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The hotel

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don't want to give it away.:)

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julius' POV
We were flying over the atlantic ocean when i noticed Delilah was asleep
"she's so cute when she sleeps' i thought, a slight movement of the plane and she was awake.
"hello sleeping beauty" i said jokingly.
"how close are we to hyred?" she asked.
" were going to be there in about 3 minutes." when we landed we headed over and talked to the guy,"this creepy lady was a blue and she took us to a dungeon made of ice, and she putting people in this machine and they came out saying 'i serve you'". "Ice!" Delilah and I said at the same time. I pulled out my blackberry"hey Al Ice is behind this, she's captureing people and brainwashing them into her servents."
"sounds like her" Al responded.
"well he told us where her hide out is so we'll investigate tommorow." deilah piped in.
"okay catch you later." Al signed off.
"okay lets head to the hotel" i said. Ten miunutes later we were at the hotel.

delilah's POV
When we entered the room the first thing i noticed is that there wa only 1 bed.
"julius why is there only 1 bed?' i asked.
"Oops i guess they figured we were a couple."
"well who gets the bed?" i asked.
"how about you have it i'll sleep on the ground." he said.
"oh thanks juls" i gave him a little hug. We weren't tired so we decided to sit on the bed and talk. In the moring I went to get up and i noticed an arm that wasn't mine, I turned around to see julius with his arm around me.I gently tried to pull it off but it just squeesed tighter so decided to just go back to sleep.
I awoke an hour later and i had to go to the bathroom, and after trying,and failing, to get his arm off i just shook him awake.He streched and yawned but when he saw that he was on the bed he quickly said
"oh i'm so sorry i must have fallen asleep."
"it's okay, i got to go to the bathroom." i left and when i came back to make the bed i said
"you had quite the grip on me last night." he looked at me and blushed
"oh" he lauged nervously.We packed up our things and left.
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