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The entry

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Julius' POV
We were walking down the street twoards Ices hideout.
"odd don't you think?" i said.
"what is?" delilah said.
"that ice doesn't have an ice lair." i responded. We came up to the street that her lair was on. We snuck up and in the lair.
"i think we should spilt up" delilah said.
"okay but call if theres an emergency" i said protectivley
'i love it when he's protective about me.' delilah thought. We split up and as i was heading down a hallway ice came behind me
"hello the cutie" she said.I thought quickly and grabbed for the sleeping potion but just as was about to put it in her mouth she put it in mine.I was feeling dizzy with my last amount of strenth i yelled
"DELILAH" then it went black.

delilah's POV
I heard juluus scream my name, i ran so fast only to find him unconsious on the floor. I knelt beside him, i checked for a pulse,yes, then I checked for breathing, oh no! he wasn't breathing.I gave him CPR until he started to moan. "Juls can you hear me?" I said. Finally his eyes began to open.
"delilah..?" he said weakly, clutching his head.
"oh my gosh are you okay?" i asked.
"yea i was going to give ice the sleeping potion when she made me eat some."I helped him up but he insisted he was good.We started to look for her we found her in a huge room covered in , what else, ice. We were about to get her when everthing went black. A little while later i awoke and i heard julius moaning, we were tied to chairs. Ice came over with some of the sleeping potion in a needle, she pointed it at julius' neck then it went in. I screamed "no!" She knew it might kill him, julius passed out.Ice left and i untied myself and julius." i quickly called Al and told him to bring an ambulance. When he got here julius was taken to the hospital.
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