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Round 1

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The game begins! What embarrassing things will happen to them? What deep, dark secrets will they unlock from each other? read to find out!

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Thanks for all the great reviews for chapter 1!!! Glad you all liked it! These dares, and some of the truths, are what we did with some of our friends (mostly what happen's to Archie in this chapter!). There's the next chapter! enjoy!

"Archie, yu're going first!" Theresa said. Archie looked surprised. "Why me?"

Thersa rolled her eyes. "'Cause your name starts with an A, duh." Archie reall didn't want to be first. "What about Atlanta? Her name also starts with an A!"

"Yeah, but my name starts wih At nd yours Ar. R comes before T, so there!" Archie stuck his tongue out at Atlanta and rolled the die. He got a 6.

"I guess it's dare then." Theresa said and picked up the top card from the dare pile. As she read the dare, a wicked grin was on her face. Now Archie was seriously scared."Archie, I dare you to put makeup on!"

Atlanta and Jay started laughing and Archie just sat there saying, "What?! You want me to do what?"

Theresa smiled at him. "Don't worry Archie, I'll do it for you." Archie gulped an looked at Atlanta and Archie rolloing on the floor, still laughing. Archie glared at them.

"Fine." Archie said and sat down on Theresa's bed, knowing Atlanta was never going to let him forget about this.

When Theresa was finished, she admired her work. "Tah-Dah!" she said and handed Archie a mirror. Archie screamed, causing every one to laugh and if Athena was there, making her think Neil was back.

Archie raced out of the room and into the bathroom. When the others had stopped their laughing fit, they continued the game. Atalnta rolled the die and it landed on 3. Atlanta picked up the card and read it out loud, "Have you ever kissed a boy?"

Atlanta went red. "Yeah, but that was Pan." Theresa looked at her friend. "Really? Only him?" Atlanta stared back. "Yes only him."

Archie came back and saw the two starring at each other. "They having a starring compertion or something?" Jay shrugged. He picked up the die and rolled a 1. Archie picked up a truth card and said, "What's your deepest darkest secret?"

Jay started to think. "Ok, got one!" Archie stared at him. "Gee Jay, how many deep, dark secrets do you have?"

"A few.Ok, here it goes, I liked Barney when I was 10!" (didn't see that coming, did ya?)

Everyone stared at him. "You made that up!" Atlanta said. "Who cares, it's my turn!" Theresa said and rolled the die, landing on 4. Jay picked up a dare card.

"You have to steal all of Neils hair and face products and hide them. Well, good luck. No one knows where he keeps that stuff."

Therea smild and left the room. 5 minutes later she returned with a bag of Neil's conditioners, shampoos and facial stuff. They all looked at her amazed.

"You surprise me sometimes." said Jay. "I know."
Hahaha! Bad ending, I know but I just had to finish like that! Ok, everything in this chapter happend to me and my friends (except Atlanta's truth, none of us know a Pan.). You know the drill, review and rate. Just so you know, negative coments towards me or my stories don't bother me, just tell me if you enjoyed it! peace out!

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