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Jana's Nightmare

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Jana is now stuck in her head! Will her friends and family find the cure in time? Or, does Jana already know what to do?

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Next chapter! poor Jana, I hate putting her in this situation, but I had to have something really bad happen to one of the characters for the action/adventure, drama kind of thing. Plus, I like ending with cliff hanggers! Hehe!


Jana stopped listening to the voice. 'No, dad won't let me die! They can find a cure. You'll be home before you know it.' She thought. She stood up. She thought about all the good times she had with her family. Suddenly her family appeared in front of her. They weren't moving and then Jana realised it was just a picture.

Jana sighed and walked around. Pictures kept appearing. She and her dad sailing. She and her mom baking in the kitchen. She and her friends doing stupid things in the park. Then she stopped walking. She saw the smiling faces of her friends. 'They are so happy. But when was this picture taken?' she thought and then the memory came back.

She was holding the camera telling her friends to pull silly faces. They all tried but failed. They started laughing at each other when she had taken the picture. They collapsed on the floor laughing. Ashley fell on top of Nick and both of them blushed. Jana smiled and took more pictures

Jana started to cry. 'Why does this have to happen? What did I do wrong?' she thought. Nothing came to her mind. Then the voice started speaking again.

"Would you care to see what is happening outside of your body?" it said. Jana wiped away a tear and nodded. Suddenly she was above her body, looking down at her dad.

"Dad!" she said. "It's no use, he can't hear you." The voice said and guided her outside the room where she saw her friends. Ashley was crying on Nick's shoulder. Aaron was pacing back and forth while Olivia tried to calm Tom down.

"I could've saved her! I knew when your dad gave her the potion that that was it! I could have stopped it!" Tom said. He got up and ran off. "Tom!" Jana said and the boy stopped. "Jana? Are you here?" the boy said looking around the room. His friends looked at him as if he had lost his mind.

"Yes, but I think I'm in spirit form or something. Listen; is there a way to save me?" Jana asked trying to contain her tears that were forcing their way through. Tom kept looking around the room. "Yeah, mom and Persephone are working on something but they don't think they have everything. Where are you?"

Jana smiled. "Look up." Tom looked up and could vaguely see his sister. He smiled at her. "I think I'm the only one who can see and hear you." Jana rolled her eyes. "Duh, we're twins!"

But then she started to disappear. "Jana, you're fading!" Tom said, worried all over again. Jana panicked. "Tom, tell..." she couldn't finish her sentence because she was back inside her head. She banged her fist against the floor but that only gave her a headache.

"You must be careful young one, remember you are in your own head." The voice said. 'I'm sick of listening to this voice! I'm a fighter! I'll get out of this.' Jana then thought back to the fight. She saw the green poison. She saw Cronus come close to attack but she dodged.

"Ahhh!" she screamed clutching her head. She could hear herself scream and her dad shout something before she was wrapped in total darkness. She could feel it closing in on her. She heard the voice say, "It has begun. Good bye young fighter." Jana screamed once more in pain. The darkness was completely around her. She tried to run but it pushed her back to the same spot.

"Dad! I need help! I can't do this by myself!" she screamed. Jay heard this. "Jana! Are you awake?" he asked. He saw she was still sleeping, but she was tossing and turning and tried to kick something. Then Theresa came in. When she saw her daughter, she almost fainted. "We don't have much time. It seems we have half the time then expected." She said and touched her daughter's face.

Jana, still trying to get away, felt a warm hand touch her face. She stopped struggling and let the darkness consume her. It tightened its grip on her, squeezing the air out of her. Then the pressure subsided and she was lying on the ground again, still in darkness. She let a tear drop from her eye and then got up. One way or another, she was going to get through this. Then pictures started to appear again, but these weren't hers.

She saw her granddad, her mom when she was 12, her mom with her friends at the brownstone, her mom with her dad at their wedding and her mom putting her and her brother to bed when they were just 5 days old. Jana smiled. She knew what her mom was doing now. She had a reason to live, and nothing like this will ever happen again.

"Bring on your worst! I will survive!" Jana screamed at the voice. "You really think I will let you go that easily? Never! And just to let you know, there is no cure for this!"

Jana just smiled. "Where there is a will, there is a way. The cure is me surviving the night. My friends and family will help me. We will show you!" Jana said until a giant beast came towards her from the darkness. "If that's how you want it, then I will make you a deal. You survive the night, I'll give you the cure, you die you will be sent to Tartarus, where all the other people go when they get this poison."

Jana took a fighting stance her mom had taught her. "Bring it on." And with that the beast charged at her. She reached into her pocket to bring out her xiphos, but it wasn't there.

'Oh, no' Jana thought and dodged the beasts attack. She looked around and couldn't see it. 'How am I supposed to fight what I can't see?' she asked. Then she heard the footsteps of the monster. It was running up to her from behind. She moved to the side and grabbed onto the beast.

She felt what she was holding. It had horns! She climbed onto its back and held on while the beast backed and buckled to get her off of him. "I need help!"
Jana said and then that's when her xiphos appeared in her hands.

"Thanks dad." She said and closed her eyes. She was going to kill this beast. She was about to put the sword through the back of his neck when she fell to the ground. The beast was gone. "I can not make a person so young kill something." The voice said.

Jana looked around, ready for anything. "Then how can you kill one so young?" she asked. She heard the voice sigh. "Because, I am the poison. I do not choose my victims, whoever is using me does. You must think this strange, but I am actually a nymph from the woods. Cronus captured me and turned me into this. I have no body and if I can kill you, I'll take over your body."

"But what really is the cure?" Jana asked. Then suddenly a woman appeared in front of her. Jana thought she was beautiful, but then she realised that this was the person trying to kill her. The lady smiled. "You must kill me. But with each passing second, you grow weaker while I grow stronger until you leave your body completely. Now, let us begin."


So sad! This was the hardest chapter for me to write, plus the next one, which I'm half way through. I have alot of time on my hands, being stuck at home 'cause school only starts on Tuesday for me. Rate and Review! Peace out ;)

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