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Tears of the flame

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What will happin to atlanta? what will happin when she is in the den of the dragon. AND IT MY BIRTH DAY ON THE 10th OF JANUARY!

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Atlanta was tied up tightly to make shore all escape is impossible. She was tied up in the strong jaws of Bloody. "Why are you doing this?!!" she cried as she was moving through the air.

There was no response besides a quick wosh of fire shat just missed he stomach. "I think that means be quit" she said while the Dragon tightens his grip.

He was black with red spikes all down his back. His arm was covered with evil tattoos and he had a scar across his stomach. He had two yellow horns at the back of his head and his wings were huge and cut.

Soon she saw the entrance to a cave against a mountain. Strangely it was covered with snow and it seamed like the biggest mountain she had ever seen. And she has seen A LOT.

She lost contraction on the mountain and started to look at the cave that was becoming bigger and bigger every minute. Soon she found her self being dropped out of Bloody's moth and started to be chained on the wall.

"Why am I here, what are you doing?" Atlanta said trying to reeve an answer from the scaly beast. Yet again she was replied with fire. But this time t was such a huge gush he mad a huge gash in the side of her stomach. "ahh" she yelled as loads of blood spilt out of her side.

Every bit of blood that leaked out of her burnt side felt like one hundred.
"Stop" She yelled without thinking. The dragon turned its spiked head towards Atlanta.
Bloody walked over to her till she could feel the dragon's harsh breath.

"Why don't you stop" Bloody said. Atlanta was shocked how cold and sad his voice was. He sounded like a teen that was lost in the middle of the forest with no food or family.

"I am going to make this mountain into a huge volcano. Mount Kosciusko will be no more. But instead there will be Kosciusko, the volcano, and I don't want your people with you to get in my way, so I say that you should keep your mouth shut"

Atlanta got all her senses and yelled out to bloody. "WHY SHOULD I!!!!!!!!!". With her saying that bloody answered in a even colder, harsher voice "Because then your purple-haired friend shall be riding a train to death"

"No, please don't, He is my best friend" Atlanta said put her head forward. Bloody just said "Give me a good reson, why I can't kill him, WHY I CANT KILL ALL OF THEM!!"

Atlanta stood up tall

"You can't kill him, He is my best friend. He was always there for me. He likes basely everything I like. He has never been mean to me. And guess what... I LOVE HIM" Atlanta yelled out "I may not have bunches of friends but I have them. And that's all I need. I don't need any other friends, cuz they are the best friends you can get"

"My parents miss me as I miss them. And if I do die I would die with both of them. My friends and my family'

Atlanta closed her eyes as Bloody raised his jaws and fire started to light up his throat.
"I never knew, I never knew" bloody said blowing fire at her. She prayed in her head and then... Nothing.

The only thing she felt was the ropes sliding off her hands. "I never had any friends" Bloody said in a low, soft voice. Atlanta looked as she saw a tear forming in his eye.

Atlanta walked up to him, slowly; she rubbed him on the head. BUT SHE DIDN'T GET BURNT. "Seams like kind fire never burns" she thought to herself.

"Well, now you do" Atlanta said to him. "Really" he said putting his head up.

"Any day, it would be cool having a dragon as a pet". Bloody's voice suddenly changed into a strong, tough growling type voice "Great" he said before roaring.


The six tans were panicking at home. "Were do you think she might be" Archie asked jay as the others looked around the house. "I don't know" Jay angered.

"Maybe if we could go outside we might be able find out if she is just taking a walk" Archie said to jay I a cross way. "If we go outside that dragon might bite are heads off like she probably did to Atlanta" Neil said simply.
Then a loud roar was heard (It was heard all over the world) suddenly every one look at the window (Neil was sitting in front of it)

Everyone stared. "What was it something I said?"

LONGEST YET!! YAY. I will continue tomorrow or something. It's my birthday on the 10th and I am turning 10. I can't write from the 5th till the 14th cuz I will be up at foster with no computer
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