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Chapter 2: L'admettre, nous sommes tout stupide.

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Admit it, we're all stupid: Pete and Brend talking...Ummm...Short because I want to move on to the next Chapter. Rating would be nice. Review as well...And a banner...?

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With a Nicht to love
Ryan Ross
Panic! At The Disco
Disclaimer: I don't own anyone but Connor. Her views are strickly for the most part mine and do not present everyone...blah, blah blah. Oh and I have to admit this: I actually like Jac. She's a sweet Kid.
Chapter 2: L'admettre, nous sommes tout stupide.

"Alright, Pete, tell me why you had me leave. I know you don't really need my help." I closed the door, rather loudly I must say to just show how mad I was. I wans't really mad mad I was just pissed. "You called me and took me away from the interview-"

"I figured they would need to talk. Sue me."

I raised my eyebrow and looked around. No sign of Spence or Jon. That's kinda...suspicous. "Where is everyone?"

"Out, I know I have to explain. Don't worry." He rolled his eyes and sat back into the chair, propping his feet up on the system desk. "Jac called Conn this morning crying-"

Shock. "They're friends?!" Or better yet, Jac has friends?!

"Yes, Conn talked to her for like two hours. I figured that Ryan would need to talk to her about Jac. So, I made you all leave."

"Pete, I really don't think that's a good idea-"

He leaned forward and rubbed his face. "Why not?"

"I think it's too early-"

"He likes her, does it matter?"

I nodded. He had a point. Ryan had completely blown everyone off once he saw her. He's just so easily swayed. "I noticed too. I don't think he's gonna go for it though."

"Oh, what did you say?"

I laughed nerviously and rubbed my neck, which just recieved an awfully evil glare. "I said girls were a waste more or less."


"Yeah, I know. Don't play with the little emo kids..." I rolled my eyes. How I hated that word. 'Emo'. It sends chills up my spine. "Why did you bring her? Did you know this was gonna happen?"

"Not exactly. I just wanted to get her away."

"Get her away? Explain..." I chimed as I finally sat down on the pleather red couch.

"It's nothing."


"Fine," he bounced in the seat defeaten. "She's a nice kid. I thought she'd like to get out and see places. I mean, I met her a few months ago. I saw her modeling with Audrey." Cringe. Evil person. Hah. "That night she went to the show and we talked. She didn't even want to talk to me. That's when she told me she hated me for being a 'perverted narisstic pig'. I just laughed at her. She didn't live too far away from the hotel. We were playing in a small town so it really wasn't a big deal. Patrick and I walked her home. Her parents went off. Upon seeing us, they pretty much made up their mind. Before you know it she was on a plane with us. I convinced her I could get a job for her with Fueled By Ramen. They loved her. Wanted her to stay around for awhile but she didn't want to. So, I made her come with me everywhere. I did the right thing bringing her...but I really don't know."

"Who else is she friends with?"

"Just about everyone. I mean, just wait. Spend half an hour with her and you'll be in love. She's insane."

"You didn't bring her just for Ryan, did you?"

"Not exactly..." He lowered his voice and looked to the ceiling. This means, he's up to something. He only does that when something's going to be happening. Sneaky sneaky.

"Who'd you bring her for?"

"Me," he muttered. I shook my head. Of course, it is only Pete. It's only the 'I was straightedge for a day' Pete. Tsk Tsk Petey. "I figured you would want something to do-"

"Not happening."

He brought his head down and grinned. "Yeah? Maybe I should make a mention of why I'm not dating her-"

"I figured you would just fuck her a few times-"

"She won't date a rockstar. It's against her beliefs." Sadness actually plauged those two simple sentences. And I somehow actually felt bad for him. He couldn't get laid, what a pity.

I shook my head and patted my legs with my hands. "Too bad for you-"

"Too bad for Ryan. It'll probably crush him and then he'll find out about Jac, then he'll think of." He stopped and looked up at me. "You don't think it'd kill him, do you?"

"What do you mean?"

"How fragile is he?"



"Sheet glass." I winced slightly realizing where this was going. Ryan never really was a strong person, emotionally or physically. Broken homes create broken kids. It's just that simple. "I don't think he would. I don't think he'd take it that personally."

"It would be about his now ex and never possible girlfriend."

I laughed slightly, then hit myself. "Listen, I think the worst that would happen is he'd become gay...But he's really not interested in that in the least. He won't even let me or the guys give him a friendly kiss-"

"If I remember correctly, he will kiss you, though-"

"He's not gonna become gay. It wouldn't be like him. He won't do it. I can almost promise you that."

"I'd hope so." He smiled and got up. "So, now let's go to the party. It'll just be the four of us tonight."

I lowered and raised my eyebrows. "Why?"

"She hates parties and I know that Ryan won't go. So, it'll just be us four. Duh."
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