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What Sucks Out The Colour In Me?

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Pick a room...any room

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A/N: Wooooooooooooooooooo evil genius back again and dedicating this chapter to Silvana for finding this chapter amusing when I read it to her over the phone!

Disclaimer: Like I said last time I am in fact an evil genius ruling the world so I do actually own you all but I just have to say I don't to keep the U.N happy sighs. But AFI have escaped my clutches so I don't own Midnight Sun...

Chapter 3
What sucks out the colour in me?

Mikey yawned as he climbed the stairs, lagging slightly behind Frank, who had a better idea of where he was going. The lights blazing out from the two corridors spread dancing shadows on the lilac walls, and shone down on old pictures in golden frames that added some colour to the landing. Up here, Mikey noted just as Frank had, was completely different to the grandeur of downstairs and felt less foreboding.
I could live hear. Mikey reasoned At least for a while.
Frank stopped at the top of the stairs and gestured to the eight doors that ran in either direction. "Well," He shrugged "Pick a room, I don't really care which one I get but Gerard's in the second one to the right so you know, any but that one." He muttered, almost to himself rather than Mikey.
The bassist nodded and tightening his hold on his suitcase wandered over to the door opposite Gerard's and tugged down the handle. The old door swung open without protest and as Mikey flicked the switch conveniently located by the doorframe and looked around the room he smiled. The walls were painted a light, egg blue colour and the furniture was minimal, just a desk, bed, wardrobe and little table by the bed side. The carpet was creamy and so were the curtains; not at all haunting, or dark.
Mikey nodded and grinned to himself as he dropped his suitcase in the middle of the floor, maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all.


Frank sighed as he stood on the landing, still debating what room to chose, he'd wandered through all of them earlier that evening but he still hadn't hit upon one he liked. All the furniture was basically the same, apart from some of the rooms had beanbags or chairs and some didn't, but it was the colours that were getting to him. They didn't normally, usually he could sleep anywhere without caring but looking through he hadn't found a colour he liked. There was purple, yellow, red, Mikey's egg blue one and Gerard's whitewash, darker blue, grey and even pink but they were all...Frank ran out of words at this point, he would have liked to have thought of normal but having your room painted bright pink really isn't normal. He turned around as he heard footsteps on the stairs behind him and saw Ray, yawning as he climbed.
"You should get to bed you know." He murmured in Frank's general direction.
Frank nodded "Yeah, but I'm making sure you guys don't get lost." He joked weakly "After all, who else is gonna stand at the top of the stairs and tell you to 'pick a room, any room'?"
Ray laughed quietly "Fair enough, I will then...umm..." He wondered for a minute then took the left corridor and tried the handle on the third door; it creaked open slowly to reveal the yellow room. "Well," Ray grinned "It'll mean I won't need to keep the light on." He joked as he wandered in and shut the door behind him.
Frank smiled but it faded once Ray had disappeared from sight. "Hmm," He sighed as he dropped his suitcase and sat down on the top step of the red carpeted stairs, resting his chin in his hands.
It took Bob about ten more minutes to appear and by then Frank had just decided that maybe he should go in the darker blue room, but as Bob walked up the stairs with a 'Night Frank!" thrown in the guitarist's direction and opened the door to the blue room himself Frank sighed again and went back to deciding where the hell he was going to sleep.
He kinda lost track of time from then on and the next thing he knew the grandfather clock that they had noticed in the corner of the hall when they came in began to clime Midnight. Frank suddenly felt unnaturally cold and shivering stood up and picking up his suitcase walked down the right hand corridor and pushed open Gerard's door. The vocalist had gone back upstairs about half an hour before the rest of them and had been pretty quiet all the way through the film they'd been watching. Chewing thoughtfully on his bottom lip Frank wandered over to where Gerard lay, fast asleep on his side, wrapped in blankets.
"Umm Gee?" Frank said quietly, shaking the older man. Gerard stirred slightly and half opened one eye to look tiredly up at Frank.
"What...?" He murmured sleepily.
"Gee, it's like Midnight and I can't chose my room, could you pick a colour for me please?" Frank pleaded.
"So you wake me up at like Midnight to ask me to choose a bloody colour?" Gerard moaned, glaring at Frank.
"Please?" Frank asked, looking at Gerard with puppy dog eyes.
"Fine," Gerard muttered "Red. Happy now can I go back to sleep?"
Frank grinned "Love you Gee," He said in a girly voice.
Gerard rolled back over so his back was to Frank "You won't love me in the morning when I haven't got any sleep and burn the toast." He muttered, hardly audible through the layers of blanket.
Frank rolled his eyes "I'm going! Honestly, no one appreciates me these days." He said, sticking his tongue out and crossing his eyes as he walked back out to the landing. Just as he stepped out of the door, something fluffy and soft - that he guessed was a pillow - hit him with quite a bit of force in the back of the head.

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