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Saved the world.....?

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Uh, Atlanta fights! Yay! That's all I'm saying!

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Ok, I think this will be the last chapter! Now there might be some bits you might not understand, so if you want to know I'll add in a chapter to explain everything. Enjoy!


Atlanta looked at the bow in her hands. 'Why does everyone think I can destroy Hydra?' She had a feeling her friends where in trouble. Then she remembered a story about her ancestor.

Atlanta jumped up and ran out of the room. When she was back in the school, she raced up the stairs to the roof.

She looked down at the fighting. They were trying to drive Hydra away from the school. Everyone was getting tired now. Atlanta got her bow ready and aimed for Hydra's chest.

She watched as her arrow flew through the air and hit Hydra, just where she aimed. Hydra collapsed to the floor and the others threw a net over her, which shocked her if she moved.

While this was happending, Archie looked up to see a red head standing at the edge of the roof. 'I knew I coudn't keep her away from a fight.' Archie thought.

Then Zeus came out. "Hera needs to speak with you inside. Don't worry about Hydra, I'll take care of her and make sure she never bothers anyone again."

The 6 friends nodded and went back inside where they met up with Atlanta just outside of Hera's study. She ran to Archie and hugged him. "I'm glad your safe." he said.

"Told you I could fight without getting hurt." Atlanta siad as the 7 of them went inside Hera's study.

"Ah, good to see all of you survived. Now we need to speak about Cronus. I fear if he does escape Tartarus, we will have to call upon new heroes, your children. That is why you all must move back here, where we cn protect you. As shown today, he can send beasts after you."

"But can't you make sure he doesn't escape? Can't you add more security or whatever?" Jay asked.

Hera shook her head. "Where he is now, he shouldn't be able to do anything. His prison is the tighest there is. That is why sooner or later he will escape before we cn slove how he is doing this."

The 7 friends looked at each other. Cronus will never be gone from their lives and he was goign to enter the lives of their future children's aswell.

"Where do you sujust we stay?" Jay said. Her smiled. "At the brownstone, of course. Untill you get married and have children, that will be your home. But if you don't want to leave it, we can make some adjustments." Hera said and smiled at them.


Cronus paced the room that he was mnprisoned in. "Atlanta spoiled my fun, using the arrow her ancestor used to wound that hog with. No matter, I'll have them out my way soon enough!" Cronus said and it was followed by and evil laugh.


7 months later, adjustment were made at the brownstone for the new babies. Somehow, the gods managed to add in one room, next door to Atlanta's and Archie's room, for their two babies. They had twins!

They had had a son and daughter. Both had red hair like their mom, but gray eyes like their dad. Atlanta and Archie were so happy about their children.

Also, Jay and Theresa were engaged! They were getting married in a months time. Odie, Neil and Herry all had girlfriends, but they were waiting for the 'special girl.' Life was peaceful, but in a few months time, everyoen would be leaving the brownstone to live in an apartment complex on the otherside of town.

Little did they know, in 10 years time, Cronus would be back and the fate of the world would rest on two 10 year olds and five 9 year olds!


Finished my story!!! Had to leave you like that so you would read the sequel!! Review and rate! please and thank you! Peace out (that's my saying!)!
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