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Atlanta's choice

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Will Atlanta fight? Or will she watch on the sidelines?

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Chapter 4!! Yay! Not going to like ramble on, so here it is!


Atlanta sat down with her head in her hands. She had to think. Then the others came back. Archie had her crossbow in his hands.

"What's wrong Atlanta?" Archie asked, handing her her crossbow. "Hera says I shouldn't fight. I don't know what has gotten into her! I know it's about the baby, but Arch, you know I can handle myself!"

Atlanta looked into his eyes and saw she had just scared him. He was fine with her to fight, untill she had to bring up the subject of the baby. 'Smooth move Atlanta,' she thought.

"Atlanta, I think Hera is right. If Cronus is finding a way back to earth, they will need new chosen ones, which will be our kids." Jay said. Atlanta glared at him.

"I'm fighting guys! Just like how we used to!" Atlanta shouted. Theresa sat next to her. "Do you really think it would be worth the risk?"

Atlanta looked into Archie's eyes. She could see that he wanted her to stay behind, sit and watch at the side lines. Atlanta sighed. "I'll stay here."

Archie hugged her. "I know you want to fight, but don't worry. Maybe there will be another time." he siad and kissed her on the forehead. "Ok everyone, let's go!" Jay said and everyone left, leaving Atlanta by herself.
The 6 of them ran out the school to be greeted by Hydra, who was busy desroying the school. "We have to get it away from here!" Jay shouted. He took out his xiphos and started fighting. Archie took out his whip and cut off one of the heads.

The head grew back, along with two more. "Ok, no more cutting the heads off!" Archie said and everyone started to fight.

Back in the school..
Atlanta had found Artemis. "Atlanta! It's great to see you!" said the goddess and hugged her old pupil.

"It's good to see you too." Atlanta said huggingher back. Artemis looked at Atlanta. "Hera told me why you aren't fighting. I know how much you like to be in battle." Atlanta shrugged. "I know, while your here let's see how your archery is going!" Artemis siad and they walked off talking.

Hera was in her room talking to Zeus. "If Cronus finds away to come back, we'll have to find new heroes!" Hera said, pacing the room. Zeus sighed. "Knowing Cronus, it might take a long time. But for now we have to protect the older heroes. Their children will be the new descendents."

"That is why Atlanta must not fight! Her baby is the descendent of Atlanta (a/n: so you don't get confused, hero Atlanta, ancestor) or Achilles!" Hera shouted.

"But she mightbe the only one who can destroy Hydra!"


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