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The descovery

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What will happin when the titans meet a forse so powerful it coud beat the gods. A creature so amazing it can turn mountains into volcanos. Please go easy on me this is my first time.

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ok please go easy on me this is my first story i have written and it took me a long time. Please R and R.


In the far of hot, banded island of pome-pey, an undisturbed volcano lied down in peaceful sleep. The sky was stained death black and wind howled like a cyclone. Pushing its victims into the ground.

In the center of the sleeping volcano that turned the island into a death ground, there was something else sleeping. The real menace that destroyed the island and its people.

It was in a slumbering sleep that was going to be woken up in one word...... "look" , an scientist walked around the death ground. "These repellants must be hundreds and hundreds of years old". A scientist and his team were walking along pointing out all of the corrupted building.

They will regret even saying a word.
They should have known better. But now it was to late
The beast was awake.

Slowly the Beast emerged out of the volcano, it send dry lava along with it.
"Oh, No its... It's..... A dragon".
That was the last word he said before the flaming dragon ripped off his head. Blood pored out and fingers fell on the floor half burnt.

The world was at an end.


"JAY!! have you seen my mirror??". The blond haired boy was looking around the place very lazily. "Um... Neil... it is right in front of you' jay answered walking to the kitchen. "oh" Neil said picking it up to fix his hair.

All the titans were sitting down, eating lunch. Herry bit into his salmon and pickle Burger. "how could you eat something like that" Oddie asked herry .

BEEP BEEP, BEEP BEEP jays PMR went off. "I am just going to answer it" jay said leaving the table.

two minutes later he came running back to the table. "Hera needs us right away".

"Oh, just in the middle of a good lunch" Herry sighed and followed everybody to his truck.


"Unfortunately I have bad news for you all" hera said sitting down in her chair. "A legendary volcano dragon known as the bloody has escaped from its 'supposed to be' eternal prison". "Ooo, Oooo can it cook" Neil said.

"Arrhh" Atlanta said hitting her head.

"Unfortunately no. But you must put a stop to it be for it turns great mountains into volcanoes. Its next target is Mount Kosciusko. then he going to the big one. mount Everest." hera said before leaving them to think

"If they do not succeed, the world shall be doomed" hera said to herself as she left the room.

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