Atlanta retorted.

"Oh come on little red..."

"Don't ever call me that!" She kicked him in the face really hard.

The other guy backed away.

"You don't want to mess around with them, because if you mess around with'll have to mess around with me." Herry came in the way.

Herry was stronger than him.

"Uhhh....yeah, got that!" He ran in the pther direction.

"Thanks guys..." Odie said.

"ehhh, no prob...those guys are so not my type." Theresa looked discusted. Jay looked like he just sighed with relief.

"Talk about coward..." Neil said.

"Where were you?" Atlanta asked.

"Hey nice kick in there...and," Atlanta smiled brightly.

"And, I was getting those two chicks over there, numbers."

"Okay Odie...any idea what class your friends might be in right now?"

"No idea...let's go to the office."


I'll have to cut it off half here, the rest i will finish soon!!!!

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