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A Virus Infected Brigadier(V.I.B) has activated a button Oslo claims appeared out of nowhere. Where'd the button come from? That's a different story.

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The year is 2251 and the Earth has shattered into... oh whatever, you know it. Let's see what's going on at the Monolith, shall we?

"YOU!" Diwan turns around and looks at the Brigadier.

"/yes/?" The Brigadier replies. This Brigadier is infected by a virus that makes it go crazy.

"Follow me." Diwan faces forward and starts walking to the main room, the Brigadier following.

Diwan walks in and looks up at Oslo. "Commander Oslo, this Brigadier suffers from a virus..."

Oslo turns around and looks where it was standing. "where?"

Diwan turns around and flinches. "It was here," she impies. "I guess it wondered off."

"OOOOO! What does this button doooo?" says V.I.B like alittle girl.

Oslo stares at it, baffled by it's curiosity. "Throw it over board if it's to act like that," he says.

"Yes, Commander." Diwan turns around and starts walking tward V.I.B, but it runs off like a stray cat. Diwan chases it in circles.

Suddenly Oslo is shoved out of his seat and the Brigadier sits where he was.
"LOOK AT ME!" The Brig yelps with joy. "I'M OSSY! FEAR MEE!"

Oslo shoots him out of the chair and stands up only to find himself back on the ground when Diwan failed to stop in time.

"GET OFF OF ME!" Oslo shouts.

Diwan gets up, "Sorry."

"Get that peice of scrap metal out of here before he causes more trouble!" Oslo demands. He pauses for a moment and yells, "DON'T PUSH THAT BUTTON!"

Oslo and Diwan runs over and smacks the Brig.

"What does that button do?" Diwan asks.

"uhhh... I don't know," Oslo replies.

"Then why have it when you don't know what it does?"

"Believe me or not, flash in this corner, and there it is..."

"Wow, you're crazy."

Oslo smacks his forhead, "Still, best not to find out what it d- DON'T TOUCH IT!"
V.I.B pushed the button.

From the top of the Monolith, a hug flash jets out and travels across Skyland.
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