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Meeting the studio

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After meeting the house they are going to live in the next months, the guys get to know the studio where their dreams of having a famous band will start to come true.

Category: Simple Plan - Rating: G - Genres: Drama - Characters: Chuck Comeau, David Desrosiers, Jeff Stinco, Pierre Bouvier, Sebastien Lefebvre - Published: 2007-01-03 - Updated: 2007-01-03 - 1616 words

During the rest of the day, we didn't spend one minute only in the house. We spent the whole day long out to meet Toronto. It was a really beautiful city with really amazing places to know, just wish Jessie was there too to meet those places together with me. That would make everything perfect. We returned not too late at night as long as we knew we were going to have a really big day starting in the next morning. We just came back, placed our stuffs in the right place, had dinner and bath and went to sleep.

In the next day, we all woke up at 10:50 a.m., knowing we would be really, really late. Even rushing the most we could to get ready, we were still having breakfast when Adam and the main crew arrived.

"You know, this is something pretty irresponsible for someone who wants to play music for living." Said Adam acting like the most responsible guy in the world
"We know all that, we're sorry and we promise that's never gonna happen again, sir." I said with a little bit of cynicism in my tone of voice "Now, you've got two options: you join us at the table to have breakfast or you go to the living room to watch some TV and wait for us without getting us stressed out at 11 a.m."
"I have a better idea: me and your crew go to the studio to get it all ready for you to start playing and you finish this breakfast as fast as you can before I change my mind and come back here to fire you because of lack of responsibility." Stated Adam "How did you like the idea?"
"As much as I like you." I replied him as he just got as pissed off as I've never seen before and left
"Pierre, you better stop these kind of things before we actually get fired. He's our manager now." Said David trying to calm me down
"Listen, I'm...I'm not in the mood to talk about Adam now, okay?" I replied trying not to sound rude
"Okay, Pierre, just keep what I said in mind and we'll never have to talk about Adam again."

I could have replied one million things after that, but the very last thing that I wanted was to have a fight with any of them again, specially 10 minutes before going to a studio with them. So I just stood quiet as I had completely accepted and agreed with David.

As fast as we could, we swallowed our breakfast and stepped, for the first time ever, in the studio. When we opened the door, we saw a whole bunch of guys walking from one side to the other of the room, testing instruments, computers and preparing some rooms. I just didn't understand why all that.

The studio was completely different from the house, but we couldn't dare say that it wasn't as luxurious as the house. That studio was even better than the house. We could see three huge white sofas as soft and comfortable as a bed should be and many, many armchairs in the whole room. Of course there was no television or stuffs like that, but that place was really relaxing and welcoming. In the first floor, we could see many, many doors connecting the principal room to many other areas of the studio. The ones I can remember the most are the "Vocal recording room", "Instrumental recording room", "Control room", "Instruments room" and "Mixing room", those are the rooms we used the most. The other ones were just used by the crew. In the middle of it, we could see some stairs, but those were really, really, really huge. On the top of the stairs, the only thing we could see was a really huge and heavy black door. Probably the door of the rehearsing area. If that was it, we would have too much of space to rehearse. That second floor doesn't look that welcoming to me anymore as it looked like when I first saw it at age 18. When I was 18, I was astonished just at the sight of that room. It was really better than the abandoned house that we used to use in the rehearsals. I don't know but just to remember about this part of the studio today, when I'm here kidnapped and stuck in God knows where, I feel a terrible feeling of fear. I feel like loosing control over something and I just can't figure out why. I don't even know what this feeling is. It's something hard to explain.

Well, back to that day 3 years ago, we couldn't picture ourselves saying one word only when we've got the whole view of that amazing studio that would be all ours during the next few months. It was incredible to just picture ourselves being there everyday, but soon we heard Adam's voice coming closer and waking us up from our daydream.

"So, did you like the studio?" he asked coming closer
"Are you serious about it? The studio is as incredible as that house." Answered Jeff amazed
"I'm glad you're liking it. My father projected this house and this studio 2 years ago and he's really proud of it. Almost as much as he is about Lava." Replied Adam smiling "Since then, we had some famous bands in here."
"Awesome!" replied Chuck still amazed with the view "Anyway, we still don't have the keys of that room upstairs so we didn't practice yesterday at all."
"Yeah, I know, I'm sorry about that. I should have given you the keys yesterday but I completely forgot about it. They were with me all along." He apologized putting his hand in his pocket and giving a key to each one of us. "Take a really good care of those keys, please, or you'll end up stuck in that room for God knows how many time. And, if any of you guys loose the key, let me know as soon as possible so I'll make sure to change the key hole and your keys, okay?"
"Yeah, but...why make such a big deal of it if there's nothing in that room?" asked Seb kind of confused
"Nothing but you." He replied trying to make us see that as an answer, but we've got even more confused "Anyway, we already know the order of the songs in your album, but they don't have to be recorded in the same order. You have 30 minutes to go upstairs and rehearse for a bit, then, you come back here downstairs and call me and your producer to listen to the song that you intend to start recording today. Just so you know, his name is Carl Jackson and we'll be in the Control room getting everything ready to start recording. Now, rush upstairs and let's get this thing started."

At his final demand, we just went to the Instruments Room and rushed upstairs to start playing, even though Chuck had to return downstairs around 3 times to get the whole drum in that room. He was the one who got pissed off the most about the fact that we would have to get the instruments back downstairs every single day. The sight of that room was completely different from everything we could ever imagine. We were thinking we were going to find a place as comfortable and luxurious as the house and the studio, but what we saw was something completely different. The walls were dark, pretty close to black and that's the only thing I can tell about the room. There was nothing in it. Nothing and I mean it. The only things in that room were the instruments and us. Nothing else. We could see how much he meant that when he said that this room was to rehearse only. Neither of us had ever been alone in that room and I think I don't even have to explain why. Anyway, we just ignored the sight of that room and started with what really mattered...

"So, we have just 30 minutes, not time enough to play all of our songs. So why don't we just pick up the song that we'll start recording today and just practice this song in the next 30 minutes? We can wake up earlier tomorrow to have a decent rehearsal." I suggested
"Yeah, that's a good idea." Replied David "But what song should we choose?"
"`I'm just a kid'" Replied Jeff not having to think twice about that "Our first project that became a song, it would be awesome if this song could be the first one we've ever played in a studio."
"So, `I'm just a kid' it is" I answered reaching the microphone as they started playing

In half an hour, we showed the song to Adam and to that guy who insisted we should just call him Carl. They seemed to like this song and soon headed us downstairs to the recording cabins. The guys went to the instrumental recording room together with Carl and 3 other guys and I went to the vocal recording room with Adam and 2 other guys. Although I couldn't see the guys, I could hear them playing through the headphone in my ears, while being watch singing through the window in front of me by Adam and the other 2 guys. One of them was pushing some buttons and making me repeat some parts of the song a little bit louder. The other one was stopping me every 5 seconds because he thought it sucked. I think he was the vocal coach. From that moment on, our studio routine had just begun.
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