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Movie Night!

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everyone has been saying what they have been up to over the last 7 years. They then decide to have a movie night! What movie will they watch?? I know, another stupid summery, but I don't wanna spoi...

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Ok, the story continues! Going to go ahead a bit though.
All 7 frends were chilling in the tv room. Nothing has really changed in the brownstone. They all decided to watch a movie, like in the old days. Herry, as all ways, made a big bowl of popcorn, mostly for himself. He found a bean bag and sat down on it. Odie was on his computer, talking to his boss at this big computer company. Neil, being Neil, still had his mirror with him and was admiring himself. Theresa and Jay sat next to each other on a big couch. They were talking so fast to each other that Atlanta couldn't understand what they were saying. Atlanta and Archie were sitting next to each other on the couch. Atlanta snuggled up to Archie and rested her head on his shoulder. He looked at her and smiled. She smiled back at him. She knew he was really happy about being a dad. While they were having lunch, Theresa asked how long was she. "3 months now" was Atlanta's reply. Atlanta sighed when she thought about her life with Archie. They were living in California but Archie wanted them to move to Vancouver because he wanted to live in the place where Atlanta grew up.
"Ok, who choose the movie this time?" Odie said, switching off his computer. "I have a special surprise for you." Athena said. She had a DVD case in her hand. They had no idea which movie they were going to watch untill an image flashed on the screen. It was the 7 of them on the day they graduated from high school, 7 years ago. There was Atlanta and Archie fighting about something, Theresa laughing at something Jay had said, Odie playing his video game, Herry eyeing the picnic basket that they had and Neil admiring himself in the mirror. They were all quiet. They hadn't seen a video camera! Then it moved to them at the picnic at the park. Jay and Theresa went for a walk and Thersa leaving Odie incharge of the food. Atlanta and Archie racing each other around the park, Atlanta sreaming "Come on Arch! You an do better than that!" and Archie finally catching up to her, Neil sreaming "There's bugs every where! Help, they're attacking me! EEEEEKKKKKK!!!!" and Herry trying to sneak past Odieto the food. Seeing them all together in the movie made Theresa start to cry. Jay noyiced and said, "Are yo ok?"
Theresa looke at him and smiled. "I missed you Jay."
"I missed you too." Jay said and kissed her. Then on the screen flashed moments of Archie and Atlanta together, boarding, running, doing homework together, then Jay and Theresa going to the movies and getting Odie to help them with homework, Odie playing his video games, helping evry one out when they were stuck with something (mostly homework), Herry stuffing his face with food and Neil, admiring himself, but also helping the others, sometimes. Then the movie ended and everyone was quiet, untill they heard a laugh they knew well and they had hoped never to hear it again.
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