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All together again!

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Everyone is now 25 years old and are having a reuinion at the brownstone. I know, this sounds boring, but i suck at summeries!Plus, don't want to give away my biggest secret!!!

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Atlanta has stnading in her old room in the dorm. She looked out her window to see her old friends arrive. She smiled. She organised this with the help of an old friend. She saw Jay walktowards the door. He hadn't changed that much. Still had chocolate brown hair just his sense of style had changed. Then came Theresa. You could tell she was happy to be here. Atlanta and Theresa had always been in touch. She knew that Theresa and Jay were going out again (they too ha been in contact.). The came Odie who hugged Herry when he saw him, but then regretted it when Herry almost hugged him to death. Atlanta laughed. The same old Odie and Herry. She liked the fact that everyone were almost like they were 7 years ago. The finally Neil arrived. Atlanta took one look at him and remembered all those times the team had teased him about him and his mirror. Arlanta then went down stairs. Ever one was in the living room nd greeted Atlanta when se came into the room. They were very much surprised when Athena came out of the kitchen to greet them, followed by Archie. Atlanta smiled at her, uhm cough, friend. He smiled back.Theresa ran up to Atlanta and hugged her. "It's so good to see you Lanie!" Therea said and took Atlanta's hand. She felt something on Atlanta's finger and looked to see a wedding ring! (Bet you didn't see that one comeing!). Theresa squieled. "We have been emailing each other for a year now and you never told me yo were married!" Everyone in the room gasped, except for, uhm cough, who already knew. "Do we know him?" Jay asked. Atlanta smiled and nodded. Everyone thought, but didn't see Atlanta and Archie smileing at each other (ha! now you know!). Theresa saw Athena smile as she left the room. But before she left, she pointed to Archie. Theresa squeled. "You and Archie! I knew you would marry one day!" And so, Archie moved to Atlanta's side. "We've been married for year now." Archie said. "And we're expecting a baby!" Atlanta siad. Everyone congradulated them and they sat down to have luch and talk about the good old days.

There, my first story! Yay me! I'm a big Atlanta/Arcie fan so I had to get them married. Plus the baby came to me while i was fifnishing the story off! But when you review and rate, please try to be nice! I will take it to heart.
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