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The sequel to 'Grown Up'

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Ok, before I start the chapter, I've made some changes. The 4 oldest kids are 14 and the 3 youngest 13. I couldn't put the fate of the world on little kids, that's just mean! Ok, here it is!


"Aaron! Can you see them?" asked Tom, son of Theresa and Jay. He had red hair like his mom and brown eyes like his dad.

"Nope! Cost is clear! Where did Harry and Nick run off too?" Aaron asked coming down from a tree. Aaron was son of Atlanta and Archie. He had red hair and grey eyes and so did his twin sister.

"Here we are!" Harry said coming out from behind a bush dragging along a blonde haired boy. Harry was the son of Herry.

"Watch it! This is a new shirt!" Nick said as he some how managed to get the strong boy let go of him. Nick was the son of Neil.

"Ssh! I hear something! It might be my sister!" Tom said and the four boys hit the floor.

On the other side of the park, Jana was up in a tree with a 'walkie-talkie' in her hand.

"Olivia, how are we ever going to find them?" Jana, daughter of Theresa and Jay, said into her walkie talkie. Jana didn't look anything like her twin brother Tom. She had brown long hair and emerald eyes.

At the base of the tree sat Olivia, daughter of Odie. She has brown eyes and brown hair which are in braids.

She had a computer on her lap. "I'll use my walkie-talkie to scan the area." She said. Just then there was a flash of red and Ashley was sitting next to her.

Ashley was Aaron's twin sister. She had the smae hair colour and eye colour as her brother, but other than that they were totally different.

"Did you see anything?" Jana called from the top of the tree.
"Nope. You?" Ashley said.

"Ah! Got them. They are right infront of us!" Olivia said. The 7 kids were bored and decided to play a hunting game using their new 'walkie-talkies' Olivia had just made.

"Let's go!" Ashley shouted and ran towards the forest with Jana behind her.

The boys suddenly saw something red come towards them. "They found us! Run!" Aaron said and the four boys ran deeper in the forest untill they were on the other side of the park.

"I know this place." Aaron said, looking at an old run down apartment building (a/n: can you guess where they are?). Just then Ashley jumped out of the bushes and landed ontop of Tom. Following her was Jana, who had to take down Nick because Harry was too strong for her.

When Olivia arrived, everyone started laughing, except for Aaron. Ashley looked at her brother. "What's wrong?" she asked and looked at the building.

She also seemed to recognize it. "I think we lived there when we were small." Aaron siad. Ashley started laughing. "That was 14 years ago!"

Then the fornt door opened and the 7 kidshid behind a bush. A tall man walked out with slick dark hair and he was wearing a buisness suit. He turned to walk down the street and Jana noticed a scar on his face. For some reason, she felt like they were enemies.

"Uh, let's go home?" Nick said. the other's agreed and ran home.


Cronus laughed as he looked around the brownstone. He had finally managed to get out of Tartarus, but only for a week, but that's all he needed.

"So this is where those, kids, stayed. Hhm. I could use this as a base maybe? But first I mustfind helpers and find those children."

Cronus looked around and then saw a picture. It was of two babies with red hair. "And I know who is going to be visiting Hades first!" Cronus said, followed by an evil laugh!


Oh no! Cronus is back! Now the fate of the world rest on the shoulders of Ashley, Aaron, Jana, Tom, Olivia, Harry and Nick (that's from oldest to youngest)! Poor kids. And here is the list of desendents, if you get confused:

Jason- Jana
Thesues- Tom
Atlanta- Ashley
Achilles- Aaron
Odysseus- Olivia
Hercules- Harry
Narcissus- Nick

Hope you enjoyed it! Rate and review! please and thank you.
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