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Are we ready?

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The teens are about to learn the truth but their parents are worried. Are they ready to learn their fate?

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Hey! 2nd chapter! yay! have 2 weeks to finish this story before school starts again!


"You know, I find it strange that we are always in the park playing games that we would play when we were younger than going to the mall." Jana said.

All of her friends were quiet and thought about what she just said. "But it just seems natural." Aaron said looking at the brown haired beauty before him (a/n: yes, I've made pairings amongst the teens.).

"Whatever. Let's go to your house Jana." Ashley said. Nick helped her up and they started walking together behind the others (a/n: see what I mean? I love this now!).

Aaron looked at his sister. He frowned. He could totally tell she was crushing on Nick. Aaron smiled. 'This is going to be good.' He thought


Theresa had just gotten home from shopping when she had guests. Atlanta and Odie came over with Athena.

"I have bad news, Cronus has finally figured out how to come back to Earth."

"What?" said the 3 friends. "Are you sure?" Odie said. Athena nodded. "What about the children?" Theresa asked.

Atlanta looked at her. She knew she always worried about the twins, but they were 14 now, teens now!

"Theresa, Jana and Tom are teens now. They should be fine and anyway, we'll be there for them. You always knew that this day would come." Theresa looked down at the floor until Jana and Tom followed by their friends, came in.

"Hey mom." Jana said and then noticed Atlanta and Odie with a lady she didn't recognize.

"Uh, Olivia, Ashley and I will be my room." Jana said and the girls left. The boys went to Tom's room. When the kids were in the safety of their rooms, the others continued their conversation.

Then Jay came followed by Archie, Herry and Neil. "What's wrong? Odie called us." Jay said and saw Theresa look so sad. He walked up to her and hugged her.

"Cronus is back. You and your children must return to the school now." Athena said and left.

Herry went down to his truck while the others got the kids. As Jay and Theresa left their house, Theresa said, "What if they aren't ready?"
"They are."


"Hahahaha!" Cronus laughed as he lead Agnon and his giants to their new home. "Make yourself comfortable. This will, hopefully, be our home for a long time. Now, our first job is to destroy the oldest children." Cronus started laughing again and showed them a picture of Ashley and Aaron.


"Jay! I'm so glad to see you. You all must come with me." Hera said. "But what about our kids?" Theresa asked.

Jana saw that something bad was happening for her mom to call them 'kids'. "We'll wait here." Jana said. Theresa nodded and followed the rest to Hera's study.

"Zeus has gone to Tartarus to see what is happening. As far as we know, Cronus's body is still in Tartarus and his soul here." Theresa was getting worried again.

"Your children will have to stay here. They are not ready to fight an evil god of time yet. If you rememeber, you were all 15 or 16 when we found you. They are only 13 or 14 so they must learn things from the gods first." Hera said and dismissd them.

"I can't hear a thing!" Ashley whispered to her brother. "We shouldn't be listening into their conversations." Jana said.

Ashley rolled her eyes. "Yes mother. Who's the oldest? Me! So be quiet." Just then the door knob turned and their parents came out. "Ashley, were you listening into our conversation?" Archie asked, a bit angry at her.

"Yeah, but you all are acting strange! Where are we? And who is that Cronus dude?" Hera then came out.

"You can't tell them now, we shall tell them tomorrow, but right now you must go to bed." Hera said and walked away.

Ashley was getting really angry now. "Why don't you ever tell us anything? Where did we live before, when we were born? Mom, Dad, we want to know!" Ashley shouted.

Everyone was a bit taken aback with Ashley's outburst. Atlanta looked at Jay. He sighed. "I think we should tell them. But first, did you kids see anything out of the ordinary today?"

Ashley was going to shout back something when Jana spoke. "We saw this building that Ashley and Aaron recognized and this man walked out with a scar on his face."

The older heroes stood there with their mouths hanging open. It was true! Cronus was back and he had found the brownstone.

"We shall answer your questions later Ashley, but right now we have to explain this." Theresa said, meaning what had just happened.

The teens nodded and then Jay said, "Well, it started when most of us were 15 or 16......"


That's it for chapter 2! Stay tuned for the next chapter! Peace out!
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