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Peter- Irreplaceable?

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For Aiden. I am making art for the story. So if you want some, just contact me.

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Joke me something awful just like kisses on the necks of best friends
We're the kids who feel like...


"We're just dead ends Pete,"

Her voice rang throughout my mind as I stirred awake. My eyes were still heavy as I observed where I was. Still placed in the backseat of my car, I looked out the window to see my front yard.

I sighed and dropped my eyes to find the pillowcase completely damp with tears, blackened with eyeliner and mascara. My legs carried me out of the car and up the pathway and into my house.

"I'm disappointed Pete," I heard immediately.


"Poor thing cried herself to sleep on the couch with Hemmingway,"

My heart contracted and I glanced over to see my mom standing in the hall in front of the stairs. My eyes fell again. I ignored her and managed to slip by her, carrying my body up the stairs and into my room.

I was being haunted.

There she was, lying on my bed, her arms curled around an extra pillow as she slept in an old Arma t-shirt, her dress thrown carelessly on the ground. Maybe she really didn't care anymore. Maybe she was as fed up as I was.

I closed the door, my fingers working to lock it as well. I loosened my tie until I could tear it off my body, throwing it away into another pile of junk. My shoes went as well as she rolled over onto her side, a tired moan escaping her lips.

Call me stupid for climbing on the bed with her, but I didn't care. If she was planning on leaving anytime soon I was going to take up this opportunity of being close to our baby.

I shimmied out of my jeans and kicked them off the side, tearing off my damned dress shirt before resting my arm around her waist, my forehead near hers as she moved her arms slowly, placing them in front of her.

"Pete," I widened my eyes as she kept her eyes closed, her hands meeting my chest. "Go away," she mumbled. I lightly smirked before shaking my head into the pillow.

"Not now," I whispered. She opened her eyes.

"Stop it," she demanded and I frowned slightly.

"I just want to stay here," I whispered. Evie sighed, closing her eyes tight for a minute.

"Damnit Pete," My hand met her cheek and I smiled as her eyes opened again.

"What?" I asked. She bit her lip.

"Why are you doing this?" she whispered.

I eyed her lips with no answer, bringing her to me as our lips met. I was terrified that she was going to have no response, just to push me away. Instead I found her melting against me, her hands moving from holding my chest away and down to my non-existent hips.

I moved my hands to her stomach, my hands always greeted by warmth. For six months she wasn't that big, I'll tell you that much. My hands moved lower towards the bottom of the t-shirt, Evie moving her knees up slightly as my hands came in contact with the flesh of her tummy.

"I can't believe there is only two more months until little baby shows himself," I muttered.

Evie seemed to be hiding something, her eyes flashing with a slight regret. I bit my lip for a moment before her hands moved up my chest again, her fingers lightly tracing over the tattoos on my arms.

"I'm so scared, Pete," she whispered, her eyes glassy with a fresh blanket of tears. I kissed her again, her eyes closing as they started to fall silently.

"Please don't be," I mumbled against them, rubbing my hands over her stomach under the shirt.

"Pete," she called again and I eyed her as she rested her hands on my shoulders.

"What?" I asked. She looked away for a moment, biting her lip before she hugged me tightly to herself, snuggling her face into my chest.

"Ev," I started. She shook her head.

"I...I want you to be with me Pete," she paused. "In all the senses you wanted," I looked down at her mess of black hair.

"You mean," I gulped, finding my heart rapidly beating against my chest.

If Evie kept her head there any longer she'd feel it too. Her cheeks flared with embarrassment as she looked up, her eyes glossy again with slight fear.

"Make love to me," she whispered and lightly moved her legs to intertwine them with mine.

So this is how it felt.

To know everything might be going according to plan.

To know that every little ounce of effort I put into my love for this woman last night worked.

I had her in my arms, lifting her up and into my lap as I sat up, my hands busy with pushing her hair back and holding her face in my hands as we slowly frenched, her light moans echoing in my ears. My heart was swelling with overly endowed happiness of this entire situation, kicking at my rib cage and begging for release.

With my eyes closed, I felt them roll into the back of my skull, amazed by how quickly I had her back in my arms. My hands drifted down to the hem of the t-shirt, slowly bringing it up until her arms stretched above her and it landed on the ground with a quiet plop.

Evie bit her lip briefly, moving her arms around my shoulders to bring me closer again, my lips missing her lips and resting on the crook of her neck, kissing the flesh were neck meets shoulder. I shuddered obviously as her hands met the waist band of my boxer briefs, my abdomen contracting with over-whelming feelings.

For god's sake, this woman still seemed to have this ora.

Close to seven months and look what I get, Evie. She took me in her hands briefly before pulling the cloth down bravely, her breath shuttering as I copied with her lacey panties.

"God," she breathed and turned completely jello-like against my form, her legs sprouting Goosebumps as I gently brought her over me, my hands running down her thighs.

"Ev," She closed her eyes tightly as I brought her down, my own breath hitching high up in my throat at the sensation.

I sat up with her again, our arms tangled around each other as our hips moved in time, my heart so close to round-house kicking it's way out of my chest. I moved a hand down to her stomach again, Evie slightly gasping at how I was acting.

"Baby," I mumbled into her shoulder.

It seemed to me to last forever, but the good kind of forever and it didn't even faze me that we had made love until her head was on my chest, breathing heavily next to me on the small bed. I closed my eyes, my chest heaving with the feeling.

"I love you," I voiced, finding my words laced with tiredness and breathless.

I got no response, but I didn't need it uttered back.

If anything, this proved everything.

My hands curled around the comforter and I pulled it high on her back, it curling under her arms as she hugged my torso.


It works in mysterious ways.



White walls.

Slow motion.

I lazily opened my eyes to find myself behind some sort of glass wall, my vision showing me a scene I wasn't sure I should be seeing at the moment.

Two months too short, I'd say.

Before me lay Evie, though she wasn't alone. Bobby sat in the chair next to her, and low and behold in his arms, little baby...

"Little Jr."


No way did she name it after me.

Evie's smile grew as she ran her fingers through her baby's hair. The wall disappeared and I ran over to observe the baby.

Black hair?

We both don't have natural black hair.

Evie began to speak.

"Baby Scott," she whispered.

I was going to throw up my heart in a moment.

I stood up again and observed as the two shared a kiss.

"No," I whispered.

Bobby stroked the side of her face.

"Where do you think you'd be, Ev?" her eyes glistened.

"You mean if I left Arizona?" she sighed. "I'm glad my dad called me when he did, I was on my way to Chicago," My eyes and head fell.

"I probably wouldn't have this," Bobby whispered.

A ring.

On her finger.

I ventured further away from the room to find myself in front of a coffee shop.

I walked in.


She stood there at the end of the counter, behind it, just sitting there, her eyes not really paying attention to her Chemistry homework.

At the other end, not too far away stood what looked like Joe, and Patrick, talking away. It didn't look like Patrick was too shy about anything.

There was another girl there too.

"Hey Anna," Patrick spoke.

I noticed Izzy's eyes start to glaze over with fresh tears as they slowly kissed, lightly frenching until Joe cut in with a rather rude joke.

"You might want to stop, little Miss Brittan over there might start crying like last time,"

My heart fell and I stepped over to Izzy, attempting at whipping her tears away. Her breath itched and she through her apron on the floor.

"Fuck you," she shouted and ran out of the shop.

The three weren't even fazed.

My feet seemed to take me to Andy's apartment.

I didn't like what I saw.

And I don't think it was sugar lining the mirror pieces, all lined perfectly with a razor off to the side. My mind ran off and remembered that this all stopped when Andy met Evie, thinking life for the better.

I bet if I ventured even further into the apartment I'd find something I wouldn't like.

I blinked softly and observed my surroundings.

I already didn't like this.

Fallen leaves scattered the ground in dark hues of orange and brown, the grass dead with the haunting kiss of winter. My translucent feet walked over them with out any disturbance. I found myself subconsciously walking towards the top of a small hill.

The gray, roundly shaped stone popped out of the ground and I lost all conscious as I fell forward on top of it.

My grave.

So it was true.

Without her, I would die.


I sat up straight in my bed, finding fresh tears already blanketing my face. My chest was heaving with rushed breathing, terrified of what my mind could reproduce.

I blinked hard before realizing something.

Re-opening my eyes, I thrashed my head back and forth across my room, glancing over at the other twin bed to find it made. My eyes then trailed down to where my clothes were neatly folded on the ground next to the bed.

I threw my bare legs over the edge of the bed and slipped on my boxers before eyeing the small paper that had been ripped out of a sketch book. I reached for it, on my nightstand and frowned as I recognized the script.

I'm sorry

My heart sped up and I felt more anger spreading than sadness or regret. I stood up and clutched the note in my hand before running all the way down stairs until I ran into my mom.

"Why?" I cried. She consoled me as my anger turned into tears. "Why'd you let her go..." I began to slip from her arms and fell to the floor, curling up into an emotional wreck of a fetal position.

"Peter," I shook my head into my knees.

"It's because I'm not ready, right?" I shouted and felt my chest heave with over-whelming fear. "It's because I'm not supposed to be a father,"

"Patrick picked her up a few hours ago, Peter," I hiccupped again. "She talked to me," I tilted my head up and looked up at my mom's regretful expression.

"Wha?" I breathed. She placed a hand on my shoulder.

"It was her decision," she whispered. "She feels it's not the right thing for the baby,"

I don't think it was any more possible for my heart to fall, but it did- right into the acidy pits of my stomach.

"She's not coming back, Peter,"

My eyes closed and I let my head hang in defeat.


My hand was poised over the piece of paper as I observed the entire song. I still hadn't gotten that last lyric.

We're the kids who feel like...

What did I feel like right now?

What was my heart experiencing?


I already mentioned that.


Too Cliché.

I glanced over at the note Evie left me.

I'm sorry

I always seemed to forgive her.

I was just one giant dead...

"Dead ends," I whispered.
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