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Chapter 2

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The button is activated and the effect is awkward. This introduces the effects and the reson why Fur will fly.

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"Mahad," Lena looks at her brother, "What's that?" Lena points to the distance at a dark grey stick like figure falling fast to a far off block.

"Eh?" Mahad slows the Hyperion alittle to shift his head to see the falling odject. "Might be the Monolith."

"You mean Oslo's ship?"

"Yeah. Hey, what's that?" The flash from the Monolith flows over the Saint Nazaire and soon the Hyperion.

"MAHAD! LENA!" Cortes yells into the indercome. "GET BACK ON THE NAZAIRE!"

Mahad quickly turns the Hyperion around and lands it on the Nazaire.

Cortes looks at his paw. "Dahlia, quick! Land the Saint Nazaire on the block over there!"

The Nazaire starts to gain speed and eventually lands on the block. Everyone walks out and looks at each other. They are all animals.

"Oh... my gosh..." Cheng stares with a gaping mouth. Cheng is a monkey.

"What is it?" Mahad, now a dog, looks up and gasps. "The Monolith."

"Hey, a kitty!" Lena, now a bunny, moves her head tward a little white cat with a black stripe down it's back and tail; Oslo.

"Well, how ironic..." Oslo says to himself.

"That's Oslo," says Cortes, now a mini Kangaroo, "I just know it..."

"Well, Mahad's a dog. Do the math," Dahlia responds. She's a racoon(last minute pick, sorry).

"You like that don't yah?" Mahad says, grinning.

Oslo turns around and starts running. Mahad chases.

"MAHAD! WAIT!" Lena yells. Mahad ignores.

Oslo jumps on a tree and climbs. "Well, that's just great."

Mahad sees Diwan, also a cat but black and white. "BARK!" Suddenly Mahad is smacked about three feet away.

"I may be a cat," Diwan says aloud, "But I can still use my powers."

"Until the sun goes down..." Oslo replies, "Then I take over."

V.I.B skips by, not effected by the flash.
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