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Meeting our new house

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After leaving home with his heart completely broken, Pierre finds out that he's not the only one who's feeling regret.

Category: Simple Plan - Rating: G - Genres: Drama - Characters: Chuck Comeau, David Desrosiers, Jeff Stinco, Pierre Bouvier, Sebastien Lefebvre - Published: 2007-01-02 - Updated: 2007-01-02 - 1696 words

7 o'clock a.m., I was walking in the airport to meet with the guys. I was expecting to see the figure of 4 extremely happy guys in the best mood they've ever been at, laughing and smiling at everything. I was expecting them to be acting like they thought they had just reached the top of the world. I was expecting to see anything and I thought that I was ready for what I was about to see, but I wasn't. What I've seen was completely different from anything that I could ever imagine I would. I saw the figure of 4 guys extremely devastated and as beat up as I was and all of them seemed to have cried a lot, even though neither of them had one single tear on the face.

"Hey guys, what's the matter?" I questioned worried
"Nothing, we're just fine." Said Chuck faking a smile and putting a happy tone on his voice "Actually, we're living the best day of our lives!"
"No, you're not. I won't bite that. What's the matter?" I asked them once again
"It's just that..." Seb started answering putting his head up to look at my face "well, you'll think we're acting childish but...but we're feeling kind of regret about leaving our families."
"Why would I think it's childish if I'm feeling the exactly same way?"
"You are?" asked David really amazed as I just nodded as answer "Well, this is a real surprise. The 5 of us don't wanna go."
"Yeah, but...but even thought we don't, there's no other option." Said Jeff visibly wanting to let it pretty clear that no, we wouldn't give up no matter what, he wouldn't let us do it
"Guess we all know that, Jeff. This is why we're all here." I stated the obvious
"Yeah, but...we're still in time to give up, aren't we?" Asked Seb as I completely understood that I was the only one who heard Jeff's comment without any innocence
"Yes, we are, but we won't." said Jeff confirming what I thought he was all about in that moment "No turning back or regrets now, guys."
"What's the matter with you, Jeff? These last couple of days all you've been caring about is the band Simple Plan. When are you going back on caring about the members of the band as human beings again and not only as musicians?" I asked him
"I care about you guys, Pierre." He yelled "I never stopped caring!"
"Is that the reason why the manager of our band is a guy who promised to kill me?"
"Are we going back to this subject again?"
"...No." I replied after a sigh "You changed."
"What do you mean?"
"Nothing. Just that."

The rest of that half hour was pretty quiet. We stopped talking ever since that little argument I had with Jeff. Second time just in that week. Each one of us decided to be alone with our thoughts for a bit, so we would have sometime to say goodbye to Montreal before leaving it and becoming each other's only family. I know pretty well that all that Jeff was thinking about in that half hour was about what I said `cause that was the same thing I was thinking about. Maybe I was just overreacting. I was leaving people I cared about and I ended up throwing it all on Jeff. I didn't even know if I was really mad at him and if I really meant what I said, I just know that this was the thing that didn't want to leave my mind that entire half hour. Well, but faster than it seemed, the half hour was over and we heard the announcer's voice telling everyone in the airport that the first flight to Toronto in that morning was about to leave.

Hearing that, we all left our sits still not talking to each other and headed to the area of the airplanes. I swear that never in my life I felt as much of pain as in the moment that I took my sit and looked back to the place that used to be my home throw the window. Once again, I was leaving home, I was leaving the girl that I loved and, for the first time ever, I was leaving my family. I had never in my life been without my mom and my brothers for longer than a one or two weeks of travel, how was it going to be like when we start touring and leave home for years? I think that, when my brothers reach my age, they won't even remember me. If my band becomes successful, I guess they'll look at the television and say: "look mom, the lead singer of that band has our last name. Is he our cousin or something like that?" Just at that thought, I could feel my eyes filling in with tears and I was just about to stand up and leave that airplane, but that was when I felt it started flying and I just decided to try not to think about that anymore. Anyway, I didn't see much of the travel as long as I felt asleep soon judging by the fact that I spent the last night awake. Don't know how long time after that, I felt a hand touching my shoulder and someone shaking me gently.

"Hey, Pierre, wake up. We're already in Toronto" I heard Chuck's voice calling me
"Thanks, let's go." I said rubbing my eyes and joining them to leave

As soon as we were in the airport, we went outside to look for a taxi but, asides that, we find the last person I wanted to, Adam.

"Hey, guys. Right in time, huh?" he greeted us "I came here to give you a ride to the studio. Just get in my car."
"Are you sure you're not going to jump from a pit with this car or that there is no bomb in there?" I asked him
"Pierre, when are you going to start trusting me?"
"When are we going to hire the bodyguards?"
"As soon as we leave on your tour"
"Use that as the answer to your question too.
"Just get in the car, okay? It's cheaper than call a taxi, believe me." He commented sarcastically as I just smiled sarcastically as well as an answer and got in the car together with the others

In less than 30 minutes, we arrived to that house that was twice the size of mine. As soon as we opened the door, we saw a huge living room with 2 huge sofas in front of a huge television connected with 3 videogames and a DVD. In the other side of the room, we could see 5 computers. Five new computers, as they had never been used before. In the middle of it, we could see the stairs that connected the first floor of the house to our bedrooms. Not even asking Adam if we could do that, we rushed upstairs to see those 5 bedrooms. Each one of them looked the same as the other one, but they were still really luxurious. In the rooms, there were really comfortable double beds and individual bathrooms and fridge. And every single room was connected to 5 different balconies. Each one of them gave us an incredible view of Toronto and of a huge house right in front of ours. Still amazed with everything, we left our bags over our beds and rushed downstairs again.

"So, did you like your rooms?" asked Adam
"They are awesome. Still, I wonder what's that house in front of ours." Asked Chuck
"That's the studio." Answered Adam "You'll find 5 guitars, 5 basses, 5 drums and 5 microphones in there. The second floor was entirely projected to rehearsals. You'll find a soundproof door as soon as you get in the second floor and you'll be the only ones to have the keys to that door just to make sure that you won't be bother while rehearsing. And the soundproof door is to make sure that you won't bother your neighbors every time you decide to play and no one will bother you during the rehearsal. The person can break a hand knocking your door but you'll never hear it and the same goes for anything that happens in the interior part of the room, so take a really good care to never get locked in that room without a key in hands or you'll spend hours and hours in there. It's a really big room, but there's nothing on it, you'll have to take the instruments upstairs but you'll have to remember to bring them back downstairs every single day. My father wants to come here every night and check them out and I myself don't have a copy of the key of the room. As I said before, you'll be the only ones to have those keys."
"Okay, that's the second floor. What's about the first one?" asked David
"That's the part of the studio where you're going to record the songs. You'll find many cabins in there, but you'll be using two of them in special. One is to record the instruments and the other one is to record the vocals, but it won't be hard for you to say which one is which. The rest of the studio is for me and the main crew to control your recording." Answered Adam finishing introducing the studio to us "Anyway, you won't be using it today. Tomorrow your main crew and I will be back here and we'll teach you how to use the studio, then we'll start the recording process, which may be really fast or really slow, it will all depend on you guys and on your determination. Today is free for you to get used with the house and to meet Toronto, but the guys and I will be back tomorrow at 11 a.m. and we hope you're ready to start working."
"Okay, Adam, thanks a lot for the explanations." Said Seb "So, see you tomorrow."
"See you" finished Adam walking out of that door and soon leaving with his car
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