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Sydney mistake

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What happins when Odddiw might have got the distances wrong. What happens when one of the team members is gone. FING OUT. R and R

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YAY, second chappie. And its new years eve. Hope everyone has a happy new year and if they can HOPE YOU WENT TO THE SYDNEY FIRE WORKS!!!. GO AUSTRAILIA. Ok back to the story.............


The 7 titans were still sitting in heras office. "How can we kill something that doesn't hurt" Archie said while he was walking up and down. "Yearh and I feel sorry for the carpet that is being trapped on" said Atlanta sarcastically.

"Come on guys, Archie has a point, How are we going to catch this thing" Theresa said in that concerned voice.

"Well were is it going to hit next" Neil said while fixing his hair in his 12 paneled mirror he got for Christmas.
Everybody stared at him. "You know, for once I think that Neil is right" Oddie said simply.

Oddie then closed his laptop. "Mount Kosciusko, Kosciusko Nation Park, New South Wales, Australia" Oddie said like it was just his name (A/N I live in N.S.W. Australia)

Herry then said "Impressive. How are we going to get there?" " NOT A BOAT!!!!!" Archie yelled almost imminently. "Fine" said oddie with a grin.

"Ok, everyone. We are taking a 5 star plane to Sydney (A/N that's were I live!)"
Oddie said in his announcing voice. "Why Sydney?" Atlanta said.
"Became it will take almost a month to get from pome-pey to Mount Kosciusko"

"And also because Sydney is one of the ONLY resting places along the way" Oddie added.

"Well lets get packed, I heard there are allot of hot girls in Sydney" Neil said walking up to his room.

5 Hours later

The titans are at the Sydney air port now. "Wow, did you see that view of the opera house. Amazing" Oddie said walking out side the airport. "As long as there are some cute babes" Neil said before tripping on a sign.

It said "WELCOME TO SYDNEY" in bold letters. "Well these Sydney people are kind" Herry said, helping Neil up. "Oh, yearh by putting big signs up for people to trip over, I call that very nice" said Neil sarcastically.

They walked up to there hotel and went up to there room on the forty-first floor. There unpacked and went into there rooms.
Atlanta walked into her room (There are 8 rooms) and then something grabbed her

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" she yelled. Everyone ran upstairs but they could not see her.

"Um... I could be wrong about the distance thing" oddie said looking at the blood stained floor.
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