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Chapter 4 continued

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The rest of chapter 4

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Sorry I had to leave you hanging! Here's the rest of the story.


"What do you mean Zeus? They have faught Hydra before. Why do you say Atlanta is the only one who can destroy it?" Hera asked, looking puzzled.

Zeus, who had been sitting in a chair, got up and also started pacing the room. "I don't know, but I know Cronus has somehting evil up his sleeve. Hydra is more dangerous then she was before and even more powerful. I have to speak with Atlanta."

"Zeus, wait! We can't risk Atlanta getting hurt!" Hara called after him. Zues smiled. "Don't worry about her"

Zeus found Atlanta practising her archery with Artemis. "Good, I see you have improved." Artemis said. She looked behind her to see Zeus.

"Can I speak with Atlanta?" Zeus said. Artemis nodded and left the room.

Atlanta turned to face Zeus. "I know you are upset that you can't fight with your friends, ut there is a way you can help them. With your archery."

Atlanta looked at her bow. "What about it?"

"You ancestor, Atlanta, was brilliant with a bow. And you know she injured the wild boar first during the great hunt?" Atlanta nodded.

"You can use your archery to help them if things re lookng bad. Go to the roof and wait there untill the right moment." Zeus said and started to leave the room.

"But when will I know?" Atlanta asked, but she already knew the answer.

The others were having a tough time trying to defeat Hydra. "She's stronger than last time!" Herry shouted. Jay looked around. They had to get close enough to stab her in th heart. He looked up and on the roof of the school he saw a red head, with a bow in her hand, ready to fire.

When Zeus left, Artemis returned. "Take the bow, a gift from me. Now go help your friends."

Atlanta nodded and ran off to join in the fight.


Meanwhile, in Tartarus, Cronus had managed to conect himself with earth. He was still weak, but in time he will be able t transport his whole being back to earth.

He was at the scene of the fighting. He could tell the others were losing. Then he saw Jay look up. He looked in the direction of where he was looking.

He cursed under his breath. "This, is going to end badly." He said and dissappeared


There! That's the rest of the chapter! There is something special about Atlanta and her archery, that's why Cronus knows he's gonna lose! And sorry if these chapters are short! Peace out!!
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