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Chapter 3

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Oslo leaps from the tree and chases the Robot.

"OH NO, A BRIGADIER!" Lena yelps as the VIB runs tward them.

"Got it," Cortes leaps out infront of it's path and stands on his powerful tail, pulls his legs back and when it's close enough, he kicks it.

"BUNZAI!" The VIB lands on Oslo.

"To bad that didn't kill me..." Oslo murmers from under the robot.

"Cortes was right," Cheng says, examining the black cat "Their Oslo and Diwan."

"We kinda guessed that already," Mahad replies.

Oslo crawls out from under the VIB and shakes his fur out. "Oh great," he groans. "As though this day couldn't get any worse..."

Mahad barks and it makes Oslo jump. He hisses and attackes Mahad. Soon Mahad, Oslo, Diwan, Dahlia and Lena are fighting.

"EVERYONE, STOP!" Cortes leans in and picks up the two spher kitties. "Can't you see this isn't doing up no good?"

"UNHAND ME, VIAL WALLABY!" Shouts Oslo, clawing mid-air. Cortes lets go of him and he lands on his back. "thanks..."

"Oslo's a cat and he can't land on his feet," laughs Mahad. Oslo hisses and Mahad smacks him in return.

"This is very awkward." Cheng states while looking inside the head of the Brigadier.

"Find anything?" Cortes asks, keeping his foot on Oslo's tail so he doesn't attack Mahad again.

"I am humilated," utters Oslo while Mahad stands a foot away, laughing.

Eventually Cheng returns with the button. "I reversed it's effect," he says while handing the button to Cortes. "And also, Wayan's a bear."

Wayan waves from the cockpit.

Cortes grips Oslo by the scruff of his neck and gives Diwan and Oslo to the V.I.B. "That these and run."

"KITTIES!" The insane robot prances away. It's arms are clawed at by the hissy-fit kittens.

"Why'd you do that?" Asks Lena, twitching her nose.

"Because," Cortes turns tward Lena. "If this button DOES work, we want to keep our distance from the Sphere."

"Good point."

Soo, they hit the button and everyone turns back into humans. The Pirates leave in a hurry and the Monolith leaves later after.
Hey, what's falling off the block?.... oh, it's the V.I.B. Bye, VIB!

The End
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