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Chapter 3: Lei me fa vuole imbavagliare a volte.

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Sometimes you make me want to gag: Ryan wakes up in a peachy condition...Okay, maybe Pete ruined it for him...Maybe... Review to get more, please....

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With a Nicht to love
Ryan Ross
Panic! At The Disco
Disclaimer: I don't own anyone but Connor. Her views are strickly for the most part mine and do not present everyone...blah, blah blah. And I acutally do like Jac. She's nice. Don't bash.
A/N: I'm gonna explain something right now. The last Ryan chapter I posed a serious question/statement. In an agruement you never will know or understand BOTH sides of a story. In this case there's the Ryan loved Jac but she used him vs the Jac loved Ryan but he used her. Which is right? Well, here's something that I'm sure not everyone knows. Before Ryan ever came around, Jac already was popular. She already had her claim to fame. He just happened to come along. Alrighty?? Alright. And don't freaking spam my reviews with shitty messages about how I'm not right. I'm simply making a statement. The end.
Chapter 3: Lei me fa vuole imbavagliare a volte.

Just waking up next to her, would have been fine. But waking up only because something was not exactly right, was not. I woke up with one arm being used as her pillow and another around her hips. This alone was perfect but of course things always get worse. Alot worse. I woke up because someone was feeling up my butt. And I knew it wasn't her. She was faced the other way and I'm kinda sure I would have seen her arm over me. And it wasn't there. Pain shot up my spine as someone forcefully pinched my rear. I quickly turned and looked at him. "What the hell was that for?!"

"Get over it. And why are you in our bed?"

I lowered my eyes at Pete. "Because I am-"

"I'm surprised you didn't piss her off already."

"Would you two shut up, I am still trying to get some sleep." With that, Connor pushed me back into the position I was before. I didn't moved until Pete made me. And he made me by tickling her until she fell off the bed. "Pete, I hate you!"

"No, you don't." He walked over her and started out of the room before stalling. "You know you do have a show at eight."

I turned my head while helping her up. "So?"

"You have twenty minutes. Better get ready."

I walked to the couch and retrieved my SideKick. Sadly, Petey was right. And worse off, I had 27 missed calls and 38 text messges. Of course. "I wish this thing would have RANG!" I slid it back in and put my jacket on. "Are you coming?"

"I'll go with Pete later. I have things I've got to do."

"Then I'll see you later," I leaned, about to kiss her for remembering something: she didn't really really like me, "Tonight we are going to the party."


"We'll have fun, don't worry. I'm gonna be late. See you." I walked out of the hotel and down stairs, found a cab, and went to the venue. I looked at maybe 3 messages, all wondering where I was. Alot them were actually from the night before. Brendon claiming the bed was cold and that he'd warm it up before long. Random things like that. I got to the venue like five mintues before show time.

"Where the fuck have you been?!" Brendon yelled as I walked down the hall to makeup.

"I just woke up. Pete turned off the alarm on my phone and-"

"You were with Pete?! Why?!" In the mirror I saw him bite his lip the sway back and forth. "It's because of Connor, right?"

I glanced up then went back to doing my makeup. "No, she hates me."


"She's Jac's best friend." I quit my makeup half way and shoved past him.


"We have a show to do. End of discussion." I walked right on stage and then had to wait for Brendon to make his entrance, angry entrance. He looked at me and sneared. Probably only because I walked off, but I was late. I have a reason [besides not wanting to talk]. Once the performance was done, there was like ten minutes of rest [avoiding Brendon] then two hours of signings. Two boring and long hours.

"You know you have to tell me," Brendon leaned in while faking a smile at a girl after signing her CD.

"No, I don't." I smiled and passed the next one to him before nodding and signing again, faking yet another smile. "It's my business."

"I already know she's friends with Jac and Audrey. I know about all that already-"


"Pete. He told me everything. Things you don't know, I do. You really should talk to Pete more."

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me."

"Brendon, you really should't be-" That's when I stopped having a force push me forward.

"Hey, kids, did I sense a little tension on stage?" Pete pulled a chair in between us and started adding to the line. "What's up since last night, Bear? And this morning, Ryro?"


"He won't admit that he is either in love with Connor or in love with Jac. He blew me off."

I glared. "Well, he won't admit that he shouldn't be talking about people behind their backs."

"Well, he shouldn't be getting all worked up about me already knowing about Jac."

"Well, he-"

Pete covered both of our mouths. "Okay, kids, that is enough. I'll be forced to take her home if you two keep fighting about her. Plus," he pulled his hands away, "you both lost." He put on his smile. "Hi, hun, like the show?" The teen twitched, too caught up that Pete Wentz [big deal] was actually talking to her.

"Yeah, right. It's not like I liked her anyway." I brushed the thought off of my head quickly of the two doing...things.

"If you don't admit it, it'll only hurt later." Pete leaned in and whispered in my ear, "And you already know her. She doesn't date rockstars. You just got caught."

"So, hey, Pete, why was Ryan in your bed this morning? Was he begging for you to fuck him?"

I choked at Brendon's very insulting comment. "Excuse me?! You're the one in fucking love with him. Don't pin your sick fantasies on me."

"Brendon, I don't know why he was in my bed. I didn't even know he was until I pinched his ass."

"Um, yeah, GAY!" Pete hit Brendon pretty hard, it made a sound, more like a bang. "Sorry."

"You better be. Meanwhile, Connor's still waiting for that interview...and possibly a kiss."

I rolled my eyes. A kiss? From who? Brendon? Me? Petey? "It's not me."

"It's between you two, as always. She'll be waiting in the lobby at the hotel-"

"She's not here?"

"Nope, she said she had things to do. And can I ask why you backed away?"

"Backed away?"

"You wanted to kiss her, why didn't you? You tried to make it just so causal."

"Pete, I was not trying to kiss her."

"Then why did you ask her out?"

I felt the life being sucked out of me. "I didn't."

"Then why is she going to be at the party tonight...with you?"

"Ok, I asked-told her that I was going to take her to the party. I didn't ask her out...just told her."

"You are just so causal, Ryan. I can't wait till you see those pictures." He got up, messed up my hair and walked off. I glared at him, offically not paying attention at what was going on. What exactly could he mean by those pictures? What ever he meant, it didn't sound to fancy.


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