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~!Chapter 6!~

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Amber is in her junior year of high school. Her curent boyfriend is not the best to have. She meets someone who will change her life for good at one point and better the next. I hope you like it...

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A/N: Here you go. Another update soon. School starts tomorrow. So hopfully soon. Thanks for the reviews.

Lindsay and I were standing by the gate we were told to pick up Pete from.
"I can't believe that Pete Wentz is coming here to listen to the guys. I am so happy, this could be there big break" Lindsay said, she has been saying this for the past week.
"I know" as I said this Pete had walked out of the gate.
"Are you and Amber and Lindsay?" he asked as he walked up to us.
"Yea, I am Amber and this is my friend Lindsay. The guys sent us to pick you up." I said as I shock his hand.
"Yea, that is what I was told on the flight. Nice to meet you" he said as he shock Lindsay's hand.
"So are you ready to go. I bet the guys are like peeing their pants with all they waiting they have been doing." I told him laughing.
"Yea, let's get out of here. I hope they are not too freaked out they sounded really good. So how do you two know them?" he asked as we all walked towards my car. Lindsay was star struck; she just kept looking at Pete and smiling.
"Well, I know Spencer through his older sister, I met Brendon at a marching band practice, and I met Ryan through Brendon and Spencer. I met Jon a couple months ago, but the guys know him better. Also I am Brendon's girlfriend and Lindsay is Ryan's girlfriend." I told him, seeing that Lindsay was not saying anything. We had just got to my car. As I started my car, Pete leaned over.
"Is she always like this?" he was talking about Lindsay.
"No, it is just because you are who you are. We have listened to Fall Out Boy ever since your first CD came out." I told him, he toke the answer and sat back.
"Oh ok. I am glad you like our CD's" I nodded and started to pull out of the airport parking lot. I put my IPod into the dock I had in my car and put it on shuffle. It was AFI. My favorite song, 'Love Like Winter'. Half way into the song I started to rock out as I drove. I really didn't care if Pete Wentz was in my car, it was a great song. But, not too much rocking out for me. I always got freaked out when I drove because I was always like that. When I was little, my dad and I got into a car accident and another car hit us. He was killed on impact. Mainly because he was covering me up and he saved my life.
"So you like Davey Havok. He is a great guy, and singer."
"Yea he is a great singer. I would not know if he is a great guy, but he does seem like it."
"Well, I could see that." We did not talk much of the way to Ryan's house. But, Lindsay finally came out of her shell, and we all rock out to every song. Again not too much for me. We finally pulled up into Ryan's drive way. I could see the boy were all walking around, and looking so stressed. Spencer was sitting behind his drums and he was playing with his drum sticks. Brendon was sitting on the couch doing some voice warm ups. Ryan and Jon were talking and Ryan was tuning his guitar. As we pulled up, I honked my horn and the all the guys except Spencer got up. We got out of the car and Pete walked up to the guys and shook their hands. Lindsay and I walked up to our boyfriends and stood by them.
"So, it is nice to meet you all, and I am looking forward to hearing you play."
"Yes, we are so happy you liked our music, and I hope we wow you today." Ryan said to Pete.
"Yes me too, so let hear some music." The guys went and got their guitars, Lindsay and I sat on the couch Ryan had put in there for us. And Pete stood behind it. I guess he wanted to see everything. The first song they started was I Write Sins Not Tragedies, then But It's Better If You Do, and the last one was Time to Dance. I watched Pete during the whole set, and he seemed to like it. The guys were in the zone. We all could tell I have never seen them like this. Once they were done, they all got waters and came over to where we were.
"That was great; I need to ask you all a question."
"Shoot." Brendon said.
"Well, if I sign you, you guys have to be totally committed to it. Are you serious about this?" he asked. The guys all looked at each other and nodded.
"We are all serious about this." Ryan said.
"Great, I will get the paper work together and get to you in the following weeks."
"You're signing us?" Spencer look confused.
"Yes, I am signing you guys." When he finished Lindsay and I screamed and jumped up and hugged Brendon and Ryan. Then they shock hands with Pete. "So, I am thinking we all got out and celebrate. My treat, where is someplace good to go?"
"Well, there is a nice restaurant up near the airport. I mean if you like Moroccan food. My family toke me up there a couple of times and it is so cool." I said.
"That sound great, what do the rest of you think?" Pete asked, the rest nodded.
"I think before we go, I will go get the SUV, at these in that we can all fit." They nodded and so I got into my car and drove home. It was about 10 minutes till I got back there. Once I was in the drive way, Lindsay and Ryan got in back (where they usually go), Spencer, Jon, and Pete got into the middle, and Brendon got in front.
"Sorry it is so cramped back there, If a certain couple didn't take over the back seat making out we might be able to sit every one just fine." I said as I pulled out of the drive way, Lindsay shot me an 'I'm-hurt' look. Brendon toke my hand and laced our fingers together.
"Aww, look there. The love birds." Spencer joked. "They danced around each other for the longest time. We all were wondering when Brendon would ask her out." He told Pete. Pete laughed and they went back to talking about music and movies. I looked back at Lindsay, her and Ryan were talking and kissing time to time. Brendon and I did not talk much. He knew I need to concentrate when I drove. We just listened to music. I never told him about what happen to me and my dad. I mean with all of the things he had done for me, I really did not want to put something else on him. After about a 20 minute drive, we were finally at the restaurant.
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