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6. Mikey's rampage

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It's Official
Frank Iero

"Carson, what are you doing here?"

I fell over and curreled on the couch. "Don't tell him-"

"I told him to leave me alone." Mikey moved and crouched down infront of me. "He came and told me what happened. I'm sorry."

He pushed my hair aside. "It's not your fault. If you did anything, it was good. Plus, I knew this was gonna happen. I messed up their relationship, it's only fair she ruins mine."

"At least, you're too good for him. He doesn't desire you if he wants to hurt you like he did."

"Mikey...I...I don't wanna lose him but I can't forgive him. I don't wanna forgive him-"

"Then don't. He said he loved you but I doubt he really does. He isn't proving himself. Lately, all he's done is hurt you."

I exhaled, taking in everything he said. "What do I do?"

Mikey stood. "How many strikes against him?"

"Well-" I sat up and leaned my head back, looking to the ceiling. "Jamia, my birthday, tour-"

"Woah...what about the tour?"

I looked at him. "He didn't call me for three months. I still don't know what happened during those months. I know he was sick, but that's it."

"He didn't call you?" I shook my head. "But he called someone every night-"

"Well it wasn't me."

Mikey passed as I bit my lip. "Well..." He stopped and looked at me. "How could he...How can he treat you so badly. You're a nice person. You're beautiful. You care...I don't understand how he could be so lucky to have you, and then just push you aside...How can he do that?"

Is Mikey saying what I think he is? I shook my head. "Do you think if I-"

"No! You are staying away from him at all costs-"

"Mikey, he didn't try to kill me."

"He cheated on you!"

"Mikey, all couples have problems. We can fix..." Who am I convincing? I've already lost Frank. So, why should I try to fix everything? Nothing's going to be alright between us ever again. I shook my head and tried to pretend to listen to Mikey ramble on and on about how it was a lost cause.

"-All I'm saying is you should-"

"Divorce him..." My voice cracked and I swallowed hard. At this point, I tried to convince myself that I really did want to divorce him but I can't believe my own words. As much as I hate him...

"Alcohol...We need alcohol..." Mikey opened and slammed cabinets. "Damn it...He's sober. Why now, damn it?!" He rushed towards the door. "Carson, come on. We need alcohol."

"Mikey, I don't drink."

"Well, you're going to start now." He moved over and grabbed my hand before rushing us out.


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