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The game!

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Atlanta, Theresa, Jay and Archie are stuck in the dorm and are bored untill Theresa shows them a game she made. What will happen?

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My second story! Don't worry, I will finish the first but i had to post this one!
Atlanta and Theresa were hanging out in Theresa's room. theresa was reading a mag and Atlanta was trying to read one. She threw it against the wall in disgust.

"Hey! Careful, that's my favourite mag!"

"Sorry, I'm just so bored! Hey, let's see if any of our friends can come over!"

Theresa looked at Atlanta. "Lanie, you know everyone has gone away for the weekend." Atlanta sighed. "Let's do something with the boys then." Theresa started reading her mag again.

"Jay and Archie are the only guys here. Odie has a family thing, Neil has a photo shoot and Herry has to help his gran."

While Theresa was telling Atlanta all this, Arcie and Jay were watching tv. Well, looking for something to watch. "There is nothing on!" Archie said, trying to throw the remote against the wall but failed because Jay stopped him.

"You really don't want to do that. Athena will be sooo angry and you will be a dead man."

Archie sighed and put the remote down. "What are we going to do? There is nothing on and the other guys are out. It's just us and the girls."

"Well, then let's do something with the girls." Jay said and
headed up the stairs with Archie following behind.

When Theresa had finished her 'little speech', there was a knock at the door. "Come in!" Theresa said, not looking up from her mag untill Jay came in.

"We came to see what you girls were up to." Archie said. Atlanta smiled at him. "You guys were aso bored, weren't you?" Archie smiled back. "You could sy that."

Theresa closed her mag. "Since we're all here, let's play truth or dare, girl style!"Archie and Jay started to get worried.

Atlanta looked at Theresa suspiciously. "What do you mean?" Theresa got off her bed and opened her closest.

Jay's and Archie's jaws dropped when they saw how many outfits she had.

Theresa Took out a shoe box. She closed her closest and put the box on the floor. She opened it and took out 10 cards, a die and a notebook and pen.

"In my freetime I invented this game." Theresa said. "How does it work?" asked Atlanta. Theresa smiled at her.

"You roll the die to determine f you do truth or dare, all odd numbers being truth and even dare."

"But what is the notebook for?" Arche said.

"To keep score. When oing a dare everyone votes to say how many points the person who did the dare should get and with truth, that depends on how quickly you tell us. Since we only have 10 cards, we won't have scoring. Also, we are going to use 8 cards, each person will have 1 truth and 1 dare. Agreed?"

The others looked at each other and nodded.

"Good, let the game begin!"
Ooh, what will the outcome of this game be? Rate and review and maybe i'll tell you!! I'll only finish this story depending on how many people like this first bit!
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