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Happily Everafter

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This is the last chapter

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Yay! I managed to finish this chapter today! Yay for me! Just to tell you, this is the last chapter that you will be reading of the 'Little Teens' lives. So enjoy!


Jana felt herself falling, but she couldn't see where. She couldn't see where she was because it was too dark. Then suddenly an image came closer to her. It was her dad with her mom and his friends. He was telling them something. She couldn't hear what he was saying. The image was coming closer and closer until it took up her whole vision. She wasn't falling anymore. She looked around the room. She was awake! She did it! "Dad!" Jana managed to say before falling asleep again, but this time, no nightmares.


Jay was talking to his team about what had happened with the teens when they went to help Jana and what she had said. "Dad." Said a voice. Jay turned to see that his daughter was awake. Then she closed her eyes again. Jay rushed to her side. "Jana?"

Theresa joined him and put a hand on his shoulder. "She has to rest. Leave her. She has been through a terrible ordeal." Jay nodded and ushered everyone out the room. Just as he was closing the door, he looked at his daughter's face. For the first time that she had been sleeping, she was smiling. "Sweet dreams." He said and closed the door.

He joined the others and told Tom what had happened with his sister. Tom sighed. "I'm so glad she is fine now." Jay hugged his son. "I know. We all are." Hera and the other gods came and the heroes told them what had happened with Jana. Persephone and Chiron went to go check up on her while the teens then told them what they did to help her with her recovery.

A few minutes later, Persephone returned with a beaming teen. "Jana!" Tom said and ran to hug his sister. Everyone went to greet her and demanded an explanation as to what she went through. She told them everything, about the voice, leaving her body and speaking to her brother, the beast and her fight with Adilya. "It's because of her that I'm here. She wasn't bad, Cronus was controlling her and he never set her free when he died." Jana said.

Jay looked at everyone. "Uh, let's go home." And everyone agreed with him.


It had been a month since the fight with Cronus, but Jana still had nightmares about what had happened. The look in Adilya's face when she was fighting, her bright emerald green eyes were burnt into her head. She found it hard looking her brother or mother in the eye; she would remember Adilya all over again.

She told her mom this and she went to see the gods. There was nothing they could do, this was the down side from the poison. Jana was sitting in the park thinking back to what had happened when Aaron came to sit next to her.

"Hey, you ready to start at Olympia High?" he asked. When she didn't answer, he looked at her. She was just staring into space.

"Hello? Jana? Did you hear what I said?" He said. She still didn't answer. When he got up to leave, he felt a hand grab his. "Don't go. I need the company." Jana said. Aaron sat back down and she buried her head in his shirt. He hugged her.

This was the first time since she awoke from the poison that she had spent time with one of her friends. She pulled away and looked into his eyes. He saw that she had been crying. "Promise me that no matter what happens with us, meaning all 7 of us, we will all ways be there for one another."

Aaron nodded. He knew she didn't want what happened to her to happen to her friends, they were now the new heroes. If there was a threat from another crazed god, they had to bring peace back. Jana smiled at him. He smiled back. "Let's go to the movies with the others."

Jana nodded and they raced off to go catch up with the others.


Theresa, Jay, Atlanta, Archie and Odie watched from Jay's and Theresa's house as all of their kids got into Herry's truck to take them to the movies. Theresa smiled. "I never thought that they would take it so well when they found out the truth."

Jay hugged her. "Yeah, I have to agree with you on that. But we will be there for them." Atlanta grabbed Archie's arm. "Come on, we have work to do." Archie looked at his wife. "What work?" Atlanta rolled her eyes. "We have fix Ashley's room, remember?" And with that, they were gone.

"I have to go as well. My wife will be wondering where I am. Bye Jay and Theresa." Odie said and left. Theresa went inside and Jay watched the truck drive off. He smiled. "They will be great, better then us, I think." He said and followed his wife inside.


Finished! Sorry that this is so short, there wasn't that much left for them to do anyway. If you want to know how the new teens will do in school or how their lives are going, I might add it in later but only if I get enough requests for it. Rate and review!

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