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Cronus's Secret Plan

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The kids are about to find out who will die when Cronus attacks!

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Ok, next chapter is all about Cronus and his plan, with some of the young teens in it, no parents.


Cronus was getting restless. Suddenly the door burst open and the giants tried to squeeze through the tiny doorway. Cronus sighed and made the door big enough for them to get in.

"Did you find anything?" Cronus asked, expecting nothing. Agnon nodded and handed him a digital camera with a picture of Jay and the others leaving the school.

"Ah! I've got you now Jay. You, your friends and your children will never live to see next week!" Cronus started laughing his evil laugh.

The gianta just stood there waiting for orders. Cronus turned to them. "I want you to go back to the school and find where the little children are hiding! Bring me the two red heads, and maybe one of Jay's kids. Do not harm them until I tell you to."

The giants nodded and turned to leave. Cronus smiled. "I have you now Jay. The prophecy will be broken today!" and with that, Cronus started laughing again.


Jana started pacing the room that the 6 teens were told to stay in. "Ok, so what you all are telling me, we are descendents of greek heroes?" Everyone nodded. "Yeah, Her told me that to. Now, Jason is my descendent, Hercules is Harry's, Atlanta Ashley's, Achilles Aaron's, Odysseus Olivia's and Tom is Theseus. Nick, what about you?"

Nick was looking at his feet. "I don't know. Ares said I'm a descendent of Narcissus and Ajax, but I'm more of a descendent of Ajax."

"Ok, whatever. So there is tis evil god of time after us who is in a spirit form, which is hard to kill but the only way to defeat him forever. I like the odds." Jana said, more to herself than to her friends.

Then the door opened and in came Tom. Jana ran up to her brother and hugged him. He was still a bit pale. "Are you ok?" she asked him. He nodded. Jana helped her brother sit down. He put his head in his hands.

"What's wrong Tom? Is it about the vision?" Jana asked. He said nothing. Jana frowned. She has never seen her brother like this before. She knew he had had visions before and he was fine, but now she didn't know.

"There is something you're not telling us Tom." Jana said. Tom looked up at his sister. "You don't want to know."

Jana took a step forward to her brother. "You know who is going to die, don't you? And you know how they are going to die?" Tom nodded. Everyone gasped.

"Does Hera know?" Jana asked, getting worried again. Tom nodded. "She didn't want to tell our prents who was going to die, they would really worried. But I suppose I could tell you. It's...."

And then there was a big explosion and the wall on one side was gone. Standing there were 4 giants and a man wih a scar on his face.


Agnon and the others had managed to get into the school without causing to much damage when Cronus arrived.

"I've seem to ahve figured out where the gods are hiding. Follow me." Cronus said and theyeaded to the janitor's closest. He held up a pendant with an 'N' on it. He put it in the lock and entered the portal.

"Ah, so this is where Hera and the others have been hiding. It's very nice, better than that other place. Let's see, where are those teens?"

Cronus looked around and then pointed to a wall. The gianta obeyed and bashed it to the ground. Sure enough, on the other side were the 7 new heroes.

"Ah, he new heroes. I wish I could congratulate you all, but you will be dying very soon. Agnon, change of plan. Try to capture them all."

The giants ran towards the defenceless teens. Agnon managed to capture Ashley and Nick. Another giant had Tom and Olivia. "That's enough for now. Let us go." And with that the other giants threw a chair at the remainder teens.

When Harry finally managed to get the chair off of them, they were gone. "NO!" screamed Jana. She started to cry. Aaron put an arm aronud her. "Don't worry, we'll get them all back. We know where he is hiding."

Jana stood up and nodded. "But first we must report to Hera."


Cronus had the 4 teens tied up and eft them in a room. He wnet downstairs to see the giants watching TV. He sihed.

"There is no time for fooling around!" Cronus yelled, until he saw what was on.

"On second thought, we shall continue my plan when this show is over."


Oh no! What's Cronus's secret plan? Who's going to die, if ayone? Well, I'll tell you in later chapters, this story is far from being finished. rate and review. peace out!
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