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The Nightmare Continues (with a little help from friends)

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Jana is getting weaker by the second. What can Jay and Theresa do to save their daughter?

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Hey, hey! I was going to post this chapter this morning (where I live, anyway) but then I had to buy my new school uniform and then I was at the mall. Plus, the next chapter I might only post on Monday.


Jay was watching his daughter sleep until she muttered something. "Need a sword to kill the beast." Jay looked at Theresa who was standing next to him. "You hear what she said?"

Theresa nodded. "Give her your xiphos." Jay got up and walked over to the table at the other side of the room. He picked up his xiphos and put it in her hand. Suddenly it disappeared. Jay looked at Theresa.

"What's wrong?" he said and looked at her sad face. She looked into his eyes. "The only way for her now is to defeat it. Persephone said that it is different for each person, but for Jana she has to fight." She said and put her hand on her daughters face.

Then the others came in with Hera and Persephone. "I am afraid that Jana is the only cure for herself. But there are ways you can help her. Theresa, when you touch her she seems to become calmer." Persephone said. Theresa looked down at her daughter. She took her hand off her face. Suddenly Jana's mouth opened and she let out a scream.

Persephone sighed. "It has begun. Tonight will be one of the worst for her. She must fight the nymph." Jay looked at Theresa for an answer. "Cronus captured a nymph from the forest turning her into this poison long ago. Jana must fight her to survive. But with each passing second, she grows weaker while the nymph grows stronger."

Jay looked at Hera. "Is there no other way we can help her?" Hera looked at Persephone. "Yes. The others can enter her dreams with mine and Theresa's help. But they can only be there for a certain amount of time before the poison affects them too." Persephone said.

Jay looked at the other teens. He could tell they wanted to help their friend. Jay looked at his friends. "Will you allow your kids to help save my daughter?" he asked. They all looked at each other and then at their kid's brave faces. "Yes." They all said. Jay smiled and hugged them all. Theresa smiled at them, still trying to calm her daughter.

The 6 teens surrounded their friend. Persephone and Theresa held hands and touched each of the teens. They muttered something and then the 6 teens found themselves in the same place as their friend.


Jana jumped to the side as the nymph tried to capture her with another one of her vines. 'I never knew a nymph could be this strong! And what is with trees and plants? Do they hate me or something?'

Just then it went dark again and then Jana felt a pain in her side. She let a scream escape from her mouth. She heard the voice laugh. "You will never win, young one. Just give in!"

Jana touched her side. She brought her fingers close to her face and she could see her blood on her fingers. "Never! Why do you hide in the dark?" Then she heard something behind her. Jana stepped to her left and swung her xiphos and it connected with something.

"AHH! You will pay for that, young hero!" and with that Jana was sent flying backwards. She landed on something that made a noise. She jumped up but could not see what she landed on.

"I see we have visitors. Very well, once you are done with, I can consume their strength as well." Jana turned to look for the voice until the room became lighter again and she could see her friends. She ignored them.

"Jana! We have come to help you." Ashley said putting a hand on her friends shoulder. Jana moved away. "You must go. In can take her on. I don't want you to get hurt." And then the nymph appeared quickly and went for Jana again. She ducked and rolled to the side. The nymph looked at her friends.

"I can not hurt them, they have not been poisoned. If you stay here long enough, the poison will work its way to your bodies. So leave!" she said. Jana took this as an opportunity to attack. She went for the nymph's side, but missed. "You are too young to fight. You have no experience. You will die!"

'She's right.' Jana thought. "Why are you helping Cronus? Why kill me? Is it just for my body?" The nymph just smiled and walked off into the distance and disappeared again. "I am sorry for this fighting. You are too young to die, but you can still stop this! Yes, I am doing this because of Cronus." And with that the nymph came up behind her and slashed at her back, leaving a huge gash. Jana let another scream escape and then she collapsed to the ground.

"JANA!" Aaron screamed and her friends surrounded her. Tom touched her back. He tried helping her. He tried to give her all of his strength. Suddenly he felt weak and fell to the ground but Jana caught him. "Thank you." She said to him. Suddenly he realised what he did. He turned to the others. "That's the cure! We have to give Jana all our strength so she can defeat this crazy woman!"

The others looked at each other. "Are you sure?" Ashley asked. Tom nodded. Everyone then put a hand on Jana's shoulder and concentrated on giving all their strength to their friend. They then felt weak but when they saw Jana standing again and the wounds were all gone, they knew they had done the right thing. She smiled at her friends. They were disappearing. "I'll see you when I wake up." They nodded and then she was alone with this crazed nymph. "Face me! No more disappearing! I will live again!"


The 6 teens woke up. They were all spread out on the floor. "What happened?" Olivia asked rubbing her head. They saw that Theresa was the only person in the room. "When we sent you to the same place as Jana, you left your bodies."

They started at each other. "Well, that is not something I would be willing to do again anytime soon. Let's just hope Jana defeats that crazy lady." Nick said. They all stood up and watched their friend. She was tossing and turning and muttering things. Theresa looked at the 6 teens. "What did you do to help her?" she asked.

"We gave her our strength so she could defeat this crazy lady who wants her dead. She was draining all of her strength." Tom said. Then suddenly Jana shouted "You will never hurt anyone again!" and with that Jana stopped talking and moving.


Jana picked up her xiphos which had been knocked down on the ground. The nymph then appeared before her. "Cronus poisoned you. You are under his control even though he is dead. You don't really want to kill me!"

Jana looked into the nymph's eyes and she could see that she was right. The nymph was scared and didn't want to listen to something. "Kill me, quickly before I start listening to him again. My name is Adilya, the nymph." Then something changed in her eyes and she started to attack again. Jana dodged the attack and threw her off balance, causing her to fall to the floor. Jana was crying now.

"I'm sorry Adilya." She said. She then swung her sword, killing the nymph. Jana looked at the dead body. "You will never hurt anyone again!" she screamed. Then something happened to Adilya's body. She started glowing green and then a tree appeared. "Thank you for saving me young one. Pick an apple from this tree and eat it. Quickly, you only have a few seconds left!" Adilya said.

Jana wiped away her tears and climbed the tree. She could feel herself becoming weak again, but she kept climbing. She took an apple and took a bite. Then her vision went blurry and she fell, where, she does not know.


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