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Nick's truth and Tom's vision

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Nick find out there is more to him than what everyone thinks and we finally fid out what Tom saw.

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Before I start with this chapter, just wanna say thanx for all the reviews! And sorry if my grammar and spelling, there is something wrong with my keyboard.


Nick was walking around the school looking for Ashley. 'Why is dad so obsessed with himself?' Nick kept walking until he heard the familiar voice of Ashley.

He turned he corner and found himself in a gym where he saw Ashley, Aaron, their parent and he was guessing, two gods.

Atlanta turned to see Nick standing in the door way. "Do you need something Nick?" Nick shook his head.

"Dad was going on about himself again. I hate it! How can one person be so in love with himself? But I know he cares about me and mom."

Archie started to laugh abit. "I never thought Neil would marry someone who went to our high school. Always thought he said would marry a model."

This caught Artemis and Ares's attention (because they were fighting). Ares looked Nick up and down. "What's your mother's name?"

Nick looked at Ares confused. "Alison-Jones, that's her full name but dad calls her A.J or sweetie. Why?"

Ares turned to face Archie and Atlanta. "This young boy is not totally a descendent from Narcissus."

Atlanta and Archie looked at each other confussed. Artemis rolled her eyes.

"What Ares is trying to say, the 7 of you weren't the only descendents at this school. Alison is a descendent from Ajax, a great warrior. So, Nick is a descendent of Narcissus and Ajax, but it seems he is more like his mother."

Nick looked at her confused when Hrmes burst through the door. "Hera wants to see everyone in the library now!"


"Ah, good! Everyone is here! Now, we have just gotten disturbing news." Hera said when the last of the heroes entered.

"What is it?" Neil asked.

Hera sighed. "Cronus is a spirit on Earth. His immortal body is still locked away in Tartarus."

"And this is bad because?" Archie said.

"Spirits are hard to kill. And, if you kill his spirit, he will forever be dead, no more immortality."

Everyone started speaking to each other. They finally found a way to get rid of Cronus for good. The teens however, looked really bored, except for Tom.

Hera looked at him. "But, there is a price. Tom has had a vision, someone will sacrifice their life for the others, and it is one of the young teens."

There were gasps all around the room. Theresa was trying hard not to cry again.

"Do you know which one it wll be?" Atlanta asked, praying anf hoping that this is some kind of joke and that none of them will die.

Hera shook her head. "We are uncertain who it will be and how she or him will die. There might be a way t stop it, but we are unsure. Now, I want you all to go home and leave the children here. You all need your rest."

The 7 heroes nodded and said good bye to their kids.


"I wonder who is going to die." Nick said. Jana glared at him.

"No one is going to die! You heard what Hera said, there is a way to stop it!" Jana shouted. She turned to face her brother. He was very pale.

"Tom? Tom!" she screamed as he fainted. Harry caught him and Persephone appeared.

"Can you take him to my solarium? This normally happens after a vision of death." Harry nodded and followed the goddess.

'Keep it together Jana. You have to be brave for your brother.' She turned to face the rest of her friends.

"Ok, tell me anything your mentor told you."


Cronus went upstairs. He inspected every room. They were all empty but he found one or two interesting discoveries.

"This stuff can come in handy while I try to defeat Jay and the others. But first, I need bait. I hope Agnon finds where those children are hiding.

Sure enough, the giants found the school and saw the older heroes leaving it.


There you go, the next chapter! I had to make Nick a fighter, didn't want another Neil, but like his dad, he's very lucky. rate and review! thanx
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