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The Truth and fate

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The teens finally know the truth and their fate. Will they accept it in time to stop Cronus?

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3rd chapter. Not far of from finishing it. anyway, no with the story!


Jay told them everything that happened to them when they were fighting Cronus. When he finished, the teens just stared at him.

"Our parents fought an evil god of time when they were a bit older than us. That is why mom is crying? She thinks we can't take him on?" Jana asked.

Jay sighed. "Don't go jumping to conclusions. We know Cronus very well and what he is capable of and you don't. and now he is back and stronger than ever."

"But we do games like this dad! We are fighters like you!" Ashley said.

"Yes, but have you ever fought Hydra? Battled giants? No! We have and that is why you will not be fighting him! you will stay here!" Atlanta said.

Then Hera came back. "You must go find your mentors with your child. Jay and Jana, follow me." Everyone nodded and wnt their separate ways.


"Ashley, can you please listen to me? You have no idea what Cronus can do! Are you listening to me?!" Atlanta was getting frustated. Artemis smiled at her.

"Reminds me of you." she said. Atlanta smiled. She agreed with the goddess, Ashley and her were both stubborn, but so was Archie and Aaron was also. "Runs in the family." Atlanta said.

Artemis nodded. She knew what Atlanta was talking about. She then turned her attention to Ashley. "Well young huntress, what can you do with a bow and arrow?"


"Good to see you Archie!" Ares said and whacked Archie on the back nearly knocking him over. Aaron seeing this, made a mental note to stay away from this guy when he greets you.

"Ah, this must be your son, Aaron. Huhm, he has the same hair colour as his mom. And he doesn't have a brace. Tell me Aaron, does your ankle give you trouble?"

Aaron nodded. "Sometimes. But it's not as bad as dad's." Archie grinned. He was glad his son didn't have to wear the annoying brace he had to wear.

"But are you a good warrior? Let's see you with a sword." Archie's grin faded. Training has begun


"NNNNNEEEEEEEEIIIIIILLLLLLLLL!!!" Screamed Aphrodite when she saw Neil. "Hi Aphrodite. This is my son Nick." Aphrodite looked his son over. "He looks like you. Any way, we have a lot of catching up to do!" Aphrodite said. Nick rolled his eyes. 'Great, more beauty talk.'

"Uhm, dad, I'm going to see what the others are doing." Nick said. He waited for his dad to reply and when he didn't, he ran off. 'Freedom!'


"Well, she looks alot like you Odie! But is she as smart as you?" Hermes asked. Olivia grinned.

"Yeah, she made the PMR II (a/n: known to the teens as 'walkie-talkies'). She upgraded them." Odie tossed the device to Hermes.

He inspected it. "Whoa! This girl is a genius! Just like her dad!" Olivia smiled. She always wanted to be like him.


"Theresa, so nice to see you again. Thisis your son Tom?" Persephone asked. Theresa nodded. "I'm not sure about his psyche thing, he hasn't had any visions yet."

Persephone nodded and started to talk to Tom. Theresa watched them, not really listening. She had other things on her mind.

About 5 minutes later, Tom was standing next to her. "Mom, I think I had my first vision. And the future doesn't look so good."


Herry, Harry and Hurcules were just hanging out and haveing arm wrestling compertions. then Herry thaught his son how to use his rope and other weapons.


"Jana, you are the new descendent of Jason and the new leader of you and your friends, if we need you. Your parents will first go and see Cronus." Hera said.

None of this was making sense to her. "If we do need to call upon you, you and your freidns must take what awaits you, for it is your fate." Hera said.

Jana looked at her father. he also looked abit confused. Just then, the door burst open and in came Persephone followed by Tom and Theresa.

"Tom saw somehting that could place the lives of everyone here in danger!" Theresa said and then fainted.


Ok, had to stop 'cause it's getting late where I am. Will update all my stories tomorrow. r/r. please and thank you!
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