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I'm Back and You're Screwed - Part 2

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Dance is tonight! YAY!! And Atlanta is looking good for a certain someone. When they get there, they have a great time until Ellanna comes. Talk about a party pooper!! MAJOR A/A HERE!!

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Finally! The night of the dance is here and Archie was waiting patiently for Atlanta to show up. He was so excited! Not even Cronus could burst his bubble (yes I am calling him a bubble burster)! But he was also nervous. What if he does something stupid or embarassing? Like spill punch all over Atlanta's outfit? Or step on her foot while they were dancing? 'Just calm down Archie. Just calm down. Everything' Archie thought. He slowed down at the end when he saw Atlanta come down the stairs. 'Wow!' Archie was stunned at how beautiful she looked.

Atlanta had a red one sleeve shirt, that showed all her curves, with the U.S. flag printed at the front. She had nice black jeans that had sparkles at the bottom with a light blue belt scarf and golden high heels. Instead of her original earrings, she had diamond-shaped-star studs that took her other earring's place. And she had a golden charm bracelet with a golden flam charm hanging from it. Her hair was perfectly straight with silver highlights with glitter in them. And instead of lipstick, she had vanilla flavoured lip gloss with glitter in it.

Compaired to himself, Atlanta was twice as gorgeous, or nice, as he was. He could barely recognize her with her hair straightened out like that. He only had nice navy blue jeans with a white top and a nice black jacket and leather shoes.

"Wow Atlanta! You!" Words couldn't even describe how beautiful she looked.

Atlanta smiled and said, "Thanks. You don't look so bad yourself. So, ready to go?"

"Uh huh." Archie nodded as they walked out the door.

They had to take Arhie's motorcycle, since the guys took Herry's truck since the two were taking so long (and the gang says that they're the fastest on the team). Archie sat in the front and put his helmet on, Atlanta did the same.

Archie started the engine, Atlanta wrapped her arms around Archie's waist and blushed. Trusting him not to let her fall. 'I wish this moment could never end.' Atlanta thought.

'Oh God. Please don't let this moment end.' Archie thought as he blushed.

"R-Ready?" Archie stammered.

"Mm hm." Atlanta smirked.

And they were off. Much to their displeasure, the ride was only 5 minutes long (too bad Arch. Sucks to be you!). 'Damn it! Why do we have to live so close to the school?' Archie thought as Atlanta let go of Archie's waist.

'Well, it was goo while it lasted.' Atlanta thought as the blush on her cheeks started to go away.

When they walked in, it was just like an original prom gym. It had streamers everywhere and balloons at almost every table. With some balloons on the walls and there was a disco ball hanging in the middle of the ceiling.

"Looks just like the prom gyms you see on t.v." Archie smirked.

Atlanta stared at him and said, "You watch waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much t.v."

"Hey guys!" Theresa yelled. "You made it."

"Hey Therri!"

Theresa looked beautiful as well. She had a black halter dress on that was 3 inches abover her knees with a cheetah patterned belt with a white ring on her right side. She had hot pink loop earrings and a diamond necklace. And it seems that she waved her hair a bit more. She had the same lip gloss as Atlanta except they were strawberry flavoured and didn't have glitter in them. She had white boots that were also 3 inches below her knees and she had body glitter on parts of her face.

Jay didn't change that much. He had black jeans with a light blue shirt that wasn't tucked in (Archie's wasn't tucked in either). And he had dark brown leather shoes.

"Wow Lannie! You look gorgeous!" Theresa said with her eyes wide opened.

"Thanks! So do you!" Atlanta smiled. "Come on Arch. I want to go find the other guys." Atlanta said as he grabbed Archie's hand and dragged him around the gym, looking for Odie, Herry, and Neil.

They finally found them and Atlanta greeted them. "Hey guys."

"Hey." They all said.

"Shennelle (from the first chapter)! You didn't tell me you were going with Herry!" Atlanta smiled.

"I wanted to surprise you." She smiled back. "I see you managed to get Archie out of the house and ask him before Ellanna does." She winked.

"Hey! Are you calling me lazy?!" Archie smiled a bit.

"Hey! At least I'm honest!" Shennelle looked at him.

"Who are you with Odie?" Archie asked, looking at him.

Odie frowned, "(sighs) No one. Not even the girls in computer class would go with me."

"Gee. Wonder why." Atlanta sarcastically whispered.

Archie heard and chuckled. "I can see Neil has a date or two."

Atlanta heard that one and looked where Archie was looking and saw Neil in a white blouse (guys bouse, not girls) and his blue jeans. He had each of his arms wrapped around each of the girls' shoulders and their hands were laid on Neil's chest and their other hands were placed on his back.

"Hey guys. Having fun?"

"Uh huh." Atlanta said slowly and nodding. 'How the hell did he get two girls?'

"Well I"m gonna get some punch." Neil said as he walked away. With the two girls in his arms still.

"Okay then. I'm gonna get some punch too. Comin' with Lan?" Archie asked looking down at her.

"Mm mm. I think I'm gonna hang back and talk to Shennelle." Atlanta told him.

"Okay. Be right back." Archie said as she walked off.

"Ugh I"m gonna go with him." Herry said.

"Me too." Odie said as he jumped off his chair.

"Having fun?" Atlanta asked Shennelle.

"Mm hm!" Shennelle nodded.

Meanwhile with the guys.....................

"Whoa! Dude! How did you get Atlanta to the dance? Plus! She's with you!" Herry said giving him a pat on Archie's shoulder.

"Well um...."

"I don't have a major crush on Atlanta, actually I don't have a crush on her at all, but she looks so HOT!!" Odie accidentally yelled the last part.

"It wasn't that hard. She asked me!" Archie said.

"You do know what that means don't you?!" Herry asked him.

"No. What?"

"it means! She likes you! As in the same way you like her!" Odie added.

"Really?!" Archie wished this was true. He would do anything to make Atlanta his girl.

Herry and Odie nodded.

Archie suddenly got a smile on his face that he couldn't wipe off. "Yes!! Score!!!" Archie tried not to yell too loud, luckily no one heard over the loud music.

"Go talk to her! I'm sure she'll be happy to talk to you." Herry smirked and shoeved Archie a little, motioning to get his butt over there.

'Here goes nothing.'

Archie walked over to Atlanta and Shennelle. Shennelle could 'sense' that Archie wanted some alone time with Atlanta.

"Well, I"m gonna go back and talk to Herry. See ya Lan." She smirked.

"See ya."

"Thank you." Archie silently said.

Shennelle smiled a "good luck" smile to Archie before walking over to Herry.

"Um Atlanta? I have something important to tell you." Archie managed to say without blushing or stammering.

"What is it?"

"Um...wel it's just that..." Archie started until "It's Gonna Be Love" by Mandy Moore came on.

"Hold that thought Arch. Let's dance." Atlanta smirked as she grabbed Archie hand once more and dragged him to an empty space on the dance floor.

They stopped walking and looked at each other. Atlanta wrapped her hands around Archie's neck and Archie placed his arms around Atlanta's waist and they started to slowly spin around and rock side to side at the same time. They couldn't get their eyes off each other. They just kept staring into each other's eyes. Atlanta smiled. Archie smiled. They stopped spinning and rocking and looked into each other's eyes more deeply. Archie leaned closer, Atlanta leaned closer. They could feel the hot breath from each other on their faces. They could feel the tips of their lips touch each other. 'This is so perfect. What could go wrong?' Atlanta thought until,


'I had to ask.' Atlanta thought as looked to see where that big boom came from. Someone broke though the wall and made a big hole in it. Unfortuantely (you're gonna hate me for this), of course, Ellanna wa responsible. Turns out that her fist broke the wall. But she couldn't do that with her single fist. Archie and Atlanta saw Ellanna's fist glow orange, because of the necklace she was wearing, no thanks to Cronus.

'Shit! That bitch! All I needed was a few more seconds!' Archie angrily thought.

'(growls)!! I hate that whorey slut!!! I was so close!" Atlanta thought, very angry also.

"If I can't have Archie! Nobody can!" Ellanna said through her teeth. "And I'm specifically talking about you!!! Atlanta!!!" Ellanna pointed at Atlanta.

Ellanna's fists turned into a darker orange, almost red, and pointed her fist at Atlanta. "Prepare to die!! Bitch!!"

She sent a fiery blast at Atlanta but she easily dodged it. Atlanta took off her high heels and put on her original shoes (no idea where those came from). "That all you got?! Bring it on you whore!" Atlanta yelled at her. Turning her hands into fists.

Ellanna was about to send another fiery blast at Atlanta until she got a huge gash above her wrists. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Ellanna screamed in pain. She turned to see Archie standing there with his whip in hand, ready to strike her again if she tries to hurt Atlanta. "Well, well, well. Lookie here. Big, strong Archie came to protect Atlanta huh? Well don't worry. Once I'm done with Atlanta, I'll be the only one you'll be protecting."

"Like I would want to protect /you/." Archie rolled his eyes as he prepared to hit Ellanna again.

"I'm sorry Archie, but. This is for your own good." Ellanna sadly said as she prepared to hit Archie with a fiery blast. Until Atlanta captured her with her bolas.

"YOU!! What do I have to do to get rid of you?!"

"Leave." Atlanta said, getting her laser crossbow ready.

Ellanna was so mad she broke through the bolas, rand and tackled Atlanta. Ellanna's fists were burning with fire. Atlanta was about to kick her off until Ellanna firmly grabbed her right shoulder (right where the scar is too and that's where the sleeve is) and it started to burn because of the fire on Ellanna's fists.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Atlanta screamed in pain and finally kicked Ellanna off of her.

"Atlanta!!!!" Archie saw in fear as Ellanna's hand came in contact with her shoulder, her bad shoulder too. He quickly ran to her side the second she screamed. He helped her up. "Are you okay? Let me see." Archie's voice sounded worried.

Atlanta removed her hand so Archie could see the burn. It was, unfortunately, a third degree burn. Thankfully, the punch tables had water also, not just punch. Archie tore a peice of his shirt and soaked it in the water and made a cast for her shoulder gently, trying not to make the pain more great.

Seeing Archie take care of Atlanta so carefully, Ellanna was more angry than before. She then cast a spell and three rings were wrapped around Atlanta and she floated towards Ellanna.

"Hey! Let her go!!" Archie yelled. Archie ran towards Ellanna and tackled her to the ground and the rings around Atlanta disappeared and she fell to the ground. Archie helped her up and got his whipe ready to cut Ellanna's head off if she laid one more hand on Atlanta.

"That's it!!! I'm through playing games!!" Ellanna yelled and ran so fast that they couldn't see her and she grabbed Atlanta's arm and ran towards the hole in the wall, tring to kidnap her.

Seeing Atlanta ripped away from him, Archie saw where she was and ran towards them too. Ellanna walked towards a portal with Atlanta, the same one that Cronus uses. When Ellanna and Atlanta went through the portal, Archie jumped in with them.

Then they were all gone.

U BETTER HAVE LIKED THIS ONE!!! Sry for the outburst. This chapter, and part 1 since they were all printed out as one chapter but I decided to split it, was six and a half pages long so it took, like, forever to write! Do your thing when you R&R and I'll do my thing when I answer them.
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