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Round 2 and a surprise!

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After Archie with the makeup, Atlanta and Jay saying their secrets and Theresa knowing where Neil's care products are, you'd think they had ahd enough? Wrong! Plus a little surprise for Neil!!

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This is the last chapter of this story! Enjoy it! Please note: this chapter will NOT turn out how you all think it will. More on that later!

"Ok, no more rollin the die. Arch, let's see what your truth is!" Theresa said and picked up a card. She read it out loud, "Do you like..." Archie was getting worried now. He knew she was goign to say Atlanta. "someone?"

Archie sighed. He owed Theresa big time. "Yeah, I do."

"Ooh! Who does Archie like?" Atlanta said. Archie smiled at her. "You aren't going to find out."

Atlanta stuck her tongue out at Archie and picked up her dare card. "Put bugs and/or fake bugs in Neil's bed." Atlanta started to smile at that. "I know just what to do." she said nd raced off. A few seconds later she was back with a bag of gummy worms.

"Sorry Herry, it's for a good cause." She said and walked into Neil's room. She had to block her nose, his room smelled of pperfume or cologne, she didn't want to know. She quickly did her task and raced back to the room.

"Done!" She said and sat back on the floor. "Good. Jay, can I have my turn now?" Theresa said, not doing any thing flirty. "Sure."

Theresa picked up her truth card. "Who do you like?" Theresa smiled at Jay and said, "Neil!"

Jay's and Archie's jaws dropped (for the second time that day) while Atlanta and Theresa were laughing their heads off.

"I don't really like Neil!" Theresa said when she had stopped laughing. "I like you Jay!"

Jay and Archie looked at each other. 'Girls,' is hat they both thought. "my turn!" Jay said and picked up his dare card.

"Kiss the girl that you like." Jay looked at Theresa and leaned forward to kiss..... Atlanta! But on the cheek.

"Sorry Lanie, I had to get her back!" Jay said and kissed Theresa on the cheek.
When Neil, Odie and Herry got home, they saw Theresa and Jay watching a movie but Theresa had fallen asleep with her head on Jay's shoulder. They could hear Atlanta and Archie upstairs arguing about something.

"Well, I'm going to get ready for my beauty sleep." Neil said and went upstairs and into his room. He opened a 'secret' compartment in his room, where he kept all his facial and hair products, to find it empty.

'That's strange,' Neil thought. 'I had just gotten those things! Calm down Neil, just use Theresa's stuff.'

When he finally finished his shower, he go into bed. 'Mental note, never borrow Theresa'a stuff again!' Neil said and felt something on his foot.

Neil got out of bed and turned on the light. He pulled back his sheets and........


Neils scream woke Theresa up and she with Jay, Atlnta and Archie burt out laughing.
The End!!
Yay! I finished my first story!!! Yay for me!!! Hope you liked the ending!! This truth dare game was not meant to pair them up, so Atlanta still has no idea how Archie feels about her, but I guess I failed 'cause I knida paired up Jay and Theresa, but ha to do it to try add more humour (if i failed, don't really care). rate and review!!! Oh, and Happy New Year (well, where i live at least!)!!!
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