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5. Mikes the man

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Frank Iero
It's Official
Chapter 5

Why is Mikey almost ninety percent of the time right? I haven't been thinking since...God, since I met Carson. The first time I kissed her, I wasn't thinking. I don't think I've ever even actually sat down and thought about what was going to happen next. I wasn't concerned about anything...except Jamia finding out, of course.

I was selfish. I didn't care what happened as long as Jamia didn't know. And I was jealous. I did beat up that Danny guy she dated for a week. Yeah...Long story short. She came home with him and I was there. Finally, the short guy won...otherwise known as I convinced her I was serious. Yet, I waited another year before getting a divorce.

So, it does turn out. I'm officially the biggest dumbass ever.

Right now, the biggest question is how do I fix this? Mikey's been helping me for so long. He did so much to help me and Carson to avoid Jamia. He was our guardian. Without him, we wouldn't have lasted two months. He was very important to our relationship.

And now I've made him mad. What the hell do I do next? I can just go out and buy him a toaster...that won't help anything...I don't think...

/don't look back at me at all/

"You're actually a good dancer, Mr. Iero."

I spun her and dipped her. "I hate ballroom dancing." I held her up and then closer than I really should have for the waltz.

"Too close." She lightly started to push off but I wouldn't let her. "Frank."

"Carson." She glared and I smiled. "What? I like being close to you. Is it a crime?"

"Technically..." She stopped and let go of me. "Gerard, what do you want?"

I turned around and gave Gerard a very blank glare. "What?"

"Jamia's here."

My eyes widened. "Do what? Why? She wasn't supposed to be here. It's supposed to just be me and Carson. God damn it."

"Not my fault you're the cheating bastard," Gerard screamed.

I looked over at Carson, standing there looking aside, biting her bottom lip. "Come on, Gerard. I'll get Jamia out of here."

He glared past me as I placed my hand on his arm to move him aside. "She's at the desk. She was told the Ieros were already here."

"I already told her Carson was coming." I shoveled him up to the desk to meet Jamia. I saw Jamia, smiling barely. "Hi, sweetie. What are you doing here? I thought you had work."

"I did but I cancelled so I could come and support you."

"But I told you Carson was coming."

"Yeah, but she can't support you like I can..."

"Sweetie, this is a Headbanger's ball. The only support I need is a dance partner. And you hate dancing." I waited for her to say something but she didn't. "Carson's birthday is tomorrow, anyway. Don't you think this is a good way to start it?" I she sucked in yet?

"Okay...I'm gonna stay with Lauren and Mikey tonight, then." Ooh, sucked in.

"Okay, I'll see you tomorrow." I lead her out then looked back over to Gerard. I exhaled heavily and approached him before forcing him back against the wall. "What the hell do you have against Carson?! How dare you tell Jamia to come! You know good and well that I'm here with Carson!"

He dropped his half full martini glass. "I didn't tell Jamia to come. I just happened to notice her at the door." He pushed me off of him. "And I have nothing against Carson. I just think you need to slow down. You've been with Jamia for almost what four years? And with Carson for maybe two months, that I know of. Slow down. She's not worth seeing Jamia being hurt. Are you done?"

I grinded my teeth. "Jamia's not going to get hurt unless you tell her-"

"And I'm not. I haven't so far and I've had plenty of opportunities to tell her. And I haven't, have I?"

I looked back to Carson, sitting at our table. "I'm done."
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