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I'm Back and You're Screwed - Part 1

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Dance is tomorrow night! And the girls, mainly Theresa, are excited about it. This is when Atlanta asks Archie and Ellanna finds out and she gets really pissed. Hope y'all'll like it!

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"I can't believe the dance is tomorrow night!" Theresa screamed.

"Me neither." Atlanta said in a not happy voice.

"Come on Atlanta! This is the first school dance! Aren't you excited?!" Theresa smiled.

"I'm screaming of joy." Atlanta sarcastically said.

Theresa smiled and leaned her head on Atlanta's shoulder and said, "Smile......... Please you're scaring me. Smile." Theresa tried to put a smile on Atlanta face with her two fingers.

Atlanta finally gave in and smiled.

"There you go. I know you're excited because you want to ask a certian purple haired boy to the dance before Ellanna does."

Atlanta groaned and complained, "Do we have to go over this again?!"

"Yes! Atlanta you have to ask him today. You can't ask him the night of the dance, you won't be ready."

"If I ask Archie will that shut you up?"

Theresa bit her bottom lip and said, "It might."

"Fine! I'll ask him!"

Theresa screamed and then gasped, "Speaking of asking boys to the dance! I have to go ask Jay! See ya and good luck!" Theresa said as she blew a kiss to Atlanta (don't take that the wrong way). Atlanta rolled her eyes and flopped on her bed. 'She's right. I have to ask Archie today before Ellanna does.' Atlanta thought. 'Okay. I practiced for a couple nights. I think I'm ready. Now I just gotta go find him.' Atlanta got off her bed and walked out of her room when she almost bumped into Archie.

"AH!!" They both yelled, their faces cetimeters apart.

"Sorry!" They both said once they pulled away, blushing madly.

"S'okay." They both said at once again (now they're doin' it).

'Come on Atlanta ask him already. He's right here.' Atlanta thought, still looking into Archie's dark sapphire eyes.

'Come on Archie you cand do this. It's just a girl you've had a crush on for a year and a half. Just ask.' Archie thought. Looking into Atlanta's dark hazel eyes.

"I need to ask you something." They both said at once, again.

Archie opened his mouth to ask her when, "I'll go first." Atlanta said.

She cleared her throat and said, "I-I was just wondering if um," She started until she saw someone walk down the hallway. She didn't want anyone to see her ask Archie to the dance. She didn't say anything.

Archie noticed she stopped talking and asked, "If what?"

"Ugh. N-Nothing. I'll ask you later."

Archie shurgged and walked past her. His foot was just about to touch the stairs when,

"I wanted to know if you wanted to go to the dance with me!!" Atlanta yelled once the person, which happened to be Theresa, was gone.

Archie could NOT believe his ears. Atlanta? The Atlanta. Wanted to go to the dance? I repeate. The DANCE. With him? He was so shocked he could barely move. But he managed to turn around and say, "Y-You want to go to the dance. W-With me?"

Atlanta nodded.

"Ugh. Well. um. I-" Archie started until Atlanta cut him off.

"Don't sat no! Please! Think of this as............returning the favour. For y-you know. Watching out for me from Ellanna a-and all."

"Whoever said I was going to say no? I'd love to go to the dance with you Lan." Archie turned beet red. 'I did NOT just say that!' He thought with his eyes wide open.

"Wait. Did you say yes?" Atlanta ask as she turned around to face him.

Archie nodded.

"Great! So wait up for me around five tomorrow night and I'll see you at the door." Atlanta said as she went back in her room. She screamed in her pillow once she got on her bed. But, thankfully, Archie didn't hear. She screamed in her pillow, "YES!!! YES!!! YES!! I can't believe I'm going to the dance with Archie!!!!!!! This is the best day of my life!!!."

Archie tried to hold back his cheers of joy. When he couldn't, he ran to his room and yelled in his pillow and danced around yelling, "I'm going to the dance with Atlanta! I'm going to the dance with Atlanta! I'm going to the dance with Atlanta!" He sang over and over again. "WHOOO!!! YES!!! MAN!!! I can't believe this is happening!! And I thought she would say no!" Archie finally got tired and fell on his bed to take a rest.

Once Atlanta was done screaming, she ran to Theresa's room to tell her the good news.

"Theresa! Theresa! Theresa!" Atlanta yelled, jumping on Theresa's bed with Theresa was sitting on.

"What? What? What?" She replied.

"Guess what?! Guess what?! Guess what?!"

"(sighs) What? What? What?"

"I'm going to the dance with Archie! I'm going to the dance with Archie! I'm going to the dance with Archie!"

"Really? Rea-" Theresa cleared her throat so she wouldn't do that anymore. "Really?"

"Uh huh!!"

"How did you ask him?"

"I just asked if he wanted to go with me and he said YES!!"


"Thanks! Did you ask Jay?" Atlanta said with a twinkle in her eye.

"Mm hm."

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand....." Atlanta said, elbowing her friend.

Theresa took a deep breath and said, "HE SAID YES!!!"

"At least we won't have to g alone like that whory slut of a bitch Ellanna." Atlanta laughed.


Ellanna slammed her fist into the ground and it made a big dent in the ground. "THAT SLUT!! HOW COULD SHE ASK ARCHIE TO THE DANCE LIKE THAT?!!! WHEN SHE KNOWS THAT ME AND HIM ARE SUPPOSE TO GO TOGETHER!!! AHHHHH!!!!!!! THAT'S IT!!!! I'VE HAD IT!!!!!!!!" Ellanna calmed down a bit. "So fi she wants to play games." Ellanna laughs wickedly. "Then let's play."

There's part 1 for ya! I was thinking of making it one long chapter but I decided not to. I've got part 1 and 2 all printed out. I know this one is kinda short but don't worry. The other one is going to be longer. Don't forget to R&R!
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