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Rescue, Take 2

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The Heroes go to find their kids

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Theresa was taking a nap while the others where busy talking about how they were going to protect their kids and defeat Cronus when they heard her scream. Jay was the first one by her side.

"What wrong? Did you have a vision?" he asked. Theresa nodded. "He has them. Cronus has the children!" By now everyone were around the bed listening to what Theresa was saying.

"We have to go rescue them! Let's head back to the school and collect or weapons." Atlanta said. Theresa shook her head. "The kids have them. Cronus is using them as bait to get to us. We mustn't fall for the trap."

"So, we are just going to leave them with Cronus?" Herry said. Theresa sighed. "Yes, for now. They will find a way to get out by themselves. If they are in serious danger, then we can go."

"Serious danger! They're in serious danger now! Cronus has them!" Archie yelled. Atlanta took him out of the room. Jay looked at Theresa who was going pale again. "Do you need anything?" Jay asked. Theresa didn't answer.

"Theresa? Theresa!"


Jana awoke with a terrible headache. She looked around the room. Wait, they weren't in a room, they were in a cave! Jana stood up. She looked at her friends who were unconscious on the floor. She put her hand in her pocket, she still had the xiphos.

Then the others woke. "Where are we?" Aaron asked, helping his sister stand up. Jana shrugged. "Cronus must've brought us here. I think we're in Mount Olympia."

"Yeah, I recognise this cave now. Olivia, can your laptop still work?" Ashley said. Olivia switched her computer on. "Yeah, but I don't think you would be able to recognise this cave, we are in the centre of the mountain!"

Ashley shook her head. "All caves in this mountain look the same. And I have been here, we went camping and I found this cave that led me here. I know how to get out."

Everyone just looked at her. "So that's where you were!" Aaron said. Then every one turned to Jana. She was sitting down with her head in her hands. "Something isn't right. Why would Cronus send us here? It's a trap!"

"We have no choice! It's stay here and die or try to find our way out to help our parents! I don't know about you guys, but I'm going." Ashley said and started to head down a tunnel.

"Wait! I have a map of the mountain. You are going the wrong way!" Olivia said. Ashley turned to her friend. "Fine, then which way do we go?" Olivia pointed to the opposite tunnel.

"Ok, let's go." Jana said and got up. She was in the front with Aaron behind her. Ashley and Nick were at the back with Harry, Olivia and Tom in the middle.

They could see daylight when the mountain started to shake. "Rock slide!" Ashley shouted and they raced out the mountain. On the other side of the mountain they saw the rock slide.

"What could've caused it?" Nick asked. The 7 teens looked up at the top of the mountain. There was Cronus fighting their parents. One of the giants had caused the rocks to fall.

They watched helplessly as their parents got hurt. Archie was knocked out cold; Atlanta trying to make sure the giants didn't get to him. Jay was trying to get close to Cronus, Theresa and Herry were battling another giant, but they couldn't see Odie any where.

"Where's my dad?" Olivia asked. Just then there was a scream. They looked in the direction of the second giant who had gotten a hold on Theresa. He was holding her over the edge of the cliff. Cronus was laughing. "Say good bye Theresa." Cronus said and the giant let go off her.

"MOM!" Tom screamed. Suddenly Theresa wasn't falling anymore. She lightly floated down to where the teens where. Jana looked at her brother. His eyes where closed and he was concentrating hard.

When Theresa touched the ground, Tom opened his eyes. He was pale again but ran up to his mom. "I'm so proud of you." She said to him. She looked at the teens. "Are you ready to fight the evil god of time and destroy him?" Everyone nodded


Jay looked over the cliff to see the teens with Theresa. He sighed with relief and continued to fight Cronus. He had a new xiphos and so did everyone else as the teens had their old weapons.

Atlanta's crossbow was stronger than her older one and managed to send a giant over the side of the cliff. She then turned to Archie who had just regained consciousness. "What'd I miss?" he asked her. She helped him up. "Nothing much."

He smiled at her but then saw Agnon come up behind her. "Watch out!" Archie shouted pushing her to the side. He took the hit from Agnon's club and went flying into a tree. He braced himself for the impact on the tree but instead landed on something soft.

Archie opened his eyes to see his two kids. Ashley and Aaron caught him but he was too heavy for them and so he fell on top of them. Archie jumped up and helped them up. "Thanks kids. But you have to get out of here; we don't want you to get hurt."

Then Agnon was behind Archie and was about to swing his club when Aaron took out his whip and knocked it out of his hands. Ashley then took out her crossbow and fired at the giant.

Agnon was sent flying back wards and Herry hit him over the cliff. Now it was only Cronus left. "What, no! This was not supposed to happen! This is not the last of me!" Cronus said and a portal appeared and he stepped through it.

The parents then rushed to their kids to make sure that they were fine when Hermes and Odie appeared. "I have good news! Hera and Persephone have made a potion that will kill Cronus once and for all! You all must head back to the school."

Everyone nodded and Hermes made a portal appear. They entered and were back in the school. The adults rushed to Persephone's solarium. The kids waited outside.

Tom looked at the group. "I have to tell you all something." Everyone then turned their attention to the boy. He sighed. "Jana isn't going to die anymore. He was going to poison them on Mount Olympia, that's where I saw her dying." Tom said.

Everyone looked at each other. Jana hugged her brother. "I wasn't going to die any way." She whispered and then the adults came back. Jay looked at the 7 teens.

"Are you ready to defeat Cronus and bring peace back to the world?"

The teens looked at each other. Jana spoke for them. "Yes."


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