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The Rescue

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Jana, Aaron and Harry go off to find their friends

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Next chapter, mostly the teens. Now you will finally get your answer to your question. Enjoy!


Ashley finally opened her eyes. She felt ropes cutting into her wrists and her ankle. She felt a ball of material in her mouth. She looked around the dimly lit room. She saw Nick, Tom and Olivia in different corners of the room. They were unconscious.

'I know this place; I used to live here when I was very small.' She kept looking around the room, memories of when she was 1 flooding back to her. Then the door opened and in came the man that had kidnapped her. 'I'll take it that is Cronus.' She thought.

Cronus looked at the other teens first. When he saw Ashley was awake, he smiled. "Ah, Ashley I presume? You are Atlanta's child aren't you? You look so much like your mother. It's a pity you won't see her again." Cronus said with an evil grin speeding on his face.

Ashley was getting scared now. 'He's going to kill mom! And dad!' Cronus could see the fear in her eyes. "Oh, don't be scared, you will be joining them as well, unless you agree to help me." Cronus started laughing and left the room.

Ashley struggled to get the ropes off. 'I have to stop that mad man!' She looked around the room and saw a broken mirror near Nick on the other side of the room. She rolled over to him. She reached forward and managed to get a sharp piece of glass.

She cut the rope off of her wrists, but with cuts on her hands. When she was completely free, she started cutting the ropes off her friends. When she cut the last rope off of Tom, Nick woke up.

"Ow, my head. Where are we?" he asked. Ashley turned around and hugged him. "Uh, ok. Nice to see you too." And then Tom and Olivia woke up. "Where are we?" Olivia asked.

Ashley told them everything that had happened since she woke up. "Ok, this Cronus dude seriously needs to get out a lot more. It's been 20 years since he was sent into Tartarus, like he will succeed now." Nick said.

Ashley wasn't listening to her friends. She was staring at a door that had not been opened yet.

"Ashley? What are you looking at?" Olivia asked. Ashley walked towards the door and opened it. It was a small room, but it was big enough to fit in two cribs, which was there. Ashley walked over to one.

"This was mine. Aaron and I lived here when we were small. Do you think we're in the dormitory that our parents were talking about?" Ashley said turning to face her friends. "It's possible." Olivia said.

"Uh, we have to get out of here! In case you have forgotten, we have been kidnapped by an evil god and the others are probably wondering where we are." Nick said. Ashley nodded and left the room. She turned to Tom.

Tom went pale again. "I know what you are going to ask. But I'd rather tell you all at once." Ashley crossed her arms and just glared at Tom.

"Ok, fine! But the next time I have a vision about this, I'm telling everyone straight away so that if an evil god of time kidnaps me, everyone will already know."

"Stop stalling and tell us Tom." Olivia said. Tom looked at his shoes.

"The person who is going to die is going to die by a poison that Cronus will try use to kill our parents. The person is going to stand in front of it and sacrifice herself for her friends and parents."

Ashley breathed in. "You said 'her'. It's me, Olivia or....Jana!"

Tom nodded. "She is the one who going to sacrifice herself. But Hera said that if they knew what poison he is going to use, we can save her!" Tom said and tears started to run down his face.

Then the door burst open and in came......... Aaron?


Jana started pacing the room again. "We have to save my brother!" Jana screamed. Aaron hugged her as she cried on his shoulder. Harry was sitting on a couch, thinking.

Suddenly he jumped up. "He's taken them to that building place that we saw this morning! If we can just sneak in, we can rescue them!"

Aaron thought about what Harry said. "You're right! Come on, we have no time to lose!" Jana pulled herself together. "Ok, we're going to need weapons or something we can use to protect us."

Then Hera appeared. "What happened here?" The three teens told them about the attack and how Cronus kidnapped their friends. Then Artemis and Ares arrived with weapons in their hands. Hera sighed.

"You will have to go and save them. Here is a pendant so you can get back here," she said and gave it to Jana, "And these are the weapons your parents used." Jana got Jay's xiphos, Aaron got Archie's whip and Harry got Herry's unbreakable rope.

"And here is what you must give your friends when you find them." She said and handed them Atlanta's crossbow and bolas, Theresa's nun chucks, a laptop for Olivia and a stun stick for Nick. "You must hurry children. And good luck."

They ran off and when they left the school they were faced with a problem. "Ah, where is the dorm?" Harry asked. Jana looked around. She saw the park a block away from the school. "That way!" she said and they were off.

They were back in front of the brownstone. They saw the door open again and out came the giants with Cronus. Jana really wanted to run up to that guy and cut his hand off.

"Ok, let's go!" Jana whispered and the three friends ran towards the door. "Locked!" Jana said. "No problem." Harry said and pulled the door off its hinges. "Good work!" Jana said and they ran inside.

Aaron looked around. "Let's check upstairs." Jana said. When they passed the first door, Aaron stopped. He could hear talking on the other side. He tried to open the door, no luck. "Uh, Harry!"

Harry turned around. "Yeah?" Aaron pointed to the door. Harry nodded and pulled the door back. Inside the room were the remaining teens.

"Aaron!" Ashley said and ran to hug her brother. Jana ran up to Tom. "You ok?" she asked. He nodded. "I-I told the o-others who is g-going to d-die."

"Ah, I finally have all 7 teens. I knew if I left that you would come to save them." Cronus said. Aaron and Jana passed the weapons to everyone. Olivia, see if you can find any traps your dad might have put in this place, or a way out." Jana said. Olivia nodded.

Cronus shook his head. "You can't fight me. You don't even know how to use your weapons." Cronus smiled and snapped his fingers. Ropes wrapped themselves around the teens. Jana used her xiphos to cut them off.

"Ah, trying to be so much like your father. Well, to bad daddy won't be alive long enough to see this!" Cronus said and sent them all flying back. "What the..?" Jana said and then the room went black.


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