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Cronus is back!!!

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The voice came from all aorund the room. The tv went fuzzy untill an image appears on the screen. Guess who?

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Ok, so you all guessed who's voice it was, but how did he come back? What will happen to our 7 heros?
"Muwahahaha!" the voice laughed.
The 7 friends looked around the room. "Where is the laugh coming from?" Odie said. The laughter was all around them. Then the tv went fuzzy and then a face appeared on the screen. A face they thought they would never see again.
"Hello Jay. Thought you had gotten rid of me? Well, I'm still stuck in Tartarus, but for the past 7 years I've been communicating with beats outside. In fact, one of them is on the way to visit you."
Everyone sucked in a breath. Cronus is back! "Oh, and before I go, this is not the last time you will ever see me!" Cronus said followed by an evil laugh. The image faded. Jay jumped off the couch. "We have to leave. Our weapons are at the high school. We hav to get them." Every one agreed and they rushed outside to Herry's truck, which hadn't changed that much. Just as they were racing down the streets, they heard a monster's screech. every one looked out the window to see a giant Hydra.
"We're dead." Herry said.
Cronus continued to laugh when the image of the 7 heroes faded. It was so easy. Even though he was trapped in Tartarus, he had found a way to talk to his beasts still on earth. Soon they will free him and he will destroy the heroes. "I will kill you Jay." Cronus said. "You thought I was gone for good after that battle, you were really wrong!" Cronus laughed his evil laugh again.
Herry put his foot down hard on the gas. They had nothing to help them against the Hydra. She was chasing them. Herry rounded a bend and they were at the high school. They all jumped out the car and ran inside. They ran to the janitor's closest. Luckly, jay brought along his pendant. They entered the hidden quaters of the school. They were greeted by Hera.
"I know what happened." Hera said when Jay opened his mouth to explain why they were here. Sh looked at the 7 heroes.
"It's good to see you all but you must go get you weapons." They all rushed out the room, but Hera stopped Atlanta.
"Atlanta, you must be careful when fighting." Hera said refering to the baby. "I'll be careful." Atlanta said and continued to follow the others when Hera stopped her again. "Don't get frustrated if the others tell you to wait on the side lines or start protecting you. Especially Archie." Hera then left Atlanta, alone in the room.
That's the end of chapter 3! Yay! I was goign to cut it short, but decided to add the last bit. Sorry if it's too short, I was just introducing Cronus back and his beasties! Next chapter is going to be a long one!
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