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The Final Battle

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The final battle has begun

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Here's the next chapter! My authors note isn't going to go on forever, so I'm going to stop now.


"NO! How could this happen? I was supposed to kill them on the mountain but then those teens had to find a way out of that cave!" Cronus shouted. He banged his fist against the wall and it went straight through.

"NO! It can't happen, not yet." Cronus looked at his hands. Then he smiled. "If I don't get them now, I can always come back again when I'm stronger and by then I will be so strong that no one can destroy me!" Cronus laughed and then went to go fetch the poison.

'I'll leave with a bang in those teens lives.'


"Ok, everyone has their weapons?" Jay asked.

Jana rolled her eyes. "Yes dad. We have everything. Can we go now?" Jay looked at his daughter.

"Cronus is back on the mountain. We better head there." Olivia said. Odie smiled at her.

"So what are we waiting for?" Ashley said. "Yeah, let's go!" Aaron said. The two were about to run out of the room but their parents stopped them. "Wait; don't go rushing out thinking you're ready for action." Atlanta said.

Jay looked at Theresa who was talking softly to Tom. Tom said something that made her smile. Jay looked at Hermes. "Can we go through your portal again?"

Hermes nodded and they were back where they were an hour before. But this time it was 14 heroes against 1 evil god of time.


"Ah, so I see you have finally arrived." Cronus said opening a bottle of green stuff and pouring it on his scythes. They then glowed a green light. Tom's face paled.

"Ah, Tom, why don't you tell everyone what I just did? You see, one touch from my scythes and then you're poisoned and there is no cure for it." Cronus said and started laughing.

The 7 teens were now worried but looked at their parents, who seemed fine with this. Jay turned to the teens. "Don't go near him, stay as far away as possible." They nodded and moved further back.

Cronus just continued to laugh. "You think you can destroy me now? Guess again." And then Cronus' giants appeared, resurrected from the dead. Suddenly they heard a scream. The heroes looked at their kids and saw a lion.

"It's the Nermean Lion!" Jay said but then a giant came for him. They couldn't help their kids, they were on their own.

"What are we going to do?" Ashley said as she dodged the lion. He then went after Olivia, but she was pulled to safety by Aaron. "Thanks."

"No problem." Then Ashley was by his side firing her crossbow, but it didn't do that much damage. "We have to tie it up Harry! We don't want to kill it." Jana said. Ashley continued to fire her crossbow so the lion wouldn't see Harry and Tom get ready to jump.

"NOW!" Jana said and the two boys jumped on the lion. The beast went crazy with rage when the boys jumped on him. "Can't hold on for much longer!" Tom said and then Nick jumped to the side and stunned the lion with his stun stick.

The beast collapsed to the ground and turned to dust. "Did I kill it?" Nick asked. Jana looked at him. "No, it was just a beast that Cronus wanted to use."

They were about to go help their parents with the giants when the tree swung a branch and knocked Ashley right into Nick. "That tree is alive!" Olivia said. Jana turned to see Cronus laughing and go in to attack her dad.

Then suddenly she went flying backwards right into Aaron. "That's it. That tree is going down!" She said. She was about to cut off a branch when Olivia stopped her.

"That won't help! We're going to have to take the whole tree out or kill Cronus." Jana nodded and dodged another attack from the tree. She looked at her team. The tree was going after them, but if they were out of reach, then they would be safe.

"Everyone, follow me!" Jana said. The 6 teens followed her to the other side of the battle. Jana saw that her dad managed to fend off Cronus and was now again fighting a giant.

They watched their parents fight. Atlanta dodged every blow the giants tried to throw at her and she hit them with her crossbow. Archie was by her side fending off another giant. Theresa and Jay were fight together against a giant. Herry and (amazingly) Neil were fighting the last giant and were winning. Odie then came up behind them.

He gave Jana the potion. "See if your brother can use his powers." Jana nodded and was about to hand the potion to her brother when there was a blast at her feet and she was sent flying back, inches away from falling off of the cliff.

She stood up and saw Cronus come for her. "Jay, why don't you have a look at your daughter about to die. Good bye Jana, sorry we didn't have a lot of time to get to know each other."

Just when Cronus was going to cut her with one of his scythes, she rolled to the one side and then threw the potion into his face. He clutched his face in his hands and screamed.

"NO! THIS IS NOT HAPPENING! NOOOOO!" and with that Cronus was just a pile of ashes. Jana stood up but then fell to her knees. She felt Aaron kneel beside her with her brother Tom. She then looked up at her friends. Then she saw her mom and dad. "We did it. We killed him!" Jana said. And with that she fell into a deep sleep.


Jana had a strange dream. She was back at home with her parents and brother. But something was wrong with them. They looked unhappy. Then she heard a voice inside her head.

'He got you. Just before you threw the potion at you, he cut you with his scythes. If they don't heal you in a day, you will be dead.' And then the voice disappeared. Jana then felt a pain at her side. She screamed.

Then everything went black. She was scared. She sat down and pulled her knees up to her chin. She looked around. She could hear voices everywhere. "Who's there?" she said. Then she heard a voice she recognised. "Jana? Jana!" It was her dad.

"DAD!" she screamed. But he couldn't hear her and she couldn't see him. She started to cry.

"Jay! He got her! Look, there's a cut on her side." She heard her mom said. Jana looked at her side. There was no cut. "Where am I?" she said.

Then all the voices stopped and the voice started speaking again. "You are in your own head. The poison makes you withdraw from the world and live inside your head until you leave your body completely. They have 24 hours." The voice said. It sounded sad.

"Who are you?" Jana asked. "What does it matter? You will be dead soon, and would forget all about me. But I shall talk to you if you want me to, it can be pretty lonely being stuck inside your head." And with that the darkness disappeared and then the whole place was white.

Jana searched for the person who was speaking. "You will not find me, as I have no body, only a voice. Now tell me your best memories."


Jay caught his daughter as she fainted. He then saw the gash on her side.

"Jana? Jana!" Jay said trying to wake his daughter. 'No, Cronus couldn't have gotten her!' Theresa then came up behind him. "Oh my! Jay we have to get her back to the school now!" And with that Odie contacted Hermes.

When they were all back at the school, they went straight to Chiron. When he saw the girl, his face paled. "I've been working on a cure for the poison. So far, nothing. What did it look like?" He asked Jay as he placed his daughter on a bed.

"Green." Jay said holding his daughter's hand. Chiron frowned. Then he went to his table where he had scrolls all over the place. He picked one up and read it. His face saddened.
"She only has a day to live. She is right now stuck in her own head. She can hear us speak if she wants us to, but she can not talk back. This isn't the first time Cronus has used this poison and Persephone has been working on a cure. You must go speak to her."

Everyone but Jay left. He looked at his daughter. "Don't worry, you'll get better. I will go to the ends of the earth to save you."

Little did he know, the cure was right there in front of him


Poor Jana. Just to tell you, this story is almost finished about 5 chapters left (I might make it more, who knows?).Also, the poison and the cure thing, I made it up so don't go thinking that Cronus poisoned anyone! Rate and review! Thanx!
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